And So It Goes

Mulubinba did a wonderful post, “The End of an Era” to honor the Armitage Army site as it closes today.

I want to add my appreciation for all of the work done there by Eli, and I send all my best wishes to her.


  1. Thanks RAFrenzy! I went to the website link just now and the site is gone – i feel just a little sad. I think I took for granted that the AA would always be around.

  2. I do not understand why she just did not step down and hand over the entire site to the moderators now running the forum.

  3. Perhaps eventually someone else will want to take it on. But it’s a lot of work for one person.

  4. I hadn’t been to the AA site for a while, so I had no idea they were closing their doors until reading yours and Mulubinba’s posts. Like M, I just sort of always thought it would always be around, so it’s a strange knowing it’s not there any more!

  5. Thankfully, the forum will remain. That is where I hung out the most anyway.

  6. Oh no! I just wanted to go to the site and found it closed. Does this mean it is gone forever? Where will we find information about interviews and new radio/film performances now? I don’t live in England and have no possibility of searching through English magazines etc. for them. This is a real blow. I so enjoyed the AA Website. Hope it will go on somehow.

  7. Don’t worry; there are other excellent resources:

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