PSA for FanstRAvaganza!

A Richard Armitage worthy PSA:

For information on the event including participating bloggers, click on the FanstRAvaganza poster on the right sidebar at anytime or go here.

[note to my fellow bloggers: yes, it’s still, well, the day before where I am. :D]


  1. Heeeeeeeee! Oh, that did turn out nicely, didn’t it? It hasn’t even started yet here in NA and I am already having a blast!

  2. Frenzy!!! Loved the audio PSA…you rule!!!

  3. @Angie, I cannot stop smiling!

    @Ann Marie, If there are any I don’t work in during the week, I’m putting up a page of just audio bites when this is done. They are too good not to let all of you hear them.

  4. WOW. RAF, was that you? Very sexy and hilarious. Had me laughing as I pound out posts in panic.

  5. No, that’s not me. I never sounded that good even on my best day. LOL! It’s Angie.

  6. Angie! You sexy vixen. Good job. ;)

  7. I knew all those years of reading aloud to my classmates and getting to put my faux-Brit accent to use for Shakespearean roles would pay off one day LOL I am glad you picked that one, Frenz. It was my personal fave of the ones I sent. Somehow it suits the subject matter particularly well . . . *giggle*

    I’ll take “very sexy and hilarious” any day, thank you. *grin*

  8. We owe it all to the bloggers! They have been keeping us going through the Weeks of the Great (no new material) Drought. Helping to surf/troll/ through works extent, and share perceptions.

    Thank you FansRAv2011 bloggers. Tomorow is another (great) day.

  9. I cannot wait to read all of the other pieces!

  10. LOL that was great, Angie!!

    I’ve been away and haven’t recorded anything :(

  11. That was an intro, but you can still record something you like about him and words of encouragement! Just have fun with it!!

  12. Just preparing for it has got me excited–I don’t know how to tell you how much fun I had making the sound bites to send to Frenzy– and I know all the bloggers have had a lot of work managing everything we’ve sent them and their own contributions, putting the posts together, the clips, the polls and so much more–very much appreciated in advance!

    Certainly something to brighten the work week ahead!

  13. Awww, y’all are just too good/great/funny/sexy/whatever fits!! This feels like my birthday?! Like totally awesome!!!!!!

    I’m still sitting here trying to sound like CDoart saying “fanstRAvaganza”. Ain’t gonna happen.

  14. Thanks so much, Kadamanja, and yes, I echo RAF’s sentiments: go for it! Surely we all have something we want to say about The One. And ” fun” is the watchword: I smiled all the way through making mine. Felt like a kid again. If I was lighter and had a better knee, I’d skip around the house!!

  15. Just do your own thing, NB and we’ll love it. Mr. Sexy Pants inspires us all!! It is a quite celebratory occasion, isn’t it? Because I . . . do . . . LOVE . . . Richard Armitage . . .

  16. NB has a good recording. So no worries. I’