Captain America Trailer, or Yes, I’ve Finally Gone Nuts

Heather’s download link — HD video.

Richard Armitage at 22 seconds, and I mean only at 22 seconds. So all of this for a one second shot. LOL! But I’m having a blast. I may breakdown and buy some fancy software yet. :D No, no, someone needs to slap me. I DO NOT need another diversion. LOL!

I snaffled a copy of the 1080i size, so the caps would be good quality, but bccmee has a great one without watermark:

I even stumbled across this kid while I was surfing YouTube:

He gives a pretty good run down on the history of Captain America movies.

Check out his channel. He is a hoot, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his bio. Check out “books”.

I throw him in because this is Richard’s audience for this movie, or at least the majority of the audience.