I’m Scaring Myself

I was watching the Cats Rehearsal videos, and I swear I recognized Richard Armitage immediately. Maybe I do feel maternal towards him. Really, someone please slap me for even going here. I’m not old enough to be his mother!! But well, I can do this with my kids. I’ve even amazed myself at times, and SO thinks it’s hilarious how I can recognize them from very faraway and even in really dim light. One time we were driving down the road, and way off in the distance we saw someone walking towards us, and I casually said, “There’s our son.” He laughed and said, “No way you can tell from this distance.” Of course I was right. I’m always right about this. :D A mother’s instincts are eerily correct. Anyone who’s a mother and recognizes her own child’s cries knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Interestingly, I was not the least maternal before I had kids. I mean I could have cared less about them. I didn’t even think they were cute and never liked holding anyone’s baby. I’m still not big on that. I was so unmaternal that it made me hesitant to have children. There was a fear in the back of my mind and sometimes in the front of it that I would be a lousy mother. But oh my gosh! that hormone was bigger than I was, and crashed over my head to magically transform me into a momma!

I’m not quite sure what’s crashed over my head to make me so aware of Richard Armitage’s movements, but a couple of years of watching him might have something to do with it. LOL! Actually, as of a few weeks ago, I passed the three year mark. So Servetus, now you know what the beginning of year four looks like. :D

Check out the guy who jumps onto the middle of the stage at the beginning of this clip. He’s really big and tall, has his hair in a ponytail, and he has on what looks like a blue tank top.

Watch on YouTube

In case you missed him, you can see him again in this one below. He’s on the left at the beginning of the clip. He does run off camera at one point, but then he comes back with a vengeance. He’s so big you can’t miss him. Oh, it’s a thing of beauty!

Watch on YouTube

If you’re still not sure, maybe the screencaps will convince you. Do I even need to point him out? I mean really. It’s so obvious. Or maybe I’m seeing things?

Seriously, do I need to draw some arrows? I didn’t think so.

Isn’t this a beautiful shot with his arms thrown up:

And of course I could be wrong about this, but I don’t think so. :D

edit: I have a slew of screencaps if you need even more proof.


  1. I think you could be right Frenz. I’ve been looking at those rehearsal videos too, but hadn’t particularly noticed him and I was watching on a rubbish screen too. I need to spend some time having a better look but assuming it is him, well – wow!!!!!

  2. Did you see he’s in a third video, not dancing, but they’re just waiting around on stage, some are dancing. He’s hiding in the back as usual, at one point he’s on the far right, standing. I also recognized him right away in the first vid when he climbs up (front slightly to the right-crouching) :) :)

    The man is truly amazing!

  3. It was so late by the time I watched that one, I guess I only saw him sanding around. I noticed his watch on his wrist and him putting his hands in his pockets — so characteristic of him.

  4. The second and third screen caps convinced me!

  5. I can’t watch the vids right now, because I’m at work but I did recognize him in the screencaps. The eyes, cheekbones… I know they’re fuzzy but somewhat you can tell is him, just like when that vid/screencaps of Captain America’s shooting and you could tell the man talking to the blond woman was him, to later be confirmed of course :D

    OML :)

  6. You made my day.
    He is SUCH a beautiful dancer!!! :D

  7. Can’t watch the vid right at this moment either, but yes, just from the screencaps, I am quite sure it is HIM. Apparently studying RA since mid-2008 has attuned me to his presence as well, Frenz. ;) Can’t wait to see him actually dancing . . . poetry in motion, that man.

    Also your remarks about recognizing your kids even at a great distance hit home with me. You know about my situation. Well, when I used to walk into Pine Needle to see my mom, she would be on the far side of the dining room–pre-cataract surgery–and she would know it was me as soon as I came in the door. “That’s my Angie.” Still get a lump in my throat when I think about it.

