Captain America Trailer, or Yes, I’ve Finally Gone Nuts

Heather’s download link — HD video.

Richard Armitage at 22 seconds, and I mean only at 22 seconds. So all of this for a one second shot. LOL! But I’m having a blast. I may breakdown and buy some fancy software yet. :D No, no, someone needs to slap me. I DO NOT need another diversion. LOL!

I snaffled a copy of the 1080i size, so the caps would be good quality, but bccmee has a great one without watermark:

I even stumbled across this kid while I was surfing YouTube:

He gives a pretty good run down on the history of Captain America movies.

Check out his channel. He is a hoot, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his bio. Check out “books”.

I throw him in because this is Richard’s audience for this movie, or at least the majority of the audience.


  1. I have never been so ridiculously excited to see a movie trailer in my life, watching with rapt attention and practically squealing with excitement when I glimpsed that aquline profile in the submarine. Hey, I was just thrilled he made it into such a short trailer. Can’t wait to see what the longer one holds! Of course, I had to go back and rewatch it several times on the DVR, and have also watched on YT and on some other site.

    My husband thinks I have lost my mind. He is offering to check into a group discount for therapy for the whole barmy lot of us.

  2. I am NOT going to stop you! In fact…I say…go ahead buy it, you know you want to…we want you to…think of all the Richard at your finger tips!

  3. I need checking in too! I’m not even excited about the movie!! LOL never so ridiculously excited for a stupid trailer!! :)

  4. I can only claim temporary insanity due to the Armitage Effect. *grin* But do I really want to be cured, I wonder??

  5. This is some insanity I can stand more of. A year ago I would have felt like a complete fool for getting this excited over a trailer. I’ve long since cast off any qualms about looking silly. Having too much fun. :D

  6. I’ve already warned my husband I may really go off the rails when the full-length trailer comes out. He raised a brow, tilted his head and gave me a smirk, amusement in his blue eyes. For a man who has watched only a limited amount of RA, how does he capture his “looks” so darned often??

    Yeah, being silly really doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel I have earned the right to have some fun without apology. So, mom, sorry, your girl just hasn’t stopped being silly down here on earth!!

  7. @Angieklong: How do you define “temporary”? :-)

  8. ROFLOL!!!! LOL!

  9. Hmmmm . . . it’s been going on about–two-and-a-half years now?? At some point it may end . . . nah, on second thought, it’s likely permanent. Maybe they will give me a nice padded cell . . . with DVDs of RA and a flat screen TV.

    Update: Benny is completely convinced I am bonkers after he actually watched the trailer.
    He: “If what you saw is what I saw, there was, like, one tiny, little scene with him in it . . .” (gives perplexed shake of head)
    She: “Yes, Benny, but it was HIS one second in only 30 seconds . . . we clearly saw him. In the trailer for his first major motion picture. Ok, he was in ‘Phantom Menace’ but only two lines, and they chopped it and so he’s in the whole thing for like, five seconds and you blink and miss him, but—he’ll have lines and multiple scenes in this!! A real part. You’ve got to start somewhere . . .” (shrugging shoulders, wide blue eyes beseeching)

    He: (look of amused, bemused tolerance a la Guy for Marian) “Yeah . . .”

    To paraphrase the Fresh Prince, “Husbands Just Don’t Understand . . .”

  10. Wow! I’m glad you’re obsessed because I would have missed those microseconds with RA. Sadly, what’s etched in my memory is the protagonist’s big breasts. Heh.

    I’m still not going to see the film unless I can be persuaded otherwise.

    Thanks for the snapshots and your diligence!

  11. I’m not convinced that is actually him in that shot, ear seems wrong, for example. I’d like to compare it with another side profile pic.

  12. The thing about Richard’s ears that I have noticed (not that I dwell on photos of him, of course), is they look different from different angles–the elf aspect doesn’t show up from certain angles. I think it is him, judging from the chin and the nose.
    Also, we’ve seen other stills with him inside the mini-sub.

