Yorkshire Wench

NOTE: if you’re looking for Yorkshire Wench’s videos, they are no longer accessible online. Go here for more information.

Man, that name conjures all sorts of things. Of course John Thornton and his proximity to Yorkshire, and as a good little RA fan I know RA has ties to Yorkshire as well, and not only due to his interest in Richard III. Then there is my own experience with the place. I was simply overwhelmed by Yorkshire and really bummed I didn’t get to spend more time there. I love history and having read about the War of the Roses, I really wanted to see Yorkshire as I got to see Lancashire. Plus, my camera was having a problem when I drove through there, so I didn’t get one picture! Perhaps this means I have to go back to the U.K. and rectify that? Oh yeah, that’s what it means. LOL!

I wanted to embed this wonderful picture of the Yorkshire Dales, but WP is being a bully, so I’ve uploaded it, Do me a favor and click on the photo to see its original, and hey, you should probably vote for this picture on that site as well.

But all of that is not what this post is about. This is about someone who has supplied many RA fans with countless hours of pleasure in viewing videos and screencaps. YorkshireWench was one of the first to make fanvideos of RA’s works, and I have several. They are some of the first RA videos I obtained, and I still have them in online storage and some on my iPod. I think I’ve thanked her for those on LiveJournal on several occasions (but not as RAFrenzy). However, I’m going to thank her again because she’s shutting down her website, and I’m taking the occasion to tell her again how grateful I am for her work, which is really all I know of her except that I think her name is Claire and she’s a Pisces like me.

If you’re new to RA, then you have probably never seen these videos, since they are not on YouTube. Here is the link to her website [link disabled; see edit below] where you can get links to her videos on Vimeo. You will have to get the links on her site since all of these videos are private and therefore will not come up in search results on Vimeo. To access them you will need a password, which is listed on the homepage of her site. You can also download the videos in various formats. I recommend downloading because the quality is so much better than Vimeo.

Some of my favorites:

Any Other Name (Robin Hood)

Requiem for a Dream (Robin Hood)

Upside Down (The Impressionists)

Adagio for Strings (North and South)

What If (North and South)

Enough about that; go take a look, and if you’re offended by some slash, you might not want to look. I’ll tell you plainly that I’m not a fan of slash, but there are plenty of others to like, and I do. Just so you know, “Any Other Name” is one of my all time favorite Guy videos, I just couldn’t upload it or easily link to it for my top ten fanvids.

edit: since I wrote this piece, Yorkshire Wench has shut down her site, but I have obtained links to all of her Richard Armitage videos on Vimeo, which you can find here. If you want links to all of her videos, you can find them here. But if you go directly to Vimeo, the password is butterfly.


  1. Must go look at that site. BTW I am Lancastrian and my OH is a Yorkshireman so it’s always the wars of the roses in our house.

  2. LOL! You mean there’s still a rivalry? ;-)

  3. I’m relieved there is plenty of notice as I’ll be away on holiday for a week and even more grateful you listed your faves. Then again knowing me … Curiousity will take over and with the end of her site looming I’ll will HAVE to watch them all!! Most of that will have to wait till September.

  4. @Anon (iz4blue),

    I’ve known for awhile that the site was closing, but I figured if others are like you and me, better to get on it sooner than later. I’ve already dl’ed all the stuff I want and also “liked” the videos on Vimeo. That way I don’t have to rely on the site for the links, which obviously won’t be possible in a few months

  5. Too funny – the Wars of the Roses is still being waged? :D

    Was always rather attached to John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford, so slightly Lancastrian. But then, introduced at a young age to The Daughter of Time, have long been a Ricardian, too. Difficult!

  6. I am a Yorkshire Lass too. I dated a Lancastrian many years ago and I have to say I relationship culminated in something almost as epic as war of the roses.

    Is it still being waged? Yeah, in a manner of speaking, but mostly in a light hearted banter type way. Well… except for the cricket.

  7. Gee! anon was me and I came to your site via twitter and forgot that via there I am not automatically signed in. Duh!!
    It’s been on my list of things to browse her site so I think you can imagine I am relieved I’ll have the chance.
    Sadly War of The Roses brings up images of US actors hanging of chandeliers.

