This is How It’s Done

To keep from putting a dissertation in my comments section, I come with this post. LOL!

Here is how teasers can be done without giving away too much:

IT begins with a funeral. Most Spooks fans will know who for. And ends with…

Spooks series nine, episode one. BBC1, 9pm next Monday.

There is much to report about the return of Sir Harry Pearce in a terrific opening hour.

And yet most of it will have to remain unsaid to avoid spoiling the episode.

You want answers about Harry (Peter Firth) and Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker)?

You’ll get them.

Just don’t be late for the first four minutes.

Swiftly followed by an all-time classic Harry scene, which confirms Spooks is back on top form.

Events of last year are still fresh in the mind as we learn the identity of one of the Nightingale conspirators.

Before heading off to join Lucas North (Richard Armitage) about to board a ship in Morocco and meeting Beth Bailey, played by Sophia Myles, together with Dimitri Levendes (Max Brown).

With The Grid in danger of turning into the Marie Celeste, the introduction of two new characters is nicely done.

Read the rest here.

This post is to also thank Ian Wylie for knowing his business.

Yes, I am like a dog with a bone, but on Monday, I will happily leave it behind. Until then, I am trying to stay on my spoiler fast, and I’m very grateful to Mr. Wylie for not helping me cheat.

And for those who don’t mind more information in teasers, I guess there is something for all of us to digest. :D


  1. I confess I do read spoilers (ever since The Episode That Dares Not Speak Its Name 2.0 in RH) but I really do appreciate Ian’s blog ever so much, and admire the way he teases and intrigues us without giving major plot lines away. I subscribe to his blog, so I am already a fan and this just impressed me all the more.

  2. Exactly. If you say it’s safe, I feel I can go over there. Thank you so much.

  3. I love Ian Wylie’s little previews. He really knows how to do a preview and not give things away but still whet your appetite!

  4. He’s a genuinely nice fellow, too, I’ve found–and he seems to have a genuine appreciation for the talents of a certain l actor we all know and adore . . . which automatically makes him a superior journalist IMHO (not that I am prejudiced, of course . . .)

  5. That is a hard balance, to tease and yet not spoil. There are still a few of us out there who try not to “ruin” the show by reading entire plot summaries, so it’s definitley appreciated when someone can find that delicate balance :)

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