    Captain America is rather chesty after his transformation, isn’t he? I’m afraid “steroids” popped into my head LOL

    And, yeah, I’m gonna see it. With or without Mr. “My Wife is Bonkers”

  13. Calm down everybody. When the actual film comes out Richard will only be in about 10 minutes of it and then we will have to sit through the rest of the nonsense (should we chose to see it). Then we will be disappointed that his part was minor, he didn’t have a chance to show his fantastic abilities etc, etc. CA is simply a stepping stone to greater things, not high art or an opportunity for wonderful character development.

  14. Pam, I don’t think I implied CA was high art or wonderful character development material and I don”t think that’s the point Frenz is trying to make, either. It’s a big blockbuster movie that many people will be going to see and Richard appears to have a decent supporting role in it (i.e., he gets dialogue and more than one scene) which means more exposure for him to audiences.
    That is what I am most excited about it, personally. Greater name recognition for a fellow who really deserves it. And I do think we have to keep a sense of humor and playfulness about it all, too. If I wasn’t disappointed by that brief glimpse in the trailer, I am unlikely to be disappointed by how ever much time he logs in in the final product. It’s a comic book popcorn summertime movie–it is what it is.
    And if a villainous Heinz Kruger fully posable action figure appears in the stores, well–it won’t be the first time an RA character has been so immortalized. :D

  15. Oh, and I hope he once more had “so much FUN” playing the bad guy. ;) Onward and upward, Richard!

  16. It will be great for him to have some younger fans (potentially) and more male fans, I think.

    I was (as you probably can deduce) seriously jazzed about the game yesterday, and chatting excitedly with my friends, so while I saw the ad, Mr. Armitage’s moment just flashed past. I said to my Dear Friend, oh, that was probably him in the sub, but that was all I got yesterday. Nice to be able to replay it a few times today.

    I’m sure I’ll drag myself to the theatre to see it :)

  17. OK I do now think it is him based on the profile, but I still think there is something funny going on with that ear, though I take Angie’s point above about elfin ears. It just seems to be different to other pictures I have seen. Am I bonkers? (actually don’t answer that question!!)

  18. Servetus,

    That’s what I am thinking. This could potentially expand his fan base. It shouldn’t just be “mature, educated Radio 4 ladies” who appreciate him LOL And I think the little boy who exists inside all grown men (I speak from experience) is getting a kick out of being in this sort of movie. Between CA and The Hobbit, I bet his inner child is pretty happy.
    Oh, BTW, I saw somewhere principal filming for TH is supposed to start March 21 or 22.

  19. Kaprekar,

    Could the lack of sideburns have anything to do with it, do you suppose? (It is definitely the same suit and tie we see him wearing in the punch up picture with Captain Steroids.
    And again I ask myself, why do I care?? LOL Well, it’s been firmly established I am a bit bonkers, but that’s OK, I think I am in good company. :D

  20. Someone who shall remain nameless made the important point on my blog that a lot of how we perceive his face shape has to do with the shape into which his stubble is shaven in any particular role. I think that’s a helpful insight here. Somehow the smoothshaven face makes him look much more boyish …

  21. Yep, filming for The Hobbit begins March 21st.


    I’ve seen other pictures of him in other pieces where he looked as he does in the above cap. I think Angie’s assessment is part of it — the lack of sideburns. Also, his jawline is normally very prominent in his pictures bu occasionally it disappears as it does in that cap.


    I was just about to post when I saw your comment. It definitely has to do with the jawline appearing and reappearing. Stubble helps keep it defined. Obviously, leaving my comment above.

    To whomever:

    I am so not serious about Captain America although I’ll probably pay money to see it. This movie is obviously not targeted to people like me but rather to Cameron, who I’m proud to say knows of Hugo Weaving! LOL! Yes, young Cameron is a bit precocious even if he doesn’t read. ;-)

  22. BTW, Cameron’s review of Sanctum had me almost falling out of my chair laughing. He is so right about some of it even if he can’t pronounce the names. Out of the mouth of babes.

