Have You Met Miss Hale?

Every time I sit down to finish off some more diary entries and plunge all of you back into my struggle with becoming a fangurl, my attention goes to the fanvids. I’ll get back to it, but maybe I don’t really want to know why I’m a fangurl. I’d rather indulge the obsession for now. In that interest, there is a recent “vidder” (can we come up with a better word than vidder? I don’t like it. Not sure I know exactly why, but I could speculate. Mainly it just sounds like something mundane, unimaginative and any other dreary word I can think of, and Miss Hale is far from that. So I’ll have to think about using another word in the future). Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, about to introduce you to misshale78. I’ll let her work do the talking.

A perfect video for Strike Back:

Can’t go wrong with Muse, but this is even better:

I like R&B/Pop Fusion if the singer is good and I don’t have to look at her/him singing. This is much better to look at:

There are so many more, and I left out a couple that I’ll post later. Go check out her channel if you haven’t already.


  1. Great channel! Lovely visual artist. Her vids make you “Feel Good!”

  2. I really enjoy MissHale78’s videos. My favorite of these 3 is the first one. It totally rocks!

  3. Brilliant! I love your recommendations.

  4. Thanks for these suggestions! Haven´t seen them.

  5. Upside to return to U.S.: can now click on most fanvids without getting the message that the material is not available in my area!

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