Blessing in Disguise?

I can’t help that I’m anal. It’s a curse and sometimes a blessing. Not sure what it is today. runs a contest to see who is the Hunkie of the month. Right now there are two serious contenders. Yep, our guy and Alex O’Loughlin. RA has been in the lead, but sometime today, Alex pulled ahead by a nose. As I’m writing this, his lead is four votes, and the voting goes until 9pm (GMT) on Saturday, July 31st.

So here’s the anal part. The site owner was so kind to put up more pictures of RA. Thank you, Hunkess. But I couldn’t help but notice one of the thumbnails cuts off RA’s head and only shows his torso; however, the pictures on Alex’s page are perfectly fine. ;-) Before Hunkess gets defensive about this, I want to say in this post that I think she has done a major favor by having that picture displayed like that, and hey, I assume it’s the program displaying the thumbnail like that and it was not intentional. I’m not being snarky with that statement. I realize it’s not always possible to adjust thumbnails. But here’s the good part about it being cut off, well two points. One, his torso is mighty fine so why not focus on it, and two, that might make someone click on the picture and look at the expanded version. Yes, indeed, he is really fine that way!

Enough of my nonsense. If you haven’t voted, go do it! Oh, and be advised that you can only vote once or Hunkess will invalidate your vote, and she is on it, my friends. No second votes or third or fourth… LOL!

Click on the red heart under his picture to VOTE RICHARD! :D


  1. I have voted, of course.

  2. And what a sexy chest….
    I will vote tonight.

  3. Good luck! The Alex fans are posting about it always- telling people to click on the heart. They are on facebook twitter myspace,everywhere and even going to stores with comps,coffee shops, library and asking friends and family to vote! Alex is hot tho!

  4. u can vote from your cell too.

  5. I voted already. I would also like to say that you have a wonderful website, RAFrenzy…Lots of good stuff..RA Stuff that is…I am impressed. It is appreciated. :)

  6. Currently he is one vote ahead! Oh the madness…!!!!! This is going to be a tough few days.

  7. Haha! RA is ahead @839 now.

  8. He is ahead by 14 votes as of now. Be assured Italian and Russian troops have been mobilized!

  9. I note that the poll ends at 9 pm GMT and that The Hunkess seems to be UK based.

    But perhaps some clarification is required, because the UK is currently on British Summer Time (BST) which means that 9 pm GMT is actually 10 pm BST.

  10. He is only in the lead by 4 votes. Alex has reruns of moonlight right now on a major US network. Even if RA loses, it’s with honors, I’d say!

  11. what’s this? Alex O fans say ip ban for poll has been lifted and to go vote all over again? C’mon RA!!!!!

  12. I checked out the competition and watched an episode of Moonlight, probably not enough to see his scope,and will admit he’s not bad. I am a Sophie Myles fan too so double motivation to catch those reruns. Most importantly is, that he lacks the vocal range RA has.

    Unless there is a message from the hunkess I won’t try and re-submit my vote. Guess I could go round my area library and go vote from there…

  13. Yes people! We can cast a second vote !!! (not multiple)
    Down for the homestretch!!

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