    On a slightly related note, I wonder if his parents know their bedroom is continually on display.

  23. Exactly, Frenz, and I am sure Richard knew some of his Army weren’t going to be thrilled at this choice of role. But it doesn’t matter what we think anyway, does it?
    I am personally thrilled to see him continuing to raise his profile and there are worse ways to do that than appearing in a big summer movie. I am serious about having fun re RA!!

    As to his jawline, I remember how young he looked in the interviews prior to Spooks 9–the floppy hair and clean-shaven face. Definitely more boyish. And I believe he was filming some scenes for CA right about that time . . . and I remember how in Marie Lloyd he had no sideburns at all and it seemed to change the shape of his face.

    Cameron is adorable. :D Who knows, I may get to have a serious conversation with my great-nephew about this movie. He’s a big Spidey fan, but he might have room in his heart for CA and the dastardly Nazi, too LOL

  24. I’d like to dropkick Cameron — when I’m not laughing. But that’s another discussion. LOL! Let me just say this — he has a mouth, and he’s spent A LOT of time watching movies.

    I have two kids who will see CA because frankly, they think Chris Evans is hot. The two others will see it because their friends will want to see it. SO will probably pass although he liked Spiderman and loved some of the Batman movies and Iron Man.

  25. I like the super hero-type movies. It is something that hubs and I share, altho he tried to give me a CA comic book to read and I was like,’No thanks honey. I’ll wait and watch the movie.” I am always amazed by how RA’s face changes with each role. It is sort of spooky.

  26. One more thing, hubs was highly distressed that the two moives he he is really looking forward to seeing feature none other than RIchard Armitage. :)

  27. Cameron reminds me of someone I love, that’s why I like him, in spite of certain shortcomings. LOL
    And you brought up another point–the movie will bring in the “OMG Chris Evans is HAWT!” brigade along with the young comic book fan boyz, the RA fans who will go to watch him in virtually anything *raises hand* the older comic book geeks and probably some oldsters nostalgic for the WW II era. You could see a broad spectrum of folks in the audience.

    I loved the first Iron Man movie and bought it for Benny for Christmas one year. Second one, not so much. I have very eclectic tastes in films, quite frankly.

  28. LOL! I love that SO will be going to ‘The Hobbit,’ and knowing RA is in it. He’s threatened not to see it. No, I’m just kidding. He’s going to see it no matter what since he’s a Tolkien fan and so are our kids. We own the books, the kids have all read the books, and we have all three of the LOTR movies on DVD. Actually have more than one copy of each. It’s ridiculous. I’m just glad my girls are past the Legolas mania. Ohmygosh, I was predisposed to dislike Orlando Bloom on that experience alone. No, I don’t dislike him, which is a miracle.

    Regarding Cameron, it’s hard not to like him, but the mother in me rises to the fore when I’m not laughing. He is not only the face of a major demographic of super hero movie fans but is in great part the face of our future. No further comment on that — for now. :D

    edited for clarity

  29. @Rob,

    The man really is a chameleon. And usually actors who are able to change so much from role to role are less distinctive looking. They have more of an “everyman’s” face and physique, which Richard definitely does NOT.
    I like superhero movies, too–it is a genre Benny and I can watch together and enjoy (as opposed to one of those “English movies where people talk each other to death” as he expresses it LOL)

    I watched “A Single Man” the other night when I couldn’t get to sleep and I know he would have absolutely hated it. But I found it haunting and Colin Firth’s performance was terrific. Servetus was right, he should have won the Oscar for that.

  30. ” A Single Man” was pretty brillant from start to finish, some of those shots were breathtaking. And Firth, was amazing. This is his year to win an Oscar.

  31. I watched Cameron and if he was my kid, I’d ban him from the web cam forever! Does this kid do anything but watch movies? And critique them? Seriously, he needs to get outside and play some ball or chase the cat or something!

