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I keep finding typos on my blog, and I’m sure if I keep scouring for them, I’ll find them until I’m cross-eyed. This drives me crazy! If I weren’t anonymous, I would let someone proof my stuff, but well, it’s not worth it to me. But still it drives me crazy! And I’ve already gone crazy a couple of times in my life.;-) So I’m not going to look at it anymore unless someone lets me know I have a horrible typo that maybe paints RA as a serial killer or something; otherwise, I’m going to run with these posts and not look back.

That is all.


  1. Well, I haven’t noticed, really. Not worth it to get bothered about.

  2. It’s my anal side. I actually have a t-shirt someone gave me that says, “Is anal retentive hyphenated?” When I saw it, I wanted to know the answer. Damn! I still don’t know.

  3. Not if it’s a noun. :)

    Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it. Your prose is mechanically very strong. If there’s a typo that interferes with meaning, you might correct if you or someone else notices it but otherwise forget it — this is a sloppy medium and it depends on regular writing and relatively quick responses, not typography that belongs to the ages.

  4. I’m so glad this is fast paced, but as you can see, I still HATE it when I mess up a line.

    This is one of the reasons I did not major in communications in school. Give me something technical, and I’m fine. Have me speak in front of a room full of people and I have no problem. But write? No, I hate it except that I find myself loving this typos and all. LOL!

  5. Btw, I meant to say I really appreciate the encouragement. I think I”m going to go to bed now. I’ve been writing for a few hours,and I think my backside is numb. LOL!

  6. I have never noticed. I have border line dyslexia, so I tend to make mistakes often. I most often will write one word before the other, instead of writing “Hello there”, I might write “There hello” and I am terrible at leaving words out of my sentences.

  7. Thanks, Avalon, and all the times I’ve read your blog, I don’t remember any typos. Maybe they’re there, but I don’t remember them. I need to remember that for myself.

    Doing this blog has been so good for me. It is helping me to get over my control freak, and I should be more at ease with my mistakes because my son actually is dyslexic, and I’ve literally preached to him about not being too hard on himself. Now I need to go and do likewise.

  8. Do you correct typos in comments?

  9. @kaprekar LOL ! I’m sure I am guilty although its iffy between typos or genuinely misspelling…

  10. @kaprekar,

    Are you kidding me? LOL! I’m doing good to catch my own typos. I really would have a melt down if I felt compelled to look at all the comments too. LOL!

  11. Typos seem to be par for the posting course. There are very few of my posts that don’t have a typo or two or even three, even after rereading before submitting. I’m borderline anal, I would say, because they always make me cringe, but I blame it on the the fact that I’m a lousy typist. I never learnt touch and am living to regret it! And my placements of commas seem to go haywire, too, with too many or too few or all in the wrong places. What I need is a posters’ course in developing keyboard skills, but who has the time or the inclination!

  12. I’ve never quite (not at all), mastered touch-typing. (or music sight-reading) So that, especially on-line, so to speak, unless proofing is done carefully, everything is full of typos. (Can’t do math, either, or solve computer hissy-fits). But we all do find ways to work around whatever ways in which we individually receive and process information. And it would very good if educational psychology would recognize these indivual differences, refrain from naming something or other a “learning disability” and learn to accept that people do perceive and process differently.

  13. Just made another typo – that’s individual!!

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