Tangent — I Can’t Let This Pass

This really shouldn’t be relegated to a tangent post, but I wasn’t sure how to label it.

I’ve been having a good time watching clips of RA and fan videos. But I cannot let this day pass without paying homage to those who made it possible for me to have this kind of freedom to be frivolous. May I never abuse that.

To all of those who sacrificed their lives and to those who put themselves in harm’s way but survived on this day 66 years ago, I say a hearty thank you for all you have done!

The picture is from this site. I hope they don’t mind me using it, and I hope you will go over there and see all the work they have done to preserve the significance of those events.


  1. Yesterday evening I watched the film ´The Longest Day´ on tv.
    Nice of you to recall here on your blog.

  2. It is so very important to remember the sacrifices members of the armed forces have made (and continue to make).
    “Lest We Forget”

  3. “The Longest Day” was rather an epic film, wasn’t it Violet? (A young Sean Connery was in it).

    Son and I were in Normandy 2004, though not on the 6th of June. Exploring Juno and Omaha beaches, Canadian and U.S. cemetaries. WWII and mediaeval history…

    “Flanders Fields” still brings lump to throat, especially as the poet-soldier came from the family town in Ontario.

  4. Two of my three great uncles were there. One is still alive at 93, the other suffered severe injuries including losing part of his skull that was eventually replaced with a steel plate; he died in the 1980s. They both have/had horrid memories of the carnage.

    I flew to continental Europe for the first time in 1994 when I was just beginning my dissertation research on the weekend of the 50th anniversary, into Brussels, and the plane was filled with veterans returning for the commemorations. The pilot came on as we were landing and said, “thanks to all the veterans aboard whose sacrifices preserved our freedom. As you can see, it’s the same lousy weather you had fifty years ago.” There was big applause in the cabin.

  5. It was an epic film indeed, fitzg.

  6. “Lest we forget!”

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