It’s Not Just About RA

This is what I love about being an RA fan:

his other fans. There are so many creative people and nice people and just generally fun people in this fandom. I LOVE this! I LOVE Natalie and may be as big a fan of hers as RA’s, but I wouldn’t have known about her without knowing about him. Thank you, Richard Armitage, even though you may have no clue about Natalie.

Speaking of which, is it possible for someone to let him know about her?! Would that be appropriate? I honestly don’t know. I just write this junk here and don’t try to communicate with him at all. But if he hasn’t seen SFR, he is MISSING OUT! LOL!!

So if anyone has words of wisdom about how to let him know, send me a message or make a comment. Yeah, I know I can send a letter via his agents, but is there another, better way?

Oh, and if you have stumbled on this blog and haven’t had the pleasure of reading Nat’s blog, go there quickly! :D

ARRGH!! The end of my original post got cut off!

I can’t let this go without saying I love Heather too! It’s because of Heather’s wonderful videos that I even know who RA is, so I owe her a big THANK YOU! To see her work, go here and here!


  1. SFR is one of my favourites fan’s creation. I feel it is so cute that has an appeal extra besides depicting RA. I didn’t see this one yet, thanks for the heads up.

    Sometimes when I watch these awesome vids about Guy/Lucas/John Thornton and its respective shows, I secretly wish he could see them so he knows how much these characters are loved and understood, equally how many talented people are out there that have been inspired by him and his characters.
    Along those thoughts it comes to mind that maybe RA not being the type to look himself up on the web nor YT for example (he’s just too down to earth, bless him) his agent or agency must keep track or at least check quite often things said, written or published in different media spaces to know what’s the general impression or the size of his exposure. IMVHO, maybe he doesn’t know every single thing that’s out here in theworld wide web :P but he must have an idea…

    About ideas how to contact him, can’t think of anything besides telling him directly if you ever have the luck to meet him. I’m sure if you write a letter, he’ll receive it sooner or later, just IMO.

  2. Thank you, RAFrenzy. I am very flattered. :)

    I have also loved meeting other RA fans and making so many online friends. I really enjoy all of the fan creations, such as artwork, videos, blogs, etc. So many talented people!

    Um, I’m pretty sure RA has no idea who I am… or SFR for that matter, which is okay with me. He’d probably think I’m crazy. :) Even the thought of THE Richard checking out my blog makes me blush!

  3. We’ll have to remedy this situation, Nat. He NEEDS to see these vids, and I’ve just been looking for an excuse to write a fan letter. ;-)

  4. Great shout out to Nat & her fantastic SFR adventures!
    I discovered her vids on youtube and had to check out her blog – the rest is history!

  5. Yes RAFrenzy, I am totally with you! I have posted comments on Nat’s blog multiple times stating the same thing. SFR is only one of her many talented creations, she has funny commentaries and holiday postings and stuff the rest of us mere mortals can’t begin to imagine let alone create!

    I read on an article that was posted from an RA interview promoting SB. The author mentioned that RA had 3 sites on the web devoted to him. I wanted to say “buddy, have you googled the guy? Cuz it’s WAY more than 3!” RA has inspired many people to express their creative outlets via fics, and videos like Heather’s, blogs like Nat’s and yours RAFRenzy, and a ton of other stuff.

    I just wish RA knew that not every fan of his is some crazy nut but actually he has some talented, down to earth, friendly folks in his fan base who are inspired by him to create and share. And that is not a bad thing, in fact, I think he should be proud of that.

    Anyhow, great stuff all you bloggers, writers, and vidders! I can’t compete so i just read and comment,

    Thanks for sharing your talents!

  6. Journalists seem to think the crazy fans make the best stories. If they did a better job they would have realised that Richard himself is not your run of the mill actor, nor are his admirers.

  7. Exactly!
    This is what’s so great about RA, he UNITES – yes I know, big word, but so approriate – people! Well, women, of course, but what the heck.
    Couldn’t we just work together to have him known how we feel about him and his work? I mean, the guy resents all the uproar about his person but really, he’s a big boy, isn’t he? He should be able to cope!

  8. Millyme and Luce, I totally agreew with both of you!

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