Richard Coming to America — maybe

May 29, 2010

After listening to the latest RA interview, I have to respond. I mean I would bust a gut or something (don’t you love our expressions in America?) if I didn’t respond.


I doubt I’m ever going to write you a letter. Isn’t this blog enough? :D

What I want you to know is that we’re so ready for you in America. If you come sniffing around at the end of this year, we have lots of lovely places to ski.

Oh, and aren’t you glad you have a group who is smart enough to help you out? They know how to run web-sites and make videos. Damn, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t know about you. Lucky you. ;-)

But seriously, man, we have to find another word for you to use than “middle-aged,” and I hope you know that not everyone is middle-aged. You actually have quite a few young fans. Yes, they’re mostly young women, but hey, young women prompt young men to spend money at the movies, and most women BUY the DVDs. LOL!

I do want to thank you for giving some of us a sop with the “quite well-educated” part. I’m not sure I fit in that heady crowd. Just not that into period dramas, but there are plenty who are. I’m more of a mutt. A cunning mutt, but a mutt none the less. But for you, hey, I can gut it up and watch a few high brow pieces.

So Strike Back was a nice change. Just hope you can lean on the writers so they don’t screw up the ride with too much introspection.

And Richard, if you ever do read this, I sometimes wonder if you think of your words like pebbles going into a pond. You can almost see, well, heck you can see the ripple effect of what you say. What you may not realize is how much fun it is to be a ripple.

One of your crazy fans

P.S. I don’t know how crazy the fans are here compared to the U.K., i.e., not sure we send chocolate panties, but most here like chocolate and we’re a really practical bunch. So maybe you’ll get some chocolate you can actually eat.

Wow, that felt good writing to Richard. Thanks for inspiring me, Nat. I may have to can the Diary and start writing more fan letters. No, no, even if they’re fake fan letters, I still can’t really cut loose like I can in my Diary. ;-)

For the rest of you who haven’t heard the interview with David Stephenson of the Sunday Express, listen here:

Or get your own copy here.

Oh, oh, wait. I was almost going to post this without my gratuitous pic. Don’t know where my head is today but obviously it’s not on drooling.

Even momma would be proud of that picture.

edit: Richard eventually did make it to America.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com and audio courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral.


  1. You do know that in many interviews he stated he was trying to make John Porter a more human character to differentiate him from other action heroes, yes?

  2. Yes, and?

  3. In fact ,he said it again in this interview. That he brought a “more cerebral side to John”.

    Ie. Introspection is part of the character Armitage insisted on and further developed himself. How the man fits together with the killing machine and his independent thought and opinion in the field apart from his orders.

    So asking him to drop it is kinda saying you missed the entire point of the character, not to mention playing into the “Americans Love Big Dumb Action Films” stereotype that the journalist alluded to in this interview.

  4. Heck, it was the tagline in the ads: “The Soldier makes the decisions, but the man has to live with them.”

  5. Hmm. I don’t think I said for him to drop it. I said “too much introspection.” That wasn’t code for “drop it.” LOL!

    Actions flicks are usually over the top in everything, and it’s certainly plausible for introspection to be done that way as well. Yet it’s not well done when it’s over the top. Then it has great potential for being sappy and downright silly, and definitely would be a distraction.

    But hey, I think if RA has something to do with control of how it’s done, it will be done right!

  6. O.K. I can certainly understand asking for a balance.

  7. My original post actually said “a lot of introspection,” and I’ve now changed it to be clear. Hopefully, if he ever reads that, which I doubt LOL!, he’ll read our comments too. :D

  8. Oh, I thought you were actually sending it. He apparently does read the letters mailed to him.

    Sorry, I jumped on you there. The journalist’s attitude in that interview rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve been kinda of stroppy since I heard it.

  9. Oh, no. I’m not quite that off the deep end yet. No, I was just teasing with my letter, I doubt he’ll ever read it. But even if he does, I stand by what I’ve said, which hopefully he’ll know is humorous.

    As far as the journalist’s attitude, hey, I’ve already ranted a little bit about the put downs from the English in another post. Don’t you know we’re all dummies over here who can’t appreciate anything that doesn’t beat us over the head? LOL!

    But then I guess we’ve put them down too by having them play the baddies so often. Just one fly in the ointment for me. The baddies we have them play are smart and cool; their American baddies are loud mouthed and kind of stupid.

  10. Thanks bunches for posting the audio link to RA’s interview, I just love hearing his voice, you can hear the smile in his face as he’s speaking.

    Thanks again!

  11. Thanks for posting this link. I must have heard the last part of this interview but I missed the part about going to the US. I was interested in the comments about trying his luck in the USA … I wonder if he is serious? I can never tell when I listen to his interviews … he has a subtle self deprecating humour which I like.

    I think there were two radio interviews he made for SB. I stopped listening to one of them as I wasn’t happy with the interviewer either. The fan “thing” has been going on ever since I can remember – I’ve given up caring what they think. I sense RA knows deep down that the following he has is in a small part responsible for the work he gets. Talent and role suitability count for most, I hasten to add, but surely his popularity must count for something? Strike Back was a brave departure however from what RA thinks his current fans might like (given his statement that “they might not like ” SB) in order to try a newish (for him) genre and to outreach to a different audience (blokey blokes). It started with Spooks and moved on to SB. I find it almost incongruous with these roles that he reads the Heyers but that seems to satisfy another part of his audience. I actually watched SB and listened to Venetia this past month. It was quite a juxtaposition.

    I love the letter lol!! I wonder how many people have written and never actually sent mail? Me probably for one. I am dubious about him reading his mail … I’m not sure he does. I think he may have what a friend terms a “mail gatekeeper” who vets the letters received, sends out the photos and brings to his attention only very special letters they may feel he would like to respond to. He has to be careful I would imagine not to play favourites. Best respond with a “general” answer rather than miss someone out or create an aura of “oneupmanship” amongst fans. I wonder if his agents have PR people and solicitors who specialise in fan management … they would have to, I suspect.

    Oh dear, now I’m responsible for writing a tome on your blog !

  12. MTA: I’m not sure “blokey blokes” is a good term as I love action and I’m not a “bloke” … you know what I mean, though, I hope. :)

  13. I do. :D

    I love that he does a variety of roles and hope he keeps that up. Sadly, the more popular he becomes, the more difficult that may be. We’ll see.

    As for writing a letter, nope, I wrote a message once, and that is all I’m doing. Maybe I’m too proud to really write a letter. But this blog? No, this is anonymous so it doesn’t really mean as much as if my name were actually attached to it. If Richard Armitage or “his people” were to ever stumble across it, I hope they know it’s all in good fun.

    I do think that his fan base has helped to publicize who he is in America. I’m living proof of that, and I’m sure I’m far from alone. If I can help a little bit with that process, that would be great. I would love for him to become more popular and maybe get some jobs here.

    If he reads all of his mail, how in the world does he have time to work? No, I don’t believe he can read it even if he were inclined. So I agree with you that he has some way of dealing with it other than doing it himself, and I don’t blame him.

  14. Hey Mulubinba, I just did the same thing too. I waited for the iTunes version of Venetia and believe me it was tough to hold out, but one big audiofile with bookmarks is so convenient. I take no offense to being considered part of his Army, I see the joke even if it’s getting old. Or wait do you have to be a britt or a fan from the beginning? How could they pass mentioning it when he is playing an armybloke? My guess is from the media and his point of view we all belong in one big group. Whoelse can claim that name rightfully unless you have a name like Armitage?
    But I wince at being called middle-aged…cause I still feel 25 too!!

  15. Btw RAFrenzy thanx for posting the audiolink: his voice is such a treat! Is this the interview where part of it was posted on Twitter? Cause the end sounds familiar too, oh and I love the sound of his laugh. I doubt he reads his mail, think it would make him wince, besides his career being in gear he doesn’t need the validation anymore. I can imagine his mother reading it after it has been filtered by a PR team. Don’t think I’ll ever write, I am too much a realist and synic but couldn’t resist contributing to Nat’s. Squee-ing at blogs is just about as crazy I let myself go.
    I happen to like perioddrama’s but what I love most in book and film is character development so if shooting and violence has a place in that I have no problem.
    I hope someone should tell him that 40 is the new 30 or wait some of the best leading actresses turned 50!!
    Frankly I am anxcious to see whether Hollywood will take notice… think I’d prefer him to star in an Indie movie or even better in a HBO series!

  16. I think Nat’s letter is special, so I’m not even thinking of it like a regular fan letter. Maybe I’m rationalizing, but I don’t think so. I hope whoever reads it appreciates it and also looks at Nat’s stuff. She’s special and what she’s created with her drawings and her humor and with all of you is special whether any of us had ever heard of Richard Armitage or not. Plus, haven’t we all saved someone some work by not reading all those letters individually. LOL!

    I love the idea of an HBO series.

  17. In my personal opinion I have mixed feelings about RA going to America/Hollywood, in the other hand HBO sounds like a good idea.

  18. OH! RA in a HBO series? YES PLEASE!

  19. @OML, Oh I have mixed emotions too, but I still want him to try it. If he never tried it, I certainly wouldn’t think he was a failure. But my thinking is why not try it! :D


    I hope someone’s forward thinking enough to get him for an HBO series.

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