A Little Sweetner

I am changing courses in mid-stream. Maybe that language is too strong. I’m not changing courses, I’m changing how I’m going about the course. I am spending a little more time on the diary entries I wrote awhile back. Couple that with school starting and all the madness that goes along with that, and well, I’m being challenged to find time to get my blog pieces the way I want them.

Because I’ve been remiss in not publishing as often, I offer something to those of you who may not know some of the little goodies that us rabid fans have at our disposal. It’s a neat little program I acquired to listen to BBC Radio. When Clarissa came out earlier this year, I was looking for a way to listen to the broadcasts live or very shortly after the broadcast, and I found it in this program. (Yes, I’m going to tell you what it is — eventually. LOL!)

But since Clarissa aired, I’ve gone way beyond trying to listen to just broadcasts with or about RA or anything in which he’s involved. I have quite an array of subscriptions that are such a delight to me. One of them is the Afternoon Play on Radio 4, and Radio 4 has been such a treat that for months now I’ve been a member of a Facebook advocacy group called Speak up for Radio Drama Now! If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I have no love for FB, so it’s quite something for me to even stay involved. But I support what they are trying to do with that Group. Not quite sure it’s going to accomplish the purpose, but someone, somewhere needs to know how much BBC Radio 4 is loved!!! Definitely worthy of three exclamations points at once.

I did chuckle to myself when I first heard RA’s crack about BBC Radio 4 listeners being part of his Army. Before Clarissa I could have said indignantly, “Oh, not me!” But I am so in the bag for Radio 4. Yes, I fit his demographic too well except that I’m not sure about the “quite well-educated” part. I still think of myself as a mutt and always will, and I’m fine with that. Mutts can usually go anywhere without much detection. Yeah, I’ll stick with being a mutt. :D

So without further ado here’s the sweetner:


I give this to you now because there are probably going to be broadcasts of interviews about Spooks 9, which if Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com is correct, will more than likely air in September. Then again, there may be nothing broadcast. But I wanted you to be prepared if there were. Just more of my public service to you. ;-)

Oh, and I have never had a problem with this program, but I think it’s only available for PC users. If anyone knows of a good MAC program, then tell us about it.


  1. Those are the kind of pages on FB I appreciate!!
    I regret I haven’t stayed with BBC4, I saw there was a Secret Garden and Edith Wharton’s The Reef production I missed out on.
    Thanks for the software link, I’ll be ready!!

  2. If you do a search on those programs, you might be able to still listen to them.

  3. It’s brilliant!

  4. I also love Radio 4, and it was Clarissa that directed me to it (see how fandom can make you smarter and more literate??)

    Also not really a fan of facebook, although I finally broke down and did it because our boss asked us to . . . It’s not somewhere I want to spend hours and hours, that’s for sure.

  5. I discovered radio drama through Clarissa and BBC 4. But I have a MAC, so if anybody knows . . . .

  6. Thank you for these refernces! That voice. I would be a BBC 4 person, if I lived over there.

    Also, your “Diary entries” are of interest, as they chart a journey to which we al l relalte. While keeping a strong foot or two or three, or half, mostly, in RL.

    Now why are visions of Owen cropping up? Never mind…. :)

  7. RAFrenzy, you lovely person you. Thank you so much.

  8. What a nice bit of technology to share with us loyal readers! I have downloaded it but I’ll admit that I am not really sure what to do with it. It’s only been since becoming an RA fan that I’ve developed a taste for listening to audio files (that are not music). :)

  9. When I heard Clarrisa was coming out I searched everywhere for something to download it and I found Radio Downloader. No problems here, worked great for me!

  10. [Note to self: Start letting SO check these entries for lame humor. My adieu is now in quotes. Must get more over the top! LOL! Am I really laughing at my own jokes. Nuts.]

    I’m so glad you all like this. I adore some of the broadcasts.

    @Mesmered, I’ll see if I can find you a program.

    @fitzg, Thank you, fitz. I’m not going to stop. I just want to do the entries justice.

  11. Mille grazie, RAFrenzy. I listened to Clarissa directly online from the BBC each week it was on. But to download would be fantastic.

  12. @Mesmered,When it comes to Clarissa I can take care of you!

  13. @RAFrenzy I have that search bookmarked but PCtime has been limited. Have to prioritize, YorkshireW is still on my list which ranks higher.

  14. @iz4, I totally understand.

    @mesmered, I can also help you with Clarissa if iz gets too busy.

  15. Thanks all.

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  17. […] When I first heard he was musical and involved professionally in musical theater and before ‘Clarissa’ was produced in 2010, I had been wondering if he could sing, and love or hate Clarissa, it was so worth finally knowing he could. One of the real benefits is that I became a rabid Radio 4 listener. I’m so sorry I did not have the pleasure before. More on this here. […]

  18. Thank you! This was so far the best animated interview of RA in radio for nearly 30 minutes touching a lot of different subjects into his career even his fan base. He really wants to do more SB but I suppose this was before CA & TH in NZ as he mentioned in this interview when asked about making films in America. So his future projects are pushed back a bit specially “The Rover”. I hope he makes it big so he can choose & pick the projects he loves with the comfort of a good bank balance.

    Thank you too for Richard’s singing voice and also dancing in the musical Cats. I’m still catching up with Fanztravanza. Haven’t seen all the contributor’s project yet.

    It’s amazing really discovering all these attributes of RA thru fans’ blogs.

    With TH, hopes RA makes his first few millions … Read somewhere that Virgo Mortensen is asking some $8M and percentage of gross profits for the breakdown of his signing “Snow White” with The Hunstman role. I’m not making any comparison with their acting or paycheck. Only mentioned this because VM appeared in TLOTR. That’s the only connection I’m implying..both are PJ big budgeted films and don’t know how much VM got for his role but I’m sure it’s not peanuts.

    Thanks again…

  19. I completely missed this comment, Tedgirl. I’m glad you’re having fun. There is so much of RA’s work out there to enjoy. Let me know if you need any help getting hold of it.

  20. […] Other helps for listening to BBC Radio broadcasts, and of course RichardArmitageNet and RichardArmitageCentral will probably upload the broadcast as well. […]

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