By Popular Demand

Okay, so I don’t know who all loves a certain video, but a few do if my email is any indication, and I think I’ve made it clear how much I love it. :D I will say again that its name fits — “Guy-Supermassive….”

Oh, and the shot above is from one of the best parts of the video — when the song’s bridge is playing. LOVE IT! Perfect clip!

I’m excited Elvira, per Joana’s enthusiastic consent, has now put it up on her site RAfanvids, and in several formats. If you’ve had trouble viewing from your phone, perhaps this will help. Check it out.



Thanks to Elvira I’ve uploaded a better copy of the video to YouTube and disabled the older copy.


  1. Yesyesyesyeyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It so deserves a place there!

  2. Cool!!!

  3. I just love, love, LOVE it!!!

  4. This was one of my favs on YT . . . I love this song and it sooooo suits our smouldering sexy man in leather. Thrilled the video is back and I downloaded it this afternoon to enjoy whenever I like . . . hooray!!

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