  8. Thanks RAfrenzy. Ohhhhhh wow. The screencaps are a treat; but no need to convince this lass.

    There he is and no mistake; and we get plenty of glimpses too. * gulp *

    There’s no wonder where he gets that dancer’s graceful movement from when he’s inaction is there ?

  9. On your other subject. Yes we do have that knack of recognising our children in a crowd or from a distance.

    Very handy too in a crowded school playground * grin *

  10. OK. snuck in watching the first one while others distracted with audio turned off. LOVE watching him dance!! And yeah, I am certain that is him–the size and body type, the cheekbones and jaw, the nose–what fun seeing these glimpses of him early in his career.
    So multi-talented . . .

  11. Check out the same routines but in full costume at the dress rehearsal. If you remember where he was in the blue tank top then you can spot him easily in the dressed ones.

    He is also the Cat who does the pas de deux with the big lift in the second vid

    I love his movements. He’s very sparing, no extraneous movement with those long limbs, and so graceful and masculine.

    I didn’t think he could amaze me any more but he just has!

  12. These are awesome vids. And yes, definitely it is RA. Drew my attention, his perfection in this dance. He is so incredible :-) ( as usual).

  13. Glad everyone likes it! :D Someone sent me a note to tell me it was on YT, and then I saw that bccmee had tweeted it as well. So whoever discovered it, THANK YOU!

    The minute he jumped on that stage, I had a feeling, and it didn’t take but a few seconds to realize it was him. What made it beyond all doubt was him standing with the other dancers and raising his huge hand.

    The second video is actually my favorite as it showcases him much more. Wow. I never thought I would see RA doing a grand jete (leap) with an arabesque (leg up in the back). I’ve thought about him doing those moves, but I really didn’t think I would ever get to see it. What is just mind blowing is watching him do the grand battement (the high kick) Wonderful!

  14. OK, how many performers could pull off a cool enigmatic spy who’s spent eight long years in a Russian prison, a tough-yet-tender SAS soldier, a swaggering medieval henchman with anger management issues, a romantic period hero, a cripplingly shy but sweet farmer lad, a slick and charming drug-dealing conman and other roles so convincingly AND sing and dance so superbly?? And look so damned good doing it all.

    Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow . . .

  15. Don’t forget he plays some instruments. :D I can’t think of anyone.

  16. Oh, heck, yes. The cello, the flute . . . guitar? Talk about someone being a triple threat. He’s like a megiple threat!! And such a sweetheart on top of it all. *sighs*

  17. AND he can paint, courtesy of his stint as Monet. Honestly, if we didn’t know all this to be a fact, it would be easy to assume we were making this guy up!

  18. Wow someone gave this post a negative vote. Whatever. LOL!

  19. Ah, the trolls are out–the dwarves better watch their backs!! LOL

    Seriously, It never ceases to amaze me how negative some people can be about the most innocuous things.

  20. I figure if I don’t get some negativity occasionally that I’m not doing something right. :D

  21. @Redlyn, those are wonderful. I definitely snaffled those as well. : D

  22. Frenz,

    You’re right. If we don’t get people riled up with an article now and again here at the paper, we aren’t doing our jobs, obviously. *grin*

  23. Just in from goferring for hubs and well, I just spent the last 30 mins. sitting here repeating “FanstRAvaganza” over and over…you know, trying to sound like the gal in the “Are you sick of hearing about…” post.

    And then watched these vids until my eyes were watering. I need to get a life? Yeah, but it is fun seeing these. The guy can really dance. Woohoo!! Now, would somebody please find a vid of him doing the tango?! :)

    Andf thanks Frenz. I don’t know how in the world you found these, but I’m officially impressed!!

  24. Thanks but I’m not the responsible party. Someone who wants to be anonymous sent me an note, and bccmee also posted them on Twitter. I’m not sure which RA fan found them. They’ve been on YT for awhile (or perhaps been uploaded for awhile but not public), so maybe other fans already knew about them. I honestly don’t know.

