It’s Not Just About RA

This is what I love about being an RA fan:

his other fans. There are so many creative people and nice people and just generally fun people in this fandom. I LOVE this! I LOVE Natalie and may be as big a fan of hers as RA’s, but I wouldn’t have known about her without knowing about him. Thank you, Richard Armitage, even though you may have no clue about Natalie.

Speaking of which, is it possible for someone to let him know about her?! Would that be appropriate? I honestly don’t know. I just write this junk here and don’t try to communicate with him at all. But if he hasn’t seen SFR, he is MISSING OUT! LOL!!

So if anyone has words of wisdom about how to let him know, send me a message or make a comment. Yeah, I know I can send a letter via his agents, but is there another, better way?

Oh, and if you have stumbled on this blog and haven’t had the pleasure of reading Nat’s blog, go there quickly! :D

ARRGH!! The end of my original post got cut off!

I can’t let this go without saying I love Heather too! It’s because of Heather’s wonderful videos that I even know who RA is, so I owe her a big THANK YOU! To see her work, go here and here!