Cameron’s Stylin’

[note as of September 2014: Cameron’s videos are long gone as is his movie review blog, but oh, I hate you missed it. He was something else, and quite the reviewer. LOL! Not necessarily erudite in the sense of a New Yorker reviewer but definitely someone who had something to say and a sense of style while doing it. I think what happened is Cameron’s parents found out he was doing this and from their bedroom, so the kibosh was put on his filming endeavor. It also might have something to do with his being about 13 or 14 at the time. Would love to know what he’s doing now!]

]If you’ve been following this blog much, you know about Cameron. If not, then here’s an introduction:

Wow. I’m impressed that Cameron likes Woody Allen. Should be interesting to see what happens if Cameron keeps going on these movie reviews. Of course I’m wondering how much time he’s spent on this while he’s still in school, but hey, I’m sure Siskel and Ebert had to start somewhere.

Here’s the first time I wrote about Cameron, and if you’re wondering why I’m still writing about him, well, he’s the mainstream movie goer of generations to come.

Now if I could just get Cameron to read a few books, his reviews would be awesome. I’ll have to work on that. :D


If you read this, I really do love watching your reviews. Hang in there.

Captain America Trailer, or Yes, I’ve Finally Gone Nuts

Heather’s download link — HD video.

Richard Armitage at 22 seconds, and I mean only at 22 seconds. So all of this for a one second shot. LOL! But I’m having a blast. I may breakdown and buy some fancy software yet. :D No, no, someone needs to slap me. I DO NOT need another diversion. LOL!

I snaffled a copy of the 1080i size, so the caps would be good quality, but bccmee has a great one without watermark:

I even stumbled across this kid while I was surfing YouTube:

He gives a pretty good run down on the history of Captain America movies.

Check out his channel. He is a hoot, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his bio. Check out “books”.

I throw him in because this is Richard’s audience for this movie, or at least the majority of the audience.