  25. He’s got some pretty good moves there. But my favourite is “Summer Fun” LOL

  26. Oh, I love summer fun too, :D But it’s now a private video. Bummer. If I were less ethical, I would upload my copy, but I can’t bring myself to do that.

  27. Thanks for sharing this. It was nice seeing our boy the professional dancer. He said he was told he had talent and obviously that was true. Now if we could only hear him sing solo….

  28. Ok, kudos to you for posting these. The man can move! He ha a very natural grace of movement and seems exceptionally comfortable moving his large frame around the stage..no awkwardness…or gangliness. Very lithe. Is it wrong that I spotted those thighs easily? *blushes*

  29. @Ann Marie, The thighs? Now I’ll have to watch them all again! ;)

  30. LOL, Ann Marie!! Wrong feels so right! The thighs were the most obvious to me. I cannot believe I just said that.

    With you on the solo judiang. Just a short blurb of Yellow Rose would fix me up for life.

  31. […] Frenz’s post made me teary this morning, too. To reflect upon soon. […]

  32. Am I the only one who thinks “Cats” is lame?
    (I like pretty much all other musical plays.)

  33. Cats?! Is that the musical they’re rehearsing?

  34. With you completely Nat. We had a music teacher here when my boys were in grade school who lived and breathed “Cats”. Poor kids learned all the songs. I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now. I mean there’s like maybe one decent song in the whole thing? Just my very humble opinion. Plus “cats” in general freak me out.

    Phantom? Whole different ballgame. Still want to see it on Broadway before I kick the proverbial bucket.

  35. Quite a few years ago now Cats became the musical that many love to hate. At least that’s what I’ve seen in the U.S. People usually roll their eyes when it comes up. I will admit to never having seen it. So I really don’t know tons about it except a few of the songs and a few scenes from videos I’ve seen on YT over the last few years.

  36. Would be interesting to know how it’s viewed in the UK and elsewhere.

  37. But today, I’m thankful for it. :D

  38. As Miz Humane Society Person, I like all creatures great and small (well, except for snakes. Could easily live without them) . . . and dearly love our four cats and three dogs. And Mr. A reminds me quite a lot of a big, powerful, sleek feline in some of his roles anyway, so it seems appropriate he once played one onstage. ;)

    I’ll be honest, for once, I wasn’t zoned in on thighs or biceps or other attractive body parts; I was just swept away with the grace of his overall movement, as someone said, the economy of it–being the tallest dancer in a chorus and trying not to call undue attention to yourself and yet blend your movements with all the other dancers–not an easy feat, I am thiinking. I remember him saying his top hats had to be shorter in height compared to the other dancers so he wouldn’t look so tall in numbers.

    I would love to hear him in a solo, too. I play that snippet of him singing in “Clarissa” periodically and swoon over that honeyed baritone.

  39. I just saw where a tsumani alert has gone up for NZ and other countries after a huge earthquake hit Japan. Of course, you know where my thoughts went . . .

  40. @RA …I didn’t know that about Cats. I thought it was just me! But, yeah, that’s how far gone I am…don’t like “Cats” or cats, but am loving these clips. Sheesh.

    Angie, I ‘ve tried and tried to like the critters. Baby ones are ok, but the grown ones just aggravate the living heck out of me. Guess I’m just one of those “dog” people? And I blame my cat malady on my childhood. My daddy’s aunt and uncle (brother and sister) lived together in their old age. At one time, Aunt Lizzie had around 40 cats. They were EVERYWHERE!

    But with 3 boys, all creatures great and small resided at one time or another either in my garage, mudroom or freezer. I could write a book…

    Now, back to practice “FanstRAvaganza” a la CDoart!

  41. @NB, For a good ten years or more I’ve heard lots of jokes about Cats, and that’s from people who like musicals.

    You definitely should write a book. :D

    @Angie, Google had the Japanese quake on their home page when I got up this morning. 8.8 is a huge!

