Tangent — Micro Expressions and Beyond

Sorry to inflict my geek moment on you, but I can’t help myself, and if you’re into screencapping Richard Armitage, this might be of interest.

Last spring I was reading about an HD cinematic camera which could shoot frame rates at 100 times the usual. So what does all of this mean and why should you care? There are things that can now be seen which before could only be consistently captured with scopes (decidedly less detail than a camera) or speculated with mathematics, and usually that is so abstract for most as to be inconceivable and therefore blown off. But enter the Phantom Flex, and thankfully, as of a few weeks ago, there is now some fantastic video to show exactly how precise this camera can be.

I realize some may not be that impressed with this, but that’s because you have probably not watched much slow motion video. Most of it is a lot more blurry than this video above, so the detail in this is amazing. For any of you who have made screencaps, you know how frustrating it can be to fight the blur. Can you imagine the screen capture ability with this kind of video?! Mind boggling. It captures such detail that it’s like seeing the forbidden. Should be interesting to see what is unearthed from coming films.

And Richard Armitage just thought we had him under a magnifying glass. LOL!

If you haven’t already done it, watch that video in full screen mode.

And if you’re not a geek, I’ll throw in a picture to make reading this worth your time.

The guy who started it all:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Now we just need him to agree to be filmed only using this camera.

  2. Yep. LOL!

  3. He could always make it a stipulation in his contract negotiations, I’m thinking.

  4. that was amazing. I want this camera.

  5. You can rent it for $2,500 a day.LOL!

  6. Wow!

  7. Wow, ok I’m very impressed. Every time Lucas ran/got in a fight/jumped in Spooks I got sick of the pause button & the blurry pics

  8. Are you imagining RA filmed with that baby? :D

  9. I don´t know what to expect from 3D (the Hobbit), however there is HD material from Strike Back to screencap, and I don´t even mean the drops….


    or the viral….

  10. Wowowowowowow!!!!!! It’s like an alternate universe. Every moment perfect and perfectly beautiful. Yeah, it is like seeing the forbidden. Absolutely marvellous and stunning. I’ll shut up now. :)

    However, I am not quite sure that anything more , nor any mor information can be captured in a human face.

  11. Violet,

    That is certainly wonderful HD material. :D But it’s not anywhere near the quality of that video above. INot even close.

    I cannot wait to see RA shot in 2500+ frames per second! Wow! Wow! The normal rate is 26 fps.


    Definitely an alternate universe. Regarding the human face, we’ll have to wait and see. :D

  12. OMG. I’m no great shakes at being a techie….but THAT camera…..WOoooAhhhh.
    Right now i have to toss in my DVDs in the ‘ol PC and advance one blurry frame at a time and then miss the best shot because it is too blurry to use.
    I would love to play with that camera, but not at $2,500 a day!
    I wonder how much that camera sells for.
    Oh imagine the breathtaking caps one could get if Richard were filmed with that camera.
    _Just as well…He already makes my heart go pitty-pat…I’d probably have a stroke or other things I won’t mention here…….

  13. Isn’t it something? LOL! I would so love to see him shot with this camera. It will happen eventually.

  14. […] this slightly faster frame rate). Screencappers looking to capture something they’ve seen thus constantly deal with the issue of not being able to see clearly the thing they want to capture …. On top of the organic visual issues, as soon as we verge on the terrain of the computer files that […]

  15. […] 48fps aspect of this film just gets more interesting. Could dealing with near ten times the normal frame rate be any more daunting in its rendering of reality? I wonder. 48fps seems pretty […]

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