Okay, Who’s the Guilty Party?

No spoilers (that I know of) in this article linked below. Well there was one comment that some may consider a spoiler, but then again, it’s one you may want to know and possibly fantasize about before it happens.

But I have a question for all of our British cohorts. Is it the norm for British actors to talk about food this much? Or am I imagining that Richard talks about food a lot? Yes, that’s two questions. Oh, I’m not down on RA if he’s into food. I’m a huge, a big, uh an enthusiastic fan of food myself, so maybe it’s just me who thinks there is incessant talk of food. When I first came into this fandom, I remember hearing about him watching Nigella Lawson and fantasizing about kissing her after she had eaten a chunk of chocolate cake. I used to think it was because she was voluptuous………..excuse me, that thought still makes me dizzy. So I used to think it was Nigella’s figure that generated the fantasy, but now I’m wondering if that chunk of cake may have been a big part of it.

And speaking of chocolate, it seems that our Richard was once again asked about his fans. You’re wondering what chocolate has to do with his fans? You must be new. Aside from his voice being like chocolate if chocolate made a sound, can I see a show of hands of those who want to be schooled in the history of the chocolate pants? Never mind; I’m not quite sure of the history myself. I’ll just share with you that somewhere along the way some fans sent him some pants made of chocolate, or maybe that was just a crack from a reporter (see tenth paragraph). Whatever the case, it seems that Richard and pants of varying kinds go together as topics of discussion. Recently someone sent him a pair of pants “that don’t ride up your bum.” The good news is that I’ve put my bs detector away while reading some of these interviews, so I can go happily along wherever Richard leads. But damn I wish my imagination weren’t so vivid. Truly, I sometimes curse it. I won’t share all of my thoughts, but I must admit that I saw him on the floor in a Bridget Jones’ position when he mentioned these corrective pants.

In the meantime, I’m feverishly reading Blake by Peter Ackroyd. Phew, Blake would’ve had a field day with chocolate pants.

“Closer” article courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: okay, I was wrong; it’s the eleventh paragraph.


  1. Mmmmm… RA talking food… :)~ Fancy having dinner with him! (Except I’d be way too nervous to have an appetite, but still.) We could totally swap recipes. My brownies are very popular whenever I make them and share with various people, so I’d have to give him a taster. (Hey, and I’m curvy too, Richard! Just sayin’! Wink wink, nudge nudge!)

    *reading article* Ooh steamy scene on a KITCHEN table (nonetheless!)… and he’d like to be a Bond baddie. So would Sam Neill. Fancy a Bond film with BOTH of them as baddies. *watches as part of her melts to the floor in a far-too-happy, squeeing puddle* That’d be a Bond film I’d pay to see. And get on DVD. Yessir!

    Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Richard does talk about food a great deal. I think that it might be because, like anyone who has to keep fit, you have to watch what you eat, and are then in danger of becoming slightly obsessive about food, lol. Remember that he dropped a whole stone to play Lucas in Spooks 7, then beefed up considerably to play John Porter, then slimmed down considerably to return to Lucas. Clive Owen talks of working out when he knows he has to take his top off, and Richard of cutting out beer and pizza, so the men are into looking good for their audience. The effort is much appreciated, especially in Richard’s case!

  3. Have you ever seen Nigella Lawson eat? I don’t know how she does it but she makes it so sexy! She oozes sensuality.

    Food has become real hip in recent years, so editors are likely to include foodie parts of an interview to that reason I think.

  4. –I wanted to say, Mr. Armitage, of course we all watched you pull down your (cough) during the visit to the Spooks set during the Strike Back publicity — plenty of still pictures of that floating around even now, I bet.

    –on the food issue, I wonder if this is a gendered thing. Actually I think there are performers in the US who talk about food quite a lot during interviews — it’s just that they’re women. They’re always discussing their diets, what they’re eating, how they look, etc., etc. Admittedly the question of how gender is perceived differently in the UK is one of my hotbutton issues at the moment.

    –and I also have a question. In the interview he refers to kissing Ms. Rouass and refers to her as “an old mate.” Is this a term (“mate”) that is also used about women?

  5. @serveus; Mates can certainly refer to both males and females. It’s actually completely gender neutral so men can have mates that are male or female, the same of women. It implies no more than friendship, from quite casual to very close. A very handy term, in fact.

  6. Indeed. Thanks, MillyMe!

  7. […] Peter Ackroyd’s Blake biography, which arrived today. Took this step mostly because RAFrenzy did. (In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of imprinted on her. Girl crush!) Hated Blake […]

  8. Agree with MillyMe – for a Brit, a mate in this context is just a word for a friend.

  9. […] I can bring some home-made brownies. I’ve been told I make really rather nice ones. (I blame RAFrenzy for suggesting there might be more to him fancying a snog with Nigella Lawson after… Stuff like that just makes my imagination run way too wild. But they do say the way to a […]

  10. […] interview and maybe they just picked it up? even the picture was a recycle), and now we know where the underpants came from, but knowing Mulubinba, I know it was not her. She has too much class for that! And I […]

  11. He’s talked about her a couple of times. I think it is because she is built like a brick house. LOL

  12. Welcome, Courtney,

    I certainly hope that’s why he’s talked about her. LOL!

  13. […] were he to know that I, or other people, were praying for him: since it doesn’t involve underpants or pictures of us in bikinis with our phone numbers scrawled over them, I’m sure he’d […]

  14. […] of Armitage as male totty); his fans (we’re so crazy we make him want to avoid us — keyword — panties); script writers on the projects he works on (he starts off in a reasonably scripted series and […]

  15. […] I can bring some home-made brownies. I’ve been told I make really rather nice ones. (I blame RAFrenzy for suggesting there might be more to him fancying a snog with Nigella Lawson after… Stuff like that just makes my imagination run way too wild. But they do say the way to a […]

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