  42. @NB, I’m waiting for your seductive voice to pop up in my email. :D

  43. NB,

    I used to think I was solidly much more of a dog person, and then my husband (who ironically has a slight allergy to cats) wanted to get one. We adopted a cat from a humane society while on vacation in Denver years ago and I just fell in love with Smokie. And that started the ball rolling, We’ve had cats ever since, and one lived with us almost 20 years. Heck, she was part of the family! Of course, I love it when I get home at night and Rascal, Beau and Elvis come to meet me with their wagging tails and bright doggie eyes, too. It’s all good!!

    I have already sent my audio efforts to Frenz to do with what she will. Had rather a fun time doing it, too. *giggle*

  44. Eeee! I was reading about the Japan quake earlier too. I have a friend who is Hawaii right now and said so far they’re had 2′ waves were all that had been reported. Never thought about it going as far as NZ!!

    @Frenz…you are so full of it! =0) Seductive my hind leg. ROTFLOL!!!

  45. I noticed this video on Tuesday evening on this Facebook page – “Richard Armitage (Mr.Thornton) al Sofa and Carpet. The administrator says that one of the fans sent them the link. I’ve watched it a few times. And I realised, that’s him! That is Richard with the ponytail! I was SO excited. It’s like finding the Holy Grail.

  46. I wonder who actually found it. I got a note from a fan too but didn’t mess with it for a day or so ’cause I didn’t see it!!!! LOL! Things like this make me much better at reading my email — for awhile. : D

  47. Nini/Nina have been busy sending thunderbolts earthward/oceanward recently. (mixing mythology and climatology). Japan is better prepared for eventualities, but the casualty count will not be inconsiderable. The entire Pacific coast of N/S Amercia on alert for after-effects, too. Memo: contact sister on West Coast B.C. to be prepared and keep in touch…

  48. I don’t want to sound as if I’m taking the situation too lightly, but I’m sure knowledge of the quake immediately put all the Pacfic countries on notice for a potential tsunami. This is old hat in the Pacific, and Japan has been key to developing the alert system. So these countries are in no way like those who were involved in the senseless tragedy of 2004. There was no good reason for that to happen to that degree. The countries involved should have been involved in an effective alert system. It’s my understanding they had the opportunity to do that but refrained, and half a million people paid the price. .

    Off soapbox.

  49. Forewarned is certainly forearmed. I noticed they had exact times they expected potential tsumani activities in the different countries, much as as they warn people here in advance of possible tornadic strikes to give time to move to proper shelter, etc.

    I just get that mother hen thing coming out in me if I think something might possibly threaten my favorite alpha dwarf currently in KiwiLand *rolls eyes and blushes*
    Never would I have thought one actor could have such an effect on me—never.


    I was ridiculously excited about this, too–The Holy Grail of the Luscious One LOL

  50. “alpha dwarf”….picture me trying to overcome uncontrollable fits of hysterical laughing!!! Too funny! Just wish I had a pic to go with *rolls eyes”

    Ditto, Angie. NEVER.

  51. @NB,

    I picture him with that sort of lordly “Sir Guy on horseback” look–a confident smirk underneath the beard, mighty Orcrist in hand–only he’s a lot shorter . . . *giggle*
    Seriously, I cannot WAIT to see what he looks like as Thorin.

    Again, never did I think I would be excited about getting a glimpse of someone made up as a 200-year-old dwarf. Not to diss dwarves. One of my dearest friends is one (Hey, Big C!!). Every little thing (no pun intended) I discover along the way about this man just fascinates me, it seems.

  52. I must confess I’ve actually seen CATS onstage – though not alas with our “alpha dwarf” (excellent Angie!). I also worry about him in NZ….

    Not the most memorable musical score, but I did enjoy the dancing…now more than ever! By the way, I learned about the videos from ForoArmitage first.

