Tangent — Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, What am I going to do with you?

I guess I should have made a Facebook page before this week. My hit count has gone up quite a bit from that link! So welcome to all of you who have come here from Facebook. I love you! It’s just Facebook that doesn’t thrill me. It’s a pain in the ass to get around on, and they (the guys who run that place) make the functions one way. There is no back out plan on some things unless you’re technical and have a crystal ball or you’re a bulldog. I’m technical but don’t have a crystal ball; however, I am a bulldog. Even though this is what you have to be if you’re going to run a “page” on FB, I hesitate to go into that mode. But for RA and all of you, it’s worth it. Hope you enjoy the blog. :D

Hmm. I almost hate to associate RA’s picture with Facebook, but I did post his picture over there several times now, and this is really in honor of all of you. So I’ll post one that some of you might not have seen. OH, and since snaffling seems to be the order of the week ;-), I snaffled this one from Mulubinba. Over here. Be sure to thank her! and frankly, she has a wonderful blog that’s thoughtful on several levels. Definitely one of my favorites.

I also need to say thanks to WordPress or whomever it was that wouldn’t allow me to embed that Strike Back Viral video on my first attempt. Yes, good can come out of bad. I’ve always known that, but Facebook had me doubting it.


I’ve added snaffle to the lexicon. I didn’t learn it from the RA fandom but would have never used it in a sentence if not for the British ladies I now interact with on a frequent basis. The context in this blog entry makes the meaning pretty plain, but hey, you need to read the lexicon if you haven’t already.



  1. I love that you have a tag called “Facebook hate”. I made a page just so i could look at overseas friends pages, but what is with the people with hundreds or thousands of fb ‘friends’? I only have about 10 good friends in real life that I already don’t have time for, let alone click-and-run ones.

  2. Initially, I didn’t want a profile, but one of my “little SOs” thought otherwise.

  3. One problem with FB I find inhibiting is the lack of privacy for pages that you ‘like’. It inhibits me from commenting because all my ‘friends’ will see everything! In other words my obsession laid bare, and I can’t handle that at the moment.

  4. Facebook sounds awesome, but I just can not find time. My blog has become more of a duty then a hobby, which is sad. I try to read and post a reply on all my blogger buddies sites but here lately, I cant keep up.

  5. @kaprekar,

    I understand completely.


    I really understand. LOL! I have to put a clock on my blog activities or I’ll be on too long and negatively impact the rest of my day.

  6. @kaprekar I feel sometimes like that but then I see my ‘news’ page filled with that Farm App/Game, which clearly demostrates who much time my friends spend on it and I think, who are they to judge, lol. On the other hand, is not like I share much RA related things on FB…two or four link/comments are not such a big deal.

    OML :)

  7. I had to get a page for work (I advise a student group and as their advisor I am legally obligated to view everything they publish), so went in backwards and then became a personal user. My experience with facebook is that it inevitably turns something good into a problem. I loved farmville when I started playing it but it got so complicated and time consuming that it stopped being enjoyable. Same with fluff friends. Loved the renewed contacts with high school friends when I started, but couldn’t figure out how to interface between those friends and friends from radically different stages of my life (college, grad school). Now concerned about how things that were private suddenly are not. The problem is that it’s become an important piece of my social life during times when I have to spend my entire day at a computer screen.

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