Now Do You Believe Me About Being a Make-up Artist?


See. Being a make-up artist can be rewarding on lots of levels. :D So far I’ve only covered some of the personal rewards. But for Tami Lane, who received an Oscar nomination for her work on The Hobbit, it has transcended the personal, and it’s not her first time. She was nominated and won an Academy Award in 2006 for her work on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

But working on The Hobbit was a far different experience for Ms. Lane when considering the unforgiving eye of 48fps:

Since the 3D movie was being filmed in 48 frames per second instead of the normal 24, their work had to be flawless, she said. Each set of dwarf eyebrows, which are not reusable after removal, had to be re-created daily to look exactly the same – for all 266 days of shooting.

“All the old tricks we use for film had to be thrown out the window. Shooting like this makes you a better artist,” Lane wrote by email.

Read the article here

The 48fps aspect of this film just gets more interesting. Could dealing with near ten times the normal frame rate be any more daunting in its rendering of reality? I wonder. 48fps seems pretty tough.

And now a must:

Dear Ms. Lane,

You did a marvelous job. I think it’s safe to speak for other fans to say how much we appreciate the time and care you took to make RA look so spectacularly Thorinesque. [is that a word? if not, it should be. Then again, I suppose it’s okay if it’s hyphenated — Thorin-esque. Hmm. I can make anything a word if I hyphenate it. Can’t I? :D]

All the best and at the Oscars as well!

One of Richard’s crazy fans who sometimes covets your job for all the Richard-esque moments you got to witness. ;-) Yeah, it’s lame, but I need coffee, and it is my first time to make up somethin’. At least I didn’t say Armitage-esque. I’m outta here!

P.S. Wait. One more thing. I hope you can chuckle at all those shallow girls in high school who didn’t think it would pay to be a geek. Oh, how wrong they were. Look at your life, and the fantastic views you see. Damn! I need to start this letter over, but I don’t have time. Best o’ luck!

After I drink some coffee, I may be back with some other words that you’ve never seen. :D


  1. She looks so happy here. I wonder if it has anything to do with the tall, gorgeous guy behind her? ;) Seriously, I wish her the best, she certainly deserves that Oscar.

  2. She looks a bit dwarfish (dwarvish?) herself. Short, anyway. (And if that isn’t pots/kettles etc!) Ms. Lane is a true mistress of make-up -she brings it to a high level of art. And that is a lovely photo!

  3. I love her elation in this photo, and of course his sweet smile.

  4. They look like they’re having fun!! That’s the best part of the pic. No. That’s a lie. Somebody slap me. I love this pic!!

    She looks like “Oh my gosh! I don’t believe this is happening” and could it be because he (or someone) wrapped that gold thingy around her?? Or on second glance, is his coat wrapped around her?

    Oh. My Gosh. I have a cake to decorate and I’m sitting here staring at the screen. Somebody slap me. And now I have a goofy grin all over my frosting splatterd face….

  5. Thanks Frenz :) Lovely photo….unpretentious..
    Ms.Lane should win that Oscar!

  6. She’s an amazing artist! I wish her all the best with the Oscar nomination.

    Regarding this picture, I usually don’t like to comment on pictures because I tend to be too critical. What can I say, it’s the photographer in me. However, I truly love this picture and I love the story it conveys. The image portrays two individuals who respect one another, who have a wonderful relationship, and it appears they have a lot fun with one another.

    I personally would rather look at snap shots then a “staged” photo. The camera picks up on everything and I mean “EVERYTHING”. If someone is being photographed in a comfortable environment, then you will most likely have the individual(s) personality shine through the lens. One cannot manipulate the camera no matter how much one tries. An image always tells the truth!

    I apologize for going off on a tangent. I am sure no one cares about a photo analysis. However, when it comes to photography, I usually can’t keep my mouth shut! ……LOL

  7. I’m picturing TheQueen’s face. :D

    Well said, Joanna!

    Leticia, Feel free to go on a tangent any time. :)

  8. Is he in character?

  9. Look at that smile :D Somehow I doubt he’s in character.

  10. He may be in full Thorin regalia, but that there is Richard Armitage, Miz Frenz. That smile and the way he’s wrapped her in his kingly robe. :D

  11. Yep, that’s my thinking too. :D

  12. Ms Lane has done a wonderful job for “The Hobbit” ! :-)

  13. He said in one of the interviews that she had become a personal friend since they spent so much time together, chatting for hours when he was being made up.

    Also, let me say this, she is more attractive in reality than in this picture.

    Also, she lives in NY.

    I am not gossiping, no, I am not.

  14. @Annele
    Also, you are cute, Yes you are!! :D

  15. Well…. ok, if you say so Your Majesty (big grin emoticon)

  16. Hej guys, I got one thing wrong. I don’t think Tammy lives in NY as i wrote.

    When I heard about Manhattan beach I of course thought immediately of NY. However, yesterday night it struck me why would someone so connected to the movie industry live in the east coast. I googled and found out there is a Manhattan beach in LA.

    My apologies.

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