    I tried yesterday unsucessfully to post links to a cast list of CATS in the UK that covers the first production through 2007. Richard is listed twice, and I’ll copy below. (The list and links are on a Geocity site):

    Armitage, Richard, London, 1994-1995
    Armitage, Richard, UK Tour II, 1994-1995

    Armitage, Richard, London, 1994-1995

    I also did a bit of research on the roles of Admetus and Macavity (he’s being Admetus in the videos) and found this interesting statement:

    “The role of Macavity is usually played by the same actor as Admetus (a chorus cat who notably does a pas de deux with Victoria during the Jellicle Ball) . Admetus/Plato is also often recognizable as one of the tallest cast members, as the fight scene between Macavity and Munkustrap requires him to be able to lift other male dancers.” (From Wikipedia)

    Wonder if the poster of the vids has one of RA rehearsing Macavity! If I were crazier than I already am, I might ask the person that posted the vids, but don’t want to call attention to him about our particular interest either.

  53. @Musa,

    They were in the spam folder. I have no idea why, but WP has had quite a few difficulties the last several days since their denial of service attacks. So who knows what’s going on.

  54. @Musa,

    Thanks for that info! I haven’t seen “Cats” on stage–I have a long story about narrowly missing that in London I won’t go into here–but I think it’s the dancing that would entrance me. I can sing just fine, but being a total physical klutz, I hugely admire those who can dance well. Just one more thing for me to love about Mr. A . . . as if I needed anything else!

    Hmmmm, so he was sort of an alpha cat, too–had to lift up male dancers as well as female ones. *grin*

  55. FYI: Jonia did a very comprehensive piece about RA in Cats. Check it out here:


  56. Thank You Frenzy, but this was wonderful group work :) :*

  57. Yes, it was! You all did an excellent job. :)

    By the way, I hope you know I had not read your piece before I did mine, so the crack about arrows was not referencing anyone. I just think he’s so obvious! I mean he’s huge and has that prominent bone structure, but it was the hands that cinched it for me. :D

  58. It’s always the hands with me too. Frenz! That’s what clinched it for me with the dancing in the park vid that Nat (?) featured a few months ago although I am very fond of the thighs too.

  59. No worries Please :* You are part of the TEAM :) all of You :)

  60. About “alpha dwarf”
    I have the same opinion as NovemberBride .
    First time in my life I made a Sir Guy of Gisborne wallpaper. Frenz, I hope you do not mind if I post it. .

    If I look at the wallpaper, I find it hard to imagine him a dwarf. Simply does not work.

  61. @karima,

    WOW! Gorgeous Guy wallpaper…my mac will be thanking you! :)

  62. Karima,

    Oh my goodness—that is GORGEOUS!! :D Guy IS my favorite character, and he’s at his most beautiful as Glamour Guy! May I snaffle that for my personal use? It’s been a while since I had a Guy wallie up.

    We have to put it in the hands of Sir Peter and all his techno wizards and RA’s fab acting abilities to make us believe a 6 foot two inch Alpha Guy can be reduced to a 4 foot six inch Alpha Thorin. ;)

  63. Have MERCY on me, Karima! Glup..sigh..and thud all at the same time! I’ve done died and gone to heaven! Beautiful wallpaper!!!!

    Team Richard. Team Alpha Dwarf. Team Thorin. Chanting all together…we trust Sir Peter. we trust Sir Peter…

  64. I sound like Alice the Goon chanting “trust Sir Peter.” :D

    @Karima, You do such good work! I may have to breakdown and put up my first wallpaper. yes, that’s right, I’ve never put up any wallpaper of RA.

    @Jonia, I never felt left out, but I appreciate you saying that. I just wanted you to know I wasn’t making a disparaging remark about your post. I love it!

  65. Yes, you may use it.
    And I think that he could be reduced to a 4 foot six inch Alpha Thorin. But will be he so beautiful, than there was Gisborne? I doubt it.

