So I had to take another breather from all that’s RA. Actually, I couldn’t completely take a breather. I’ve just been reading and not talking so much about RA. Poor guy what would he do if I didn’t bring my nonsense to cyberspace? Probably be a lot better off, but I wouldn’t have nearly so much fun.

I’m going to tag this post a tangent, but I can’t bring myself to put tangent in the title, ’cause the word implies chaos, and I’m not feeling the least bit chaotic right now. Usually, I can’t sit still. Toes are tapping, fingers thrumming, or teeth clicking all the time. It’s a little bit of the curse from ADHD, but I refuse to take medication, and NO, I’m not saying others shouldn’t take medication.

Thankfully, I have relaxed for a few days, which is something I don’t do very often. It’s been pretty quiet around my house, and that’s probably because my kids are all gone somewhere, SO is very busy with other things, and NO ONE has come to my front door in almost a week. I guess everyone in town who might come to my door is on vacation. Yea! for vacations. :D Despite how it sounds in this post, I really do love people. They fascinate me and always have, and probably always will. But sometimes I need a break from all that goodness.

So I’ve been listening to some “new” music a friend sent me. I cannot believe I never bought these songs on CD, but I have them now! And they’re still good and oh so easy to chill to:

This next one is one of my favorite songs of all time. I have it on vinyl but why I never bought it on CD I don’t know.

Maybe in a day or two (or maybe in a few hours) I’ll be back waxing on and on and on about Richard Armitage. This is probably just the calm before the storm.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. RAF,

    I love, love, love Seals and Croft! I nearly wore out my sister’s album. I remember thinking they looked like two such likable hippy dudes in their album photos. I haven’t heard “Hummingbird” in forever . . . man, I need to dig out the CD. I was grinning like a school girl when I saw this. I guess because I was a school girl when I first listened to these guys!

    It’s still so hot and sultry here in south Alabama, chillin’ out sounds like the perfect thing to do . . . I am eager for the five or so minutes of autumn we get here before winter hits.
    Eager for the weekend . . . it’s been a hectic week at work. Hope you have a great one!!

  2. Love Seals and Croft and have the music you’re talking about. Why don’t you chill, with the music on and just read more of The Sheriff’s Collector?

  3. @angie,

    Glad that made you grin. I’m grinning right now too. :D


    Actually, that’s on my list! I’ll be getting to it very shortly. :D

  4. I once wrote a column entitled, as I recall, “The Soundtrack of My Life,” about how music had played such an important role in my life from a very early age. My cousin, who is a singer/songwriter, now retired, gave my parents a large collection of RCA albums when I was a wee child. Everything from country tunes and Lester Lanin’s orchestral waltzes, to Bing Crosby, the Ames Brothers, the Ink Spots, the music from “Charade,” traditional folk songs, you name it. I listened to that stuff just as I did the top 40 tunes on the radio. It certainly broadened my musical horizons (thank you, Cousin Rock!)

    Music has an amazing ability to touch us, transport us, unite us, soothe us – – and make us grin! I truly can’t imagine life without it.

  5. Yes, it does, Angie. Music is my first love.

  6. RF, I haven’t listened to Seals & Croft in ages! I will have to add them to my iTunes library. Thanks for sharing. Though I’ve always enjoyed your thoughts when it comes to RA… yet I find I enjoy these “ramblings” just as much!

    Enjoy your quiet… I hope that is not the quiet before the storm!!

  7. Thank you, LoriBear.

    Usually I thrive on chaos, but sometimes it gets away from me. The storm I’m thinking of is a flurry of posts that I’m about to unleash on you all. LOL!

    BTW, I should have said that music is my first earthly love. ;-)

  8. Oh, Goodie, a flurry of posts! Sounds very promising, RAF.

    I’m not sure which I loved first: music, art or books. I do know I loved my Disney books that came with records. I could listen to the music and the narrative, look at the colorful illustrations and then once I learned to read, devour the text. I loved to draw so I would copy some of the illustrations I liked best.

    I listened with great delight to RA’s audio book of “The Convenient Marriage” and now I am reading Heyer’s novel and hearing his interpretations of the characters in my head, while creating my own mental image of the various characters. It brings back the joy and fun of those Disney stories of long ago . . . only Mr. A is far better at all the vocal stuff (if only he would sing a little more often, too!). *grin*

  9. That is one of my favorite caps of Mr. Armitage, RAFrenzy — one of the first times I’d seen a character of his smile, and it melted my heart.

    I really hope that Mr. Armitage is also taking a vacation right now.

    Love Seals and Croft, too, though I have heard it mostly on oldies channels and not in the Top 40.

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