I’d Have to Shoot Them

Ali’s done it again, God love ‘er. RA’s latest interview, ‘A Life in the Day’ is up on RichardArmitageNet.Com. You can find the interview on this page. See I didn’t even make you wait to read all of my stuff before giving you the goods. LOL!

Random or not so random thoughts about this interview:

More talk about food. Lots of it. Yep, RA and I are kindred spirits. I love food too, and my mother also hates anything processed. She would have fainted if anyone had suggested she serve the processed food of the 70s. Thank you, Mom, I’m now the same, and I’ve still not eaten Hamburger Helper or instant potatoes (at least not that I’m aware of), but one of the kids bought some Hamburger Helper recently, and we have almost never heard the end of how terrible and expensive it is. Oh, where was I? Digressing as usual, but I really don’t want to do that, and I certainly don’t want to spend time talking about Hamburger Helper. Someone slap me for even bringing it up!

He has no ‘cleaner.’ I can’t help but imagine the underwear strewn on the floor. Cursing my vivid imagination, or maybe not. Oh, and not sure I like that word ‘cleaner’ since it sounds inhuman, like a device with a face on the front and a pair of big lips sucking up everything in its path. Of course my imagination is wondering what it would be like to be his ‘cleaner.’ And yes, he would probably have to shoot me, ’cause I would definitely read the scripts. But I wouldn’t tell anyone about them. Yes, I can keep a secret!! I’m also wondering how all of you are imagining it, well, about yourselves — if you’re wondering that at all. Oh, you’re not? What is wrong with you!! RA is not stupid. The whole ‘interview’ was designed to titillate us AGAIN, and it has. Well, I readily admit it has me. See how easy I am to manipulate, and damn, it feels good.

I’m also wondering if he did have a ‘cleaner’ if he would do what most of us have done who have had one and clean up before hand to keep from being embarrassed, and since he can’t do that, he doesn’t have a ‘cleaner?’ I need another slap because I also don’t want to talk about housework in this post. Back to wondering about being his ‘cleaner.’

I’ve always found it interesting that he is so cerebral compared to a lot of other actors and yet he is continually in very physical roles. Perhaps opportunity has dictated this or he really has wanted to stretch himself (no pun intended). Much more to mine with this later, and I’m sure I’m not the first, but that’s never stopped me.

I could make a lewd remark about him working out at the gym, but so far I’ve refrained from being lewd on this blog, and I intend to keep it that way.

Oh, he quoted one of my favorites! Macbeth! I would love to see him as Macbeth! I did catch him as Macduff in Shakespeare Retold and as Angus in the filmed version of it, which can be seen here. But I’m not sure I’m going to be satisfied until I can see him as the title role! Yes, I’m spoiled.

But as I leave the reading of this article, I wonder what’s on his iPod. That is my burning question. I damned near have a love affair with my iPod, and so I can only be curious about his. What does he listen to?! Yeah, I know about the affinity for Coldplay and Mahler. What else does he listen to? Since he’s being so open, maybe he’ll tell us in another interview? Or maybe he’ll shoot me if I keep being so demanding. ;-)

Note to self: must create a ‘food’ tag.


  1. Loved the interview (and the pic – OMG). Thinking as I’m reading it how much we have in common, I have two alarms, one by my bed and another across the room because I also sleep through alarms:) I also have porridge (well oatmeal) made in the microwave every morning.. and I love salmon and couscous…..Richard you are killing me here – LOL. I have to say I hate housework myself and hate cleaning, though I have to do it myself (and not because I have any secret scripts around), but I am fantasizing right now being his cleaner, me wearing a French maid’s outfit…surprising RA half naked doing his workout at home…sorry my mind wanders…. maybe he needs a personal assistant to keep his scripts for him poor baby, I have lots of experience keeping a secret, I would be happy to volunteer :)

  2. This was a great interview. My reaction when I saw the photo was something along the lines of “Damn! He’s done it again . . . making me drool . . .”

