We Need More Love

I don’t know what you’re doing today or where you’re going, but hopefully, you can reflect sometime this Christmas season on what it is that really counts. No matter your politics or your religion or what you’ve done right or wrong, can we all agree that we want to love and be loved?

The festive mood of this season has been slow to take root in me, but I really appreciate this community for encouraging me. In particular, bccmee has been great. She’s so upbeat and has such a sense of fun that it’s hard to stay down when you encounter her or her videos. She just sent me one that gave me such a warm feeling:

I may just have love in all of my titles until the end of the year. ;-)

edit: The song is ‘Everybody’ by Ingrid Michaelson

And I forgot to mention that bccmee is having a contest! Here’s how it works:

Try to spot as many special effects as you can. By special effect, I mean something that is different than the original video. Don’t overlook the obvious ones! Whoever sends me (bccmee on YouTube) a direct message with the most special effects listed will be able to choose their favorite Richard Armitage character for a future fanvideo!


  1. Loved the fanvid, thanks for sharing. We can ALWAYS use more love! I’ve never heard anyone say, seriously, I have enough love in my life. So, here’s some love from me to you and to our Lovely Mr. Armitage, thanks for another year of dialog, discourse, education and just downright entertainment. Frenz, you rock and Mr. A so do you!

  2. Thanks for sharing Frenz. I was feeling a bit down and this was right what I needed! And now of course I need to go and rewatch the VoD :)

  3. Wow, I’m not sure what to say! I’m overwhelmed at the lovely comments and sweet things people have to say about this fanvid. I do wish everyone a very happy season. Thanks so very much, everyone, for all your continued support of my silly little passion.

  4. Thanks for this important message. You’re absolutely right, we can never have enough real love.

  5. We surely can’t! That video is so sweet. Surely its sweetness comes across even if someone has never seen that show.

  6. […] I have to say. Will we get bunny ears for Easter? She’s also posted on the holidays, pointing out the need for love, an important message in the current rush, I think. Lots of great stuff there, but I’m […]

  7. I’m off to the UK for a holiday but I wanted to stop by your blog to again thank everyone for all your generous support of my fanvidding passion. Also, I have the winner of my little contest so I’ll be making a fanvid dedicated to Summer RAfandreamer by Valentine’s Day. Summer found almost every special effect in my Christmas fanvid so congratulations to her! Happy new year to all!

  8. Hooray for Summer, and I can barely wait to see the video.

    Have a wonderful trip! Be sure to tell us something about it when you get back. :D

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