  8. The only thing I can relate to it is the rivalry between the North and South here in the States. There is still a little tension today. Not tons but people haven’t forgotten, and sadly, too often Southerners are stereotyped as backwards or a little slow. As for me, I’m a Southern girl at heart even though I think the South was wrong to fight to keep slavery. But the injustice of people’s lack of knowledge is that many are not aware that some “Northern” states were slave states and the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln signed didn’t free those slaves — only the ones in the South. That’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about that. I would much rather talk about the War of the Roses. :D

  9. @iz4blue,

    We cross-posted, but I fixed the anon problem.

    LOL! I’ll have to go back and watch that movie again. I don’t think I liked it the first time ’round.

  10. Yup, well history is part of our cultures. We have always had a bit of a French-English thing here, but we’ve mostly been able to avoid revisiting the Battle of the Plains of Abraham ..

    That image of American actors hanging off chandeliers – a bit of a sense of humour helps. Even if it’s not directly relevant to the 15thC!

  11. Yes, we do get stereotyped here in the American South. When I’ve traveled to other places and people find out I’m from Alabama, I get funny looks at times. I mean, I’m quite literate, I wear shoes and I’m not married to my brother, imagine that!

    You are right, RAF. Pardon the pun, but the Civil War wasn’t nearly as black and white as it is sometimes painted. And many northerners harbored a significant amount of prejudice against black people, but southern whites seemed to be convenient scapegoats.

    . There was also a tendency to paint all white Southerners as wealthy plantation owners; most whites were actually small tenant farmers.
    Slavery was an awful thing; but it’s tragic it took the bloodiest war in our nation’s history to finally end it.

    Yeah, there are still some people who are into ancestor worship here and keeping the Confederate flame alive . . . but for many others it is ancient history. Those of us who grew up attending integrated schools (I was 10 when desegregation took place) learned to see we had a lot of common ground with the black kids. Things aren’t perfect, but they are better. I do think a sense of humor about it all is important.

    Prejudice–and it goes both ways; I’ve dealt with black and white racists in my time-is so limiting.

  12. @RAF thanx for the fix. I wouldn’t recommend that movie either besides the Magnificent chandelier there is also a similar dog incident à la Sparkhouse. LOL

    @fitz Belgium is still politically conflicted because of our language border. A little in reverse as French are moving in the Flanders but rarely learn to speak Dutch. It gets more complicated for even those politically engaged to understand which I’m not and no end in sight. Wonder what name it will end up getting…

  13. @Fitzg, Angie & iz, I’ve only figured out a few things in life, but thankfully, one of them is that you scratch the surface just a little bit and most of us seem to be the same. LOL!

  14. @RAFrenzy, thanks bunches for sharing info about Yorkshire wenches site. I didn’t even know about it. I just took a look at your fave vid “any other name” and I totally see why it’s your fave.

    Thank goodness for the advance warning about the site shutting down. I’ll have to make sure I download what I like.

    Thanks again RAFrenzy! and of course, to yorkshire wench for creating the videos and freely sharing them :)

  15. Oh there’s a bunch of rivalries still going on here – Lancashire/Yorkshire, North/South, England/Scotland, England/France, England/Germany, London/Provinces, etc etc

  16. Germany / Poland …

    Thanks for the news about Yorkshire Wench. I’ll have to get on that ASAP. I’m starting to realize that when I love something I need to make a copy immediately or risk losing it forever. I guess that is just how it goes, not just in the web but in life …

  17. iz4blue, it is always interesting to read of Belgium, because of both the similarities and the differences between our countries.

    As for “scratch the surface”, I married a Francophone from Quebec. But being fond of Quebec culture, have managed to avoid Plains of Abraham (except as tourists) :)

  18. That’s what i love about the blogs, the only rivalry we might have is over certain bodyparts and certain characters! LOL
    And yes find out how much we are alike! :-)
    One Peaceful World, YEAH!!

  19. As far as I’m concerned, this is a party!

  20. Wauw! Finally made it over, what a treasure cove and even better I’m able to convert them for my ipod!!

  21. I know Monet/Jack will be played tons!

  22. […] back I talked about one of the best RA vidders here, which I’m not going to rehash here except to say that she’s closing her site on […]

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