    Hubs will hate CA…doesn’t get Batman or Lord of the Rings. If it isn’t a western or somehting like Gladiator, forget it. I’ll go to TH and CA alone or with grands. Altho when we were watching The Dark Knight the other night, he had me back up so he could get some quotes for his next Sunday School lesson. Believe it or not. Batman and post-modernism. Quite a stretch.

  32. Not really so much of a stretch. Would be interesting to hear what hubs thinks of Brian McLaren, but I guess that’s for another place. :D

  33. Oh, and Cameron is a market researchers dream!

  34. I somehow doubt there will be a HK poseable figure, but you never know.

  35. I’m with Kaprekar in that I didn’t think this looked like RA. As someone later pointed out, his jaw structure is usually more defined.

    I’m not sure about going to see CA …. I quite like adventure/action but I suspect I would be going to this by myself and I can’t quite get excited about it. On the other hand OH is busily reading The Hobbit, so I know that is a movie we will see together.

  36. @Rob,

    I was really impressed with Tom Ford’s directorial debut. It will be interesting to see him evolve. I couldn’t believe in reading some of the reviews on IMDB that there were viewers who thought Colin’s performance “wooden” . . . but then again, that same charge has been made about someone else we know and love, hasn’t it? I thought Nicholas Hoult was very good, too. I’d only seen him in “Skins” and vaguely remember him in “About a Boy.”


    Sadly, from the research I’ve done for articles and simply from observation more and more kids are spending less and less time outside doing the kind of stuff we did as kids–playing ball, making mud pies, riding bikes, etc. It’s TV and DVDs and computers and Wii and PlayStation and XBox 360 and text messaging and . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with any of the above, but all things in moderation, I suppose. Our kids are heavier and more out-of-shape than ever before, and it’s taking a toll on their health at an early age.
    I will now step off my journalist’s soapbox. :D


    Yeah, I figure it will actually be Hugo Weaving’s character Red Skull most likely to become an action figure, but I enjoy imagining a Little Heinz sitting beside a Little Guy figure (which I don’t have, by the way, sadly) and carrying on a conversation as to who is more bad-**s.. *grin*

  37. Oooh, I feel a fanfic idea coming on!!

  38. I could probably get on my soapbox but good about young Cameron, but I’ll try to refrain from saying too much.

    As to game boxes, we never had one until this last Christmas (bought a Wii), and man, to hear some people tell it, you would think we had beaten our kids by not allowing them something like that,. Kick in the head is my kids can play video games with the best of ’em. So no need to buy the friggin’ boxes in order to get the kids up to speed. LOL!

    We kept from having these things so our kids would not become addicted and stay in front of a tv screen all the time. I’m happy to say I had two all-state athletes (multiple years for that), which will have more meaning for those in the U.S. and possibly Canada, and I also have a very accomplished dancer (en pointe). I don’t believe they would have reached those levels if they were slack jawed over a Nintendo several hours a week.

  39. Good for you, Frenz. Too many parents cave into their kids begging for all the latest games and gadgets. I know 10-year-olds who have fancier cell phones than I do, for example.

    I sorely wish I had been blessed with some kind of natural athleticism, grace, physical coordination, but alas, I have always been a complete klutz. PE was where the no-so-bright kids got their revenge on Miss Smarty Pants. Not that I ever lorded it over other people, but I had a reputation, you see. :D

    However, I am really glad I had the chance to take tennis and golf and square dancing and weight-lifting (yes!! believe it or not) and ballet and field hockey, etc. to get that exposure to those activities and some exercise and fresh air in high school and college.

    Nowadays many high school students don’t take PE anymore in order to fit other electives in–it’s no longer required–and I doubt they would have any idea what the President’s Physical Fitness Test even is.

    And I LOVE watching good dancers!! A touring company of The Music Man was in town last night and I thoroughly enjoyed watching those chorus members spinning, leaping, and cavorting with style and grace on the stage.

  40. @servetus heey there already are a lot of young people who are fans of Richard! =D

  41. Tell it, Kada, and we still need to talk music. :D

  42. […] the first time I wrote about Cameron, and if you’re wondering why I’m still writing about him, well, he’s the […]

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