Google Can Be Such a Tease

Those alerts can really mess with my head if I let them. Thankfully, I’m a skeptic so I mostly don’t fall for it. But sometimes I miss out because what I’m reading might be true. This morning (for those who don’t already know) there was an alert about Strike Back. Supposedly it’s been renewed for a second series. I will love that if it happens, but for now I’m reserving my hysteria happiness until someone can confirm for my jaded ass that it’s true.

Somehow The Mirror reporting it isn’t enough. Can’t remember what they burned me on, but it was something or I would be giddy by now. Plus, the lack of detail in that piece makes me want to stay away. Or is this just my cynical self running amok?

In the meantime, a picture of RA’s character being put upon:

Oh! Freudian slip. This is the one I meant:

Screencaps courtesy of and RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. I think someone got an email a few days ago from Sky unofficially confirming it (if that’s possible) or something along those lines. So I think it’s gonna happen. I like the idea of it being filmed in lots of international locations. :)

    BTW – that last picture especially – PHWOAR!

  2. Hope it is true!

  3. I hope it’s true too! I’m not done with John Porter. ;-)

    I hope it’s shot somewhere in the states!

  4. I do like the second picture a lot – but the first, well, it sends my imagination a racing it does.

  5. In Australia we haven’t seen Strikeback yet and are notoriously behind in the Spooks series. This is why I’m doomed to write a fan-fict story. I get bored waiting!

  6. Perhaps that’s a blessing for the rest of us? I have read your blog for a while now, and as you may have noted, I have you on my addict list. Of course at any time someone may object to being there, but I hope you don’t. I put it there because I enjoy the blog and hope others will as well.

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