Who is the TDHCMO?

Many of us in the RA universe have become so accustomed to using certain terms that we have developed our own language. Of course it’s understandable when it makes referencing things so much easier. That’s how all acronyms came into existence. But at some point, it has the power to disenfranchise. In the interest of making our fandom more welcoming, I’m revving up the RA Lexicon again, and there is no better way to jump start this than with the Tall Dark Handsome Cotton Mill Owner (TDHCMO) who began all of this for most of us.

Yep, that’s the first image most of us had of him. Some liked him immediately and some didn’t. Some who liked him immediately turned to dislike very quickly, but thankfully, he redeemed himself by the end of ‘North and South’. Oh, how he redeemed himself! He proved to be someone of great depth and sensitivity.

What would you do if this were standing at your front door?

That sweet smile again that says volumes. Not a full on grin but it seems he can’t help smiling in anticipation of being at the Hale’s again.

Pensively looking at Margaret on the street below, and I found myself really wondering what he was thinking. Many times in movies there have been shots of men looking pensively at a love interest, and truthfully, most of the time I didn’t care to know what was in their heads because I already did or the shots were lame. But with John Thornton, I was intrigued and it helped compel me to the ending.

Another one that had me wondering exactly what he was thinking although it seems fairly evident he’s wondering what Margaret is about — taking a read on her. And what exactly did he surmise? I really wanted to know, so I kept watching.

Considering Margaret’s precious fingers and taking an accounting even of them. This scene about took my head off, and no one was about to have sex. Proving that you don’t have to get naked to be erotic. On that note, I think I’m going to make this a two part piece. Need to watch North and South. It’s been a while.:D

In the meantime, perhaps you will do the same. If you’ve never seen it, you need to watch it! For the rest of you who have seen it and don’t really want to watch it again today, you might check out the piece referenced here as I don’t assume all of you have seen it. I hadn’t until last year. LOL!

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com and as usual, you can see a larger image by clicking on the photo.

edit: still haven’t done my second part; will get to it sometime.


  1. I love John Thornton. He’s a classic RA character (in both sense of the word).

    And this is a perfect segue….The next series on the RARetro will be North and South. Poster going up shortly – discussion I think will be June 29th. Hope you’ll join us Frenz? I’m still waiting for your take on BTS :D

  2. Oh, that’s great! Look forward to it.

    I’m still working on my comments. I’ve been under the weather and don’t really like to write anything serious when I’m cranky. It just comes out, well, cranky.:D Writing this piece put me in a much better mood. :D

  3. Totally get where you are coming from! Hope you feel better soon. I can’t wait to discuss North and South! And re-watch it again (for the 100th time). Just looking at your pictures of JT makes me go all swoony. :D How does he do it to look so different from Standring to Paul to JT…crazy!

  4. Sorry you are not feeling well Frenzy! Feel better soon!

    Well you hit on my all time favorite HERO and of course favorite RA character. But don’t forget the shortened versions of our TDHCMO. Sometimes it’s just CMO (Cotton Mill Owner) and many times.. it’s just JT (John Thornton)! LOL

    Thanks for sharing … though it’s been over 4 years ago, I remember first seeing that acronym and thinking .. HUH? LOL Then again I was new to forums and blogging so there were LOTSA acronyms I had to learn!!

  5. love it! I just the various looks he gives her ans i did wonder what he was thinking. One of my favorites is the scene at the dining table in the party. It was as if he was communicating volumes in each look. And i agree with you on the last pic, gives me goosebumps, the smile and regretful “excuse me” when he is called away. Ah! JT is awesome. I think they robbed Richard of a BAFTA that year.

  6. Welcome, pv,

    He was so robbed!

  7. @LoriBear, Yeah, huh? was my first reaction too. LOL! Sounded like a piece of software. If you think of any other acronyms, let me know. Good to see you again. :)

  8. @Calexora, Thank you. I”m doing a little better. Just trying to vege.

    It is stunning how much he changes from role to role.

  9. Can never tire of looking at that face! He is blessed with the gift of expression.

    What an excellent idea – The RA Lexicon.

    Speed back to full health, Frenz.

  10. For the lexicon: THS? DDG? :)

  11. I love this post Frenzy because #antoniaisalwayslearning and still need to learn so many things.

    As you I love the pre-dinner scene and your comment: ‘Proving that you don’t have to get naked to be erotic’ It’s absolutly true (somebody who ever felt that can agree with you), but how well was played and filmed this scene to transmit that (above all the interpretation, of course, and in spite of you can think I’m not parcial. I promise).

    I hope you don’t stop my education and feel great soon.

  12. It’s impossible not to fall in love with JT…*sigh*
    These acronyms are so funny. It seems like a code from a secret society, lol!

  13. Some people have made variations of it too! Angie calls him TDHBW : Tall Dark Handsome Blue-eyed Wonder LOL

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