  66. Karima,’

    Thank you again for this beautiful wallie–it now graces my latop computer–and I have to agree: Thorin won’t likely equal the jaw-dropping beauty of Guy. But I think there will be a sort of beauty that shines through due to the actor beneath the makeup and prosthetics.

  67. Forgive me, English is not my native language and a bit difficult for me to write commentary. I’m not as quick as you are.

    I am glad that you like my wallpaper.

    Yes Frenz, you should put up your wallpaper. I am curious. I really want to see.

  68. Karima,

    You are doing just fine. And the wallpaper is very beautiful, just like Guy and, of course, Richard himself. It is hard to think of any character being more beautiful than Guy as you show him in your wallpaper.

    And I would like to see Frenz’s wallpaper, too. :)

  69. NB, please make sure your audio clip for the Fanstrav. is very dorky and homemade-sounding, okay? (Then I won’t feel so embarrassed when mine is featured.)

    Karmima, love the wallie. Long Haired Gizzy is just so beautiful. *sigh*

  70. I just want to reiterate that this is strictly voluntary! But all fears will be allayed once I put up my voice.LOL!

    And I have no clue why my site doesn’t recognize me except that I’m on mobile and WP doesn’t like that today.

  71. Great! It recognized me. I wasn’t sure it would. Acting really funny today.

  72. @Frenz…And your site just ignored my prior comment to Nat. I am SO hurt. Sob. So I’ll try again:

    homemade sounding…check!
    embarrassing…no problemo
    This is like falling off a log. =0)

  73. @Pam, I always look at hands and feet!

  74. @NB, It just doesn’t like you. :D

  75. Thank you guys for ruining most of my free time on Saturday!
    So now here is a riddle, if you are bored:
    What is the name of the actor that plays Mungojerrie/Macavity in the original London cast of Cats?

    A clue: on Wiki.

    Is it FanstRAvaganza yet?

  76. LOL, Arfan…too funny!!! What are the odds? Wouldn’t Margaret be proud?

  77. @Arfan, Glad to oblige. :D and It is almost FanstRAvaganza!

    Will duly research Cats. Did I just say that? Good thing I’m anonymous. :D

  78. How funny. A good omen for him? Seems like. :)

  79. I totally concur…and yes, I said “totally”. Someone slap me.

  80. Obviously, the man was born to play Thornton. *grin* Like, totally. Imagine someone else in that role . . . as if!! Like, gag me with spoon! (sorry, NB has we on a Valley Girl riff).

  81. FRENZY!!! Loved the audio bite! You rule!

  82. […] Would You Do If You Were Checked Out by Richard Armitage? Being Richard I’m Scaring Myself Doing the Hongi I’d Have to Shoot Them Maybe It’s True? Who the Hell is Richard Armitage? CW […]

  83. […] Standing around on stage, showing off in musical theatre: the figure in the blue wifebeater at the center of the photo is thought by many fans to be Richard Armitage in rehearsal for Cats in London’s West End (1994). Source: RAFrenzy.com […]

  84. […] holding his arms out from his torso, and obviously those are his hands. This is worse than the Cats video. […]

  85. I know this is pervy of me, but…in that last video of all the actors roaming around the stage acting silly…he’s around the edge most of the time (as someone noted above). But then suddenly BLAMMO: he’s in the background of the shot taking off his blue wifebeater…then shirtless…then putting it back on!!!! It’s quite far in the background so I had to rewatch it a few times…like maybe 15 or so…to determine for SURE that it’s him. But it is. I’d recognize that torso anywhere! ;)

  86. Thanks for linking to this from that other post. Just in case, in the future, someone should still try to argue that is not Richard, know that on one of the youtube videos posted by this guy, he gives the entire cast list and says “Richard Armitage as Macavity”. So that should settle that. :-D

  87. […] and the apparent glimpses of him in the Sarah Brightman “Captain Nemo” vid and in the Cats rehearsal vids. Young Armitage. Returned from Budapest with Equity card, slogging it out over his first […]

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