    I can also relate a lot to his comments . . . bit of a brooder who hates confrontation, messy, loves books and yes, needs an extra alarm because mornings are NOT my friend.
    It’s been too warm here for me to indulge in hot cereal, but once cooler weather ever arrives, the prospect of oatmeal with chopped apple and raisins is suddenly very, very enticing to me–more so than ever before, for some odd reason . . .*grin*

    Frenz, are there many other actors who could bring the requisite physicality to certain roles like Spooks and Strike Back and still amaze us with their layered, nuanced performances? I think not. He is a breed apart. Please let his RIII dream project come to fruition. And agreed, he’d be a stunner in Macbeth . . .

    On a lighter note, I must say I did envision him running, iPod earbuds in place, a slightly grim set to his lovely jaw, exercising AND exorcising the demon that was his daily dose of dealing with filming scenes with Sarah Caulfield in Spooks 8 . . .
    “Can’t–believe–ILucas is–supposed–to be–in love and lust–(puff,puff) with this cold, vacuous piece of crumpet. Can’t–they–just kill her off already??”

    @musa, I suspect this article will launch thousands of new fantasies of playing French maid/personal assistant to our busy, cerebral hunk. ooh-la-la!

    Anyone care to draw his bath for him? Hmmmm. Wonder if he likes it with bubbles??

  3. Oy vey. Okay, here goes… I thought the article and his day were as dull as ditchwater. The man sure knows how to say something while revealing nothing. We already know he likes reading, we know he runs and goes to the gym and watches his weight, we know about Richard III. Other likes: porridge, salmon, homemade food. Pet peeves: getting up early. Has an explosive temper as a result of being so self-contained. Also, his mother raised him right. No mention of other people whatsoever. A cleaner, I imagine would be an intrusion. Best part for me is that he’s lived in the same place for the last 20 years, which means from struggle to success. He lives a life of the mind, works to excess and is most comfortable in a rut. According to this article.

  4. […] exactly the kind of interview I’d have advised him to give if I were his publicist. Discussion of it starting at RAFrenzy. As always, pi has something great to say in RAFrenzy’s […]

  5. I think he has given away only details which are unimportant to him.

    Regarding ‘cleaner’ in the UK this is a very normal term, sometimes a cleaner will be called a housekeeper though that implies a grander job than it really is. But you will never hear people in the UK talk about having a ‘maid’ – too kinky! I admit I do have a Polish cleaner – maybe this is the answer for RA since she wouldn’t be able to understand all those top secret scripts.

  6. I wouldn’t say unimportant, but it gives a personal insight without revealing anything too personal, e.g. about the people in his life. I agree it is a wise choice to do such as piece when he has to do a “big personal revealing interview” once a while. He decides what to reveal, there are no uncomfortable questions to answer and his words are not coloured through the lens of the interviewer. Sometimes it can be nice if the interviewer gives us their impression of him but it can be misleading in one direction or the other, depending on the spin they wish to give the article.

  7. I agree with kaprekar — if I were his PR guy, I’d give him or any client the advice to tell fans very detailed things that you could care less about people knowing (or which, if they turn out to be untrue or change, will be unimportant or you won’t care. Like seriously, who cares if he lies about his breakfasts or changes his favorite dish at some point?). It will create an impression of intimacy but you will have said nothing of consequence.

    I think he may be in a situation where this strategy can easily backfire, though. Or perhaps he doesn’t understand the female mind. But saying your apartment is a tip is just the kind of thing to get a certain kind of woman intrigued. “Motherly” fans are concerned … (grin)

  8. Then I’m not like other fans. LOL! I don’t feel like doing his cleaning or washing. I’m sure he manages sooner or later. Thinking about it, while this interview does not reveal any personal secrets, if the whole piece isn’t constructed, which I doubt, it shows that he has remained down to earth and hasn’t changed his lifestyle because he shot to modest fame and wealth. He could afford a cleaner or dinners in fancy restaurants but does things as he has always done. As no cleaner has sold a story to a tabloid and he has never been photographed in a fancy restaurant this aspect probably even is true. ;-)

  9. Well, I know I’m a bit crazy, but I actually like the fact that our gorgeous workaholic is “dull”, though I don’t find him so. I like the fact he’s not dating one of the Royals, that he still lives in the same neighborhood and didn’t move to a fancier one, that he has books all over and a rather messy house, and that he does live a “life of the mind”, etc. Yes, maybe he’s said it all before, but if you’re new to RA, maybe some of these things are “new” as well. As we all know, interviewers tend to repeat the same questions over and over, especially for a piece like this :) At least they didn’t ask him about working with the Hungarian circus!
    But, yes, obviously he’s a private person, who was maybe a bit too open and suffered for it at the beginning of his success? I’m sure if he has someone sharing his salmon and couscous he’s not going to say :) Maybe some new international fans for Jamie Oliver today!

  10. It’s the perfect interview where he tells almost nothing but still has the ability to make us salivate. I mean what I said about being manipulated. I have been, but it feels good.

  11. Just now finishing all of the comments.

    Jane, I like how you put it: “it gives a personal insight without revealing anything too personal.”

    About the only thing that was a little personal was about the temper. Of course that’s his view of himself. Then again throwing a chair is pretty fiery or maybe not. Depends on the situation. LOL!

    Whatever he was saying in the article, I feel like we’re a bunch of hens and a rooster just squawked through our midst. I know I could feel myself begin to cluck as I read the article. I did not want to do it, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop myself.

  12. @Pi — what do ya want him to say? He spends his days bedding super models and his evenings drinking $300 bottles of vodlka?

  13. Well, I WAS his cleaner/laundry maid . . . . or at least Guy of Gisborne’s in The Sheriff’s Collector on http://www.mesmered.wordpress.com It was hard work, I got chafed hands and precious little thanks . . . in the beginning.

    And I so agree with the comment that if i was his publicist I would have asdvised ‘ Say nothing by appearing to say something.’ A pity all VIP’s didn’t observe the same maxim.
    What I like about Mr.Armitage, apart from his acting talent and intellect, is the very fact that he is, and I hope he will remain, an enigma.

  14. @mesmered — if this is an appropriate place to say it — this is what I appreciate about your interpretation of the Guy of Gisborne character — your consistent presentation of just this position. I also like other interpretations of Gisborne, but I think you’ve staked out your place and you do it so effectively that it’s a constant pleasure to read.

  15. I’m saving that story until I have time to read it without a lot of interruptions. Plus, I’ve got two books I need to finish, and when I do, ‘The Sheriff’s Collector’ is going to be one of the first things I read!

  16. @Rob


  17. My first reaction to this interview was “cool! I love all the little details!” But then I started feeling weird about it. I feel like I really shouldn’t know this stuff about him, what he eats for breakfast, that he was up on the roof clearing out the ivy, etc. I felt like an intruder. It feels a little too personal. Its a weird thing I have about him that’s probably more about me. I don’t want to know these things because I don’t want to start thinking that I “know him”. I already feel like I’m a little too into him and knowing these unimportant details is not helping me. I’m not complaining at all, its just a weird thing about ME is all.
    BTW please don’t freak out…I’m not stalking him or sending him anything in the mail or anything LOL

  18. Back again and felt I had to add that its great if anyone mails him stuff, but that I am not comfortable sending him anything myself. ;)

  19. Welcome, anon.

    I’m not freaking out, but I am glad to know you’re not stalking him. LOL!

    I guess I didn’t see that information as personal. Talking about brooding and his temper was a bit personal. But that’s just my view.

    I’m right there with you with about sending him stuff. But it’s fine for others. I’m just too damned snotty to send something. :D

  20. It seems whatever the poor man says in an interview, even if it is as neutral as porridge without any addition of fruit, it well be controversial. Some people feel disappointed that he did say absolutely nothing, others approved of that and for some even that is too much. IMO all he tried to say is that he is just an ordinary guy and does ordinary things and that’s what he has always said. I remember quotes that paint a very similar picture from interviews five years ago and given we have never heard anything that contracts it, is is probably true.

    Would you really think it is “tantalizing” to imagine your neighbour or colleague getting up, doing a bit of work in the garden or a bit of cooking? Probably not, as you see them as the ordinary guys they are.

  21. O that he were my neighbor… Just kidding. Sort of. Actually I’m glad I’m not. If I can find his most mundane habits and quirks interesting, there’s no telling how nosy I’d be if I lived next door (or God forbid across the street).

    Love the post RAFrenzy. I’m with you on the whole cleaner bit. “…if you’re wondering that at all. Oh, you’re not? What is wrong with you!!” Too funny.

  22. Well, if my neighbors or colleagues looked like Richard I might find them a bit more tantalizing – LOL. Agree with your comments Jane.
    Interesting that we all have such different reactions to the same interview.

  23. You grow accustomed to people’s looks, even if they are drop dead gorgeous on first sight, when they are around every day and you have known them for ages. I work with someone who is quite attractive but all I notice after a dozen of years is that he creates a mess that is not very organized. :-)

  24. Clever Mr A, to use this interview as an opportunity to flag up to anyone who might be influential that he’d like to get back on the stage. And he plugs Richard III again. His publicist should be very happy indeed.

    I’ve been wondering how RA feels about the fact that the wonderful Kevin Spacey will be playing his hero on stage in London and NY in 2012. RA has said in the past he thinks he’s already too old for the role. KS will be 53. You could forgive RA for feeling a tad envious.

  25. @Jane, I don’t think the commentaries to this interview are making his words controversial, people is just saying their impressions on what he said.

    I feel a bit manipulated too while reading this article but couldn’t/can’t say exactly why, lol! I’m not complaining, I’m quite amused by it.

    I’m a little…ahem a lot ahem…. of a brooder too, we could be brooder partners although we wouldn’t be doing much talking ’cause while brooding you are in your own world.

    OML :)

  26. @Jane

    I don’t see a difference of opinion as being controversial, and with all due respect, I don’t see why we even have to have this conversation.

  27. well, the question is whether critical analysis (in the sense of criticism that means examining something closely for meaning) is criticism (in the sense of providing a negative judgment about something one has examined). My stance is usually that anything put into the public domain is liable to analysis, but reading that doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. Indeed, despite my own general bent towards examining every last detail of things I love, there are some things I don’t care to analyze critically or look at very closely. But generally, if I find something interesting, I look at it closely, and if I look at it closely, then I analyze it. That other people bring out different strands when they do the same is part of the intriguing quality of being human. My friend and I talked about this interview for an hour last night. I’m writing a post about it. She said some things that don’t show up here, and that draw out different aspects of the interview. Is that controversy? Or is it just sharing with each other the different perceptions we had?

  28. @Pi I was trying to be funny, you mentioned he sounded as dull as dishwater, I was wondering what you would like him to say to sound less dull. :)

  29. @littlevictories,


    I’m not sure what I would do if RA lived across the street. Probably take lots of “homecooking” to the poor bachelor who has no one to feed him. But then he probably wouldn’t like me too much ’cause arrogant as it sounds, I’m considered a great cook, and he would have to fight his weight.


    Also Welcome!

    I had also read that about Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey is a fantastic actor. He’s in my top five and actually the first person I followed on Twitter. No matter, he’s too old for the part. But then if Russell Crowe can play Robin Hood…

    The sad truth is that most people have no clue how old Richard III was, so Spacey and RA can probably get away with playing him.


    I knew what you meant. :D

  30. @pi,

    ‘Cause it’s fun or should be. LOL!

    I figure everyone is just giving their opinions, and you know what’s said about opinions. :lol:

  31. I think there are two reasons why KS can play RIII in spite of his age but it would be difficult for RA. KS is an award winning actor and director of the theatre and RA is not. KS can do as he pleases. And there is a difference between Shakespeare’s fictional character and the more historical accurate portrait RA apparently has in mind.

  32. Excellent, excellent points.

  33. Mr. Armitage has even said on occasion that Shakespeare’s Richard is not necessarily the one he wants to play.

  34. Yep, he’s made it plain several times that Shakespeare’s Richard is not the part he wants to play or produce.

    @Any new fans,

    He is a believer that Richard III was unfairly maligned and so Shakespeare’s version of him would never work — unless RA needed work of course. :D

  35. I read the interview and you know what it felt like to me? Like the teen magazine pieces on Duran Duran I used to moon over. I feel patronized to be honest.

  36. @ @Rob

    Oh! I actually didn’t say I thought *he* was dull. Now, if he had a babe on each arm and staggered drunkenly about town, well, I would find him very dull, indeed! :)


    I was going to mention that as well. This was fodder for a teen magazine. Like, “What’s your favourite colour”? Heh. The article was confusing as to who the real author was as well. It would have played better (though no less dull) if it were formatted as a Q&A. Hey, I wonder if his agent actually answered for him! LOL

  37. @RAFrenzy Nice. You can be my neighbor any day. =) I’d probably invest in some high-powered binos. Just joking of course. Sort of.

  38. @pi

    The lack of gossip column antics is actually one of the reasons I admire him. I did some, uh, research and looked for his name to come up on all the big gossip sites I could think of and there wasn’t one mention of him anywhere. In contrast, my beloved Ralph Fiennes has about two pages worth of blind items alone over at alt.gossip.celebrities.

  39. @littlevictories, LOL!


    LOL! That’s it!! All we needed were pictures of some food, an iPod, and maybe his favorite shoes. But what does it say about us that we received it that way. ;-)

    Poor guy. He just can’t make all of us happy. But even though I felt manipulated, I would happily submit to it again. :D

  40. Okay @ Pi you have a valid point. It was totally a Teen Beat article! Too funny! All he’d need is a chasity ring and it could be a Nick Jonas interview. Althou he still sounded pretty adorable.

  41. And he is adorable. :D


    I know most of you have seen this picture, but I would like to have it in the comments so I can look at it while I’m reading yours. LOL!

  42. A neat article! Absolutely knowing that the audience will seize on every mundane detail and analyse it all! Nicely done… :)

    I think Richard III was 33 when betrayed at Bosworth; so this Richard isn’t too old! If he were following the Sharon Kaye Penman version, he’d make a fine Warwick the Kingmaker, perhaps. A nicely enigmatic historical figure.

  43. @RAFrenzy…I don’t know about you but it tells me that I spent way too much of my teen years reading bop! and Star Hits….um, for the makeup advice? :)

  44. Ok, way late on commenting on this interview.

    @pi, I never really realized how little we learned about RA in that interview until you pointed it out. Thanks for making me look at it from a diffferent view, you raised a good point!

    @Jane, I’m with you. I don’t want to do his laundry or clean his house either. I barely want to do my own!

    @RAfrenzy, i thought I was the only one who cleaned up for the cleaning lady, LOL!

  45. The “Life in a Day” formate is actually not one created for RA as a way to do the required “big personal interview” but the series has been on for ages, with famous and non-famous people describing an ordinary day, starting with “I get up at 6:00 AM”. ;-)

  46. Richard can manipulate me all he wants! :P Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! LOL

  47. @jazzbaby1,

    Oh, I “read” them for the posters. :D




    Good point. I should have pointed that out as I’ve read the Times on and off for years.

    I’m actually thinking about taking a subscription. Shook my head as I wrote that. Only RA would entice me to breach Rupe’s paywalls.

  48. OK, please don’t think me ‘too crazy’ but I just realized ‘No escape’ can be read on the wall he is leaning on and imagined RA escaping from women wanting to throw chocolate pants at him and reaching that wall with that written…

    OML :P

  49. I thunk that Shakespeare’s RIII is one of those classic parts where it doesn’t matter what age you are, within reason. I saw David Troughton as RIII at the RSC in Stratford about 15 years go and he did not look 33!

  50. I think! I must have ‘hunk’ on my mind!

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