I’d Have to Shoot Them

Ali’s done it again, God love ‘er. RA’s latest interview, ‘A Life in the Day’ is up on RichardArmitageNet.Com. You can find the interview on this page. See I didn’t even make you wait to read all of my stuff before giving you the goods. LOL!

Random or not so random thoughts about this interview:

More talk about food. Lots of it. Yep, RA and I are kindred spirits. I love food too, and my mother also hates anything processed. She would have fainted if anyone had suggested she serve the processed food of the 70s. Thank you, Mom, I’m now the same, and I’ve still not eaten Hamburger Helper or instant potatoes (at least not that I’m aware of), but one of the kids bought some Hamburger Helper recently, and we have almost never heard the end of how terrible and expensive it is. Oh, where was I? Digressing as usual, but I really don’t want to do that, and I certainly don’t want to spend time talking about Hamburger Helper. Someone slap me for even bringing it up!

He has no ‘cleaner.’ I can’t help but imagine the underwear strewn on the floor. Cursing my vivid imagination, or maybe not. Oh, and not sure I like that word ‘cleaner’ since it sounds inhuman, like a device with a face on the front and a pair of big lips sucking up everything in its path. Of course my imagination is wondering what it would be like to be his ‘cleaner.’ And yes, he would probably have to shoot me, ’cause I would definitely read the scripts. But I wouldn’t tell anyone about them. Yes, I can keep a secret!! I’m also wondering how all of you are imagining it, well, about yourselves — if you’re wondering that at all. Oh, you’re not? What is wrong with you!! RA is not stupid. The whole ‘interview’ was designed to titillate us AGAIN, and it has. Well, I readily admit it has me. See how easy I am to manipulate, and damn, it feels good.

I’m also wondering if he did have a ‘cleaner’ if he would do what most of us have done who have had one and clean up before hand to keep from being embarrassed, and since he can’t do that, he doesn’t have a ‘cleaner?’ I need another slap because I also don’t want to talk about housework in this post. Back to wondering about being his ‘cleaner.’

I’ve always found it interesting that he is so cerebral compared to a lot of other actors and yet he is continually in very physical roles. Perhaps opportunity has dictated this or he really has wanted to stretch himself (no pun intended). Much more to mine with this later, and I’m sure I’m not the first, but that’s never stopped me.

I could make a lewd remark about him working out at the gym, but so far I’ve refrained from being lewd on this blog, and I intend to keep it that way.

Oh, he quoted one of my favorites! Macbeth! I would love to see him as Macbeth! I did catch him as Macduff in Shakespeare Retold and as Angus in the filmed version of it, which can be seen here. But I’m not sure I’m going to be satisfied until I can see him as the title role! Yes, I’m spoiled.

But as I leave the reading of this article, I wonder what’s on his iPod. That is my burning question. I damned near have a love affair with my iPod, and so I can only be curious about his. What does he listen to?! Yeah, I know about the affinity for Coldplay and Mahler. What else does he listen to? Since he’s being so open, maybe he’ll tell us in another interview? Or maybe he’ll shoot me if I keep being so demanding. ;-)

Note to self: must create a ‘food’ tag.

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If you have read this far, I’ll grace you with a goodie (subject to change due to my mood). Today it’s an excerpt from RA’s most recent audio book:

Convenient Marriage excerpt

[note to regular readers of this blog: I could do this housekeeping under the covers, but this is much more fun. Proving that under the covers is not always more fun.] This is my continuing public service to all of Richard Armitage’s fans. See how good I am to you. I take care of you even when you hit a dead end. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of ArmitageDaily on Livejournal.

Audio courtesy of Naxos Audiobooks who released The Convenient Marriage and two other audio books by RA — Sylvester and Venetia.