Happy Birthday Armitage Fan Blog!!

In honor of Nat’s blog turning one:

Reminded me of you, Nat (and SFR).

Thank you for all of the good times!


  1. LOVE IT!!! :) You know me well. (Big Beatles fan, plus silly humor & cheesy homemade vid = awesome.) Thank you, RA Frenzy.

  2. hehe, that’s awesome! Love the beatles, the the vid :)

  3. Great video! Love this song!

  4. Fantastic way to honour Nat & SFR! Love it!

  5. I really enjoyed that! It really puts you in a happy birthday mood!

  6. Lol….Congratulations Nat!

  7. It’s a great blog, always diverting!

  8. Congrats Nat for 1 year of RA joy!! Please never stop?

  9. Dear RAFrenzy,
    You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! Hope you will accept!

  10. Just now seeing this! Of course I’ll accept. :D Thank you, Phylly. I’m honored.

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