“Spoilers are the bane of my world.”

I’m beginning to understand how that feels. I just read RA’s interview on Digital Spy, and if you have a problem with spoilers, DO NOT read the interview at that link. If they don’t bother you, then click away.

Why didn’t they put a spoiler warning on that? I don’t want to know that much about the plot. I would rather watch it unfold than be told what’s going to unfold.

“I just don’t get why one would want to spoil the ending.”

Hmmm. Not sure what I think of that comment. The DS interview did not actually give away the ending, but it’s going to take some tension away from it. Dammit! I now know so much about the impetus of the characters that there will be much less wonder about them which has the potential to make it boring. This really frustrates me. Am I the only one who feels this way? Or do I just sound spoiled? ;-) Actually, that’s a sincere question.

If you do not recognize the quotes, they are from Richard Armitage in his interview with the foxes over at Vulpes Libris in July 2009. I would put the exact link, but I get irritated at the infernal ping backs. I guess I’m just irritated today.

Off to disable some Google alerts.


  1. I wrote about this this morning, too; I just hope we can find all of those interviews again *after* we’ve seen Spooks 9.

  2. OH, you know how anal I am; I copy them as I go.

  3. Well, maybe I’m odd or weird but I really don’t mind spoilers. I read as much as I can before going to the cinema and watch a movie. Or before bying a DVD and watch it. I always read the introduction of a book before starting reading it. I don’t read/ watch the story just to see how it ends . And, again because maybe I’m strange and extravagant, when I already know what awful/negative things are going to happen I’m less disappointed. MAybe this is because I like watching adaptations after reading the books so, I’m quite used to spoilers and use them instead to understan and enjoy much more what I see.
    I’m sorry for you but I’m so happy about all these interviews and articles. Only… I MUST, MUST, MUST work now!!! Shool has started and tomorrow I’ve got 4 classes!!!
    Cheers! MG

  4. Welcome, Maria!

    I have no problem if someone wants to read spoilers. I just wish Digital Spy had put a spoiler warning on that. They have with other things, so I didn’t expect there to be quite so much revealed in an interview without a warning. Maybe I need to comment over at DS.

    Glad you’re excited about school. :D

  5. Those are just teasers – they won’t give away the REAL spoilers!

  6. I’m torn. Consistently I’ve been a spoiler virgin all the way for any series that grabs me. Since I came to Robin Hood so late, two months ago, I knew Marian would be killed by Guy but I never imagined how much I would feel devastated. However, I wasn’t invested in her so that spoilers didn’t affect me at the time.

    But Lucas….damn, I want him to go out with a good life. More importantly, I don’t want him to die, for the reasons I’ve mentioned in comments before. This character who was so “meh” to me when I first watched it online (I didn’t have the Armitage itch at that time, either, though I was crazy about him) was quietly interesting and compelling on my big screen. And over time, as we wait for that first ep of Series 9, it seems that the character of Lucas has seeped into my bones, something I did not expect!

    So, I am torn. If Lucas is to die (I don’t care how spectacularly…hmm…I wonder if he’ll get a rebar through the gut :)), then I want to know beforehand. It’s like those horror movies where you watch them through your fingers to defuse the horror. I want time to steel myself and defuse the horror of Lucas’ possibly spectacular death, or even a WTF death. I no longer have faith or trust in writers/producers to do anything other than to mess with our hearts and minds, and to me, that’s an awfully sad commentary.

    What to do? What to do?

  7. Thanks for the warning. I just tiptoed through 2-3 articles that were said not to carry heavy spoilers and don’t know If I’ll look at anything else. … HA! Well, we’ll see.

  8. HAHA!!! Sorry to laugh at your frustration, but you made me chuckle, so thank you. :) Thanks for the heads up too… I will definitely avoid that particular article (and most of the others) to avoid knowing too much info.

  9. I’m with you RAFrenzy! I’m on a complete series 9 blackout. I’m not reading / watching any press, interviews, trailers or photos. A bit part of the enjoyment of Spooks is not knowing whats going to happen next and not knowing who is friend and who is foe. I want to enjoy that ride.

  10. I read the Digital Spy interview this morning and it confused rather than enlightened me :) I think in general it’s best to assume all articles and interviews will have some spoilers.

  11. I’m with Maria on this one. I don’t mind spoilers. Especially when the series is fast paced that Spooks is. I’m not one to read the last page of a book as a habit but I can do it on occasion.

    I read the DS interview, and like others have mentioned it left me with more questions rather than making me feel it had spoiled the plot.

    I do understand why some wish to go into a series knowing as little as possible though. It’s just not a big thing for me.

  12. I hope it’s clear that I don’t have a problem if someone doesn’t mind or even likes spoilers. Actually, sometimes spoilers don’t bother me a bit. But for Spooks, telegraphing the plot devices really takes away from the emotional thrill ride for me.

    All of that aside, I loved what RA said in this interview. So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with this article. LOL!

  13. The thrill for me is being able to take part in something like Strike Back and Spooks as it takes place and not having to wait for Norwegian tv to find it in their hearts to show the show several years later. What I enjoyed about the Clarissa experience was tuning in knowing that people around the globe were sharing in the experience at the exact same moment. So like Maria Grazia, I revel in the articles and interviews. Teasers are rather like blurbs on books. You have some indication of what the story is about, but what grabs your attention once you start are the characters and how the story is told, the journey and not the destination, being important.

    Maria, good luck with the start of term. Ours has been underway for a month now and I only just started to feel that I’m getting my head above water!

  14. No!…I run from spoilers too! I do not wanna know but it is hard on us Americans as we have to wait until the dvd comes out and you all are lucky enough to see it as it airs.

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