I Can’t Help Myself

So Richard did an interview for Woman’s Weekly (actually it sounds like another interview and maybe they just picked it up? even the picture was a recycle), and now we know where the underpants came from, but knowing Mulubinba, I know it was not her. She has too much class for that! And I thought that even before I read her piece.

But take note, fellow fans, this interview is why I will never send a letter to Richard Armitage. I’m too proud, and not afraid to admit it. LOL! The real issue is that there is too much room for things being misconstrued. Okay, I did throw in with Nat’s letter, but that was different; it was about Nat. Plus, Nat’s a class act who is obviously funny and respectful, and if Richard Armitage doesn’t appreciate that, then he’s not who I’ve been led to believe. By the way, I’ve been wondering about that letter lately. Nat?

All of this begs a fake fan letter.

Dear Richard,

I love your honesty. It’s startling sometimes how honest you are, and I felt for you when some fans got their knickers in a twist about your comments awhile back and you felt compelled to address them. A word of advice from someone who understands what it feels like to live in a glass house: if someone gets their knickers messed up over this interview, I hope you ignore those people and don’t feel the need (out of being so nice) to respond. You can never appease your critics and that includes fans. Hey, I may be one of those fans who criticizes at times, and to be honest, I have and probably will again. That doesn’t mean I don’t love ya. I’m just really honest too.

But I have to chuckle at the response to this interview so far. Earlier I compared your words about fans like pebbles going into a pond. That picture is too serene. No, it’s like someone startling the hens in a coop. Thankfully, this hen is decidedly unstartled. Yeah, I think I said that earlier too. Sorry, my honesty gets the best of me sometimes, so I just blurt out what I’m thinking.

All of that aside, I’m curious about something. Is it possible to determine if a package is inappropriate before you open it? Maybe someone who has no emotional attachment to you can open the blasted stuff before you see it?


One of your crazy fans (but not so crazy to send you underwear)

Oh, there is so much more to mine from that interview, but I’ve got to stop. Maybe more later. For now I’m on my way out the door to somewhere else again. For those of you who know, I’ve got eight days until the season ends. I’m glad for my little SO, but I’m also tired and need a break!

edit: Late breaking news (for me anyway): it was Nat who sent the pants!! Say it ain’t so, Nat!! Oh wait, I should have finished the piece first. She’s full of it. ;-)

second edit: I really am trying to get out the door and apparently moving so fast, I forgot the link to the Woman’s Weekly article, and to say THANK YOU to RichardArmitageNet.Com for posting it.


  1. LOLOL!!! Did he say anything bad about the fans? I can’t remember – I was too abashed by the underpants comment …lol! …. and no, I’m not the aussie that sent them. I did like his comment about Dawn French in that interview :). I didn;t realise she and Lenny Henry had separated and she was struggling a little. I was impressed with RA for making that comment as I’m sure it might have given her a little bit of a boost.

    Good luck with whatever you are racing out the door for with little SO that will take 8 days.

  2. BAAAhahahahah!!! :) I wonder how many people really do think I send those undies now!? Obviously I seem like the sort of crazy person who would do that or something. That makes me laugh and cringe a bit… but mostly laugh. :)

    No response on that fan letter, which is okay with me. I forget about it most of the time unless I hear about someone else sending RA something.

  3. I wonder how many people believe it. LOL!! If they’re like me, and not always reading as thoroughly as they should, it might be more than a handful. LOL! That is hilarious since you (and Mulubinba too) are about the last person I could see sending him something like that.

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