For the uninitiated, that’s translated, “If I were single and within the vicinity of Richard Armitage, I might not be responsible for my actions.” If you look at this picture below, it becomes understandable. That is my idea of handsome!

That look trumps 2007 and 2009 combined! This is definitely a PHWOAR! post. Where’s SO?! LOL!

I’m rethinking this James Bond thing. Is that James Bond above or what?

Also, RA was without a co-presenter. YEA! I don’t know if the BAFTA people finally wised up or if RA was ready to reign in solitary splendor. LOL! Whatever the case, I love that he was alone:

Who got the award? I don’t think I even remember.

Yeah, I hope you have one of those too one day, Richard:

I’ll bet the Crinkle Zone is having a field day with this:

Once again I’m indebted to the ladies at RichardArmitageNet.com and to JJ (not sure who you are, but I could kiss you. :D). The top screencap is from the BAFTA 2010 page there, and I made the other screencaps from a clip so graciously linked on that page. It was clip #3 if anyone is curious.

Ahhh, that bit of fangurling felt good. When I get done drooling over these pictures, I’ll have to find out how Spooks fared.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

edit: I see Spooks didn’t win. Have to look at those pictures again to cheer me up. ;-)


  1. Yeah! For the pics, can’t wait to see the clip. Boohoo for the loss of Spooks. I’ve been squueeing silently inside all day after reading your post this morning. Thank you for doing the legwork or I guess it’s fingerwork on the computer :)

  2. It was my pleasure, but I could not have done that without the help of the ladies at RichardArmitageNet.com. Again, I wish I could do something more for them than just typing these sentences. If I ever get back to England, I’ve got to look them up! :D

  3. Ditto to that! We’re lucky they are willing to share the RA-LUV! Btw did you see that journalist posted the whole audio interview on his blog @Wordpress. I found it at Annette’s site. Just saw that Traxy found it too: Davidastephenson’s blog.

  4. Yep, I said something about it on twitter, but don’t ever assume I know. Many times I don’t. Thank you for thinking of me.

    BTW, not only did I see that and listen to the whole thing again, I also listened to the Terry Pratchett interview and wrote a whole tangent piece on that. Not sure I’m going to inflict that on all of you, but I did enjoy that interview too!

  5. serious PHWOAR. His stubble is differently arranged this time, in a way that makes him look slightly less dangerous but oh so distinguished. I want one.

  6. He also doesn’t have as much hair on top of his head as he did in 2009. Dare I say as well that the ’09 haircut looked a little too stiff at times (helmet look) even though it wasn’t considered long hair? Am I picky or what?

  7. So handsome!

  8. Doesn’t he really look like James Bond? I’ve never thought that until now. Still not sure I think he should play that part. As if I really have anything to say about it. LOL!

  9. Pinstripes & bowtie & love smiles – oh my!

  10. hmmmm love smiles…freudian slip I guess…lol
    anyways I think I wanted to type lovely smiles but I think you all get the idea… ;)

  11. Oh yeah, I get it. :D

  12. Um, WOW. I’m kind of speechless right now. And the Bond thing…well I ADORE Daniel Craig as James Bond, but if they ever gave the role to RA, well that would be almost too much for me to deal with…LOL!

  13. Oh, I understand. I think I got a rush of blood to the head when I saw that top picture. LOL!

  14. Elegance personified! Without the “glib” smoothness?

    Keep the sideburns, please. They emphsize the cheekbones….

    The last pic is straight from CBeebies. Crinkles…

  15. […] On the visual beauty of Mr. Armitage’s most recent red carpet appearance, see RAFrenzy, who has the bases covered! I already PHWOARed over […]

  16. Thanks for posting RAFrenzy. I always love black tie – he looks good enough to be Bond but is Bond good enough for him? :)

  17. That’s what makes me hesitate. I don’t think it is good enough for him, and it seems that most of the actors who play Bond get stuck there, i.e., they don’t do much after that role. I would hate to see that, and if he played the role, you know he would be so good he might eclipse Connery, and yes, that’s probably my bias talking.

  18. He just looks like the real McCoy, a class act, you know? He doesn’t just seem to clean-up good but comes across that he is good. I wish him all the best.

    BTW, I agree with your previous post. I too hope he never loses that somewhat ill-fitted suit, shy, goofy grin side of him either. I fear that is what happens when people have been in the industry too long, or find success in Hollywood. So although Hollywood might be a good career movie, I do hope he stays the same RA we all love!

  19. That top picture is the one that I picked out too. Wow! Speechless!

  20. Lovely pics RAFrenzy! Nice to know more people are agreeing with me about RA as Bond. I’ve been saying that for ages now!

  21. Happy that some others have reservations about Bond as good enough for RA. Better things for him to do, though he definitely looks the part! And could bring some of that edgy Gisborne quality to it. But….(Just my reaction.)

  22. PHWOAR!! -Says it all

    OML :)

  23. PHWOAR indeed…. I now have one of the BAFTA pics as desktop background at work. Guess what I am staring at during dull telephone calls :-) Happy smile !!!!

  24. The second from top (profile) photo is one of the best ever. Actually, was it first from top? The profile, anyway, against a nice classical bakckground above….

    Classic background, classic features.

  25. It’s the first from the top. Other than pictures of Guy, I think that’s the sexiest picture I’ve seen of RA.

  26. Have to agree with assessment of the top picture, RAFrenzy. Guh. He really had the full beauty treatment this time.

  27. I wasn’t kidding when I said I could kiss JJ. That is fast becoming my favorite picture of RA.

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