The Home Stretch

For those who don’t know the meaning, home stretch refers to the last part of a horse race and not to be confused with the seventh inning stretch which refers to taking a break before the last part of a baseball game. We’ve passed the time for taking a break. As I write this, we have less than two hours to break the will of the O’Loughlin fans.* MUHAHAHAHA. So get over there and do your part and vote for RA as the Hunkie of the month! Even though RA is really THE Hunkie:

Don’t get confused and take a break and think it’s time to just go home, which is what I thought at my first professional baseball game. Imagine my chagrin and if I’m honest, my disappointment when I got up to leave and realized the game was not over. It had two more torturous innings and thank heaven it didn’t go into extra innings. I’m glad to know this poll is going to end soon because I’d like to rest this weekend. LOL!

Yeah, Keith, I know how you feel.**

Hang in there. The poll will be done at 9pm GMT today (well, today for some of us). Just to make sure you know exactly how much time is left, I provide a big fat link to London’s time below. More of my public service.

Click here to see if there is still time

And be sure to read the instructions about multiple voting so your votes are not invalidated! Hunkess has got her whip out, so don’t be messin’ with her, or our guy will pay…

and we’ll be left behind:

Doncha love how I mixed these metaphors? I can’t think of a better way to honor baseball than to confuse the subject. LOL! But I apologize to race fans for mixing the two.

This post was inspired by Nat, who uses pictures and words to tell wonderful stories or give her own slant on all things RA or somehow related. Phew, that was work, Nat. It’s her blog’s birthday this week, so be sure to give her some good wishes!

*You were supposed to click on that link. ;-)

**Professional ball player Keith Hernandez

Screencaps Courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Candid shots courtesy of various artists and allowed under the Creative Commons license.


  1. Tomorrow! 31st tomorrow :)

  2. This is quite something to follow the race!!

  3. That was HILARIOUS! Thanks for crackin me up today!

  4. And you did a darn fine job by mixing these methaphors!
    I whipped my horse earlier in the race.

  5. Great photos, RAFrenzy!! I voted ages ago … not sure if the site will let me vote again

  6. But all this over time you have put in is for a good reason…our RA is worth it.

  7. @Eliza,

    Yes, you’re right! It’s tomorrow, er, today, oh hell, I don’t know. That’s why I have the clock.

    I was just messin’ with people.LOL!

    If you hit the single asterisk in front of MUHAHAHAHA, there’s a message, and a cryptic message for some of the rabid fans.

  8. Love the Muhahahaha cap …lol. I missed it the first time :)

  9. Sweet that message, sort of!! Oh yes I’m getting confused I’m not just a fan of RA anymore but you crazy (about him) bloggers.
    Anyway People!! We can cast a second vote!! (not multiples)

  10. LOL I missed that – cracked me up. Boy, did I need it!

  11. Just over 3 hours left!!! And they are level pegging on 1213 votes each – the situation is desperate, ladies!!! We need to mobilise resources big time! What can we do???

  12. My library tactic didn’t turn out as successful as I hoped. With the need of using a library card I must be identifiable enough. And using my kids’ card didn’t do anything either. Chucks!!

  13. Can I just point out that the current UK time link in your post is the BST not GMT time. We actually have until 10 pm UK time to vote.

  14. @kaprekar,


  15. I’ve just woken up and the poll is closed – what was the result??

  16. Alex won, but RA had a wonderful showing especially when I consider he’s had a small fraction of the exposure that Alex O’Loughlin’s had.

    Hunkess also gave Richard an award —

  17. All I have to say is AAAAARRRRRHHHHHHHGGGG!!!!!!!!?????!!! GRRR!!!

    If we ever do this poll again – we need to pick a month when there is not much happening, nominate RA on the last day, then vote like crazy!!!!

  18. Yes vacation time, a lot of people away. my sister was off the grid, she probably would have counted for 10 votes, she can be very peruasive.
    But then couldn’t the same count for those other hunks? I was surprised Robert Pattinson wasn’t in the contention, not because of his hunkiness but, of his LARGE numbers of rabid fans. Dang! now I feel guilty using rabid, at least we are RAbid!! LOL
    In my book this was the BEST race EVER!!! The rush, the tension, the excitement but mainly exactly because the reasons RAF states.
    Btw in case my humor didn’t translate i see huge potential in the CBeebies campaign!!

  19. @iz4blue There’s probably 100s of RP polls every day…not all will attract massive attention.

    CBeebies campaign? What am I missing?

  20. Very true, good thing they were distracted! I missed it to first!! RAF reveals it right above Mulubinba’s post. Think you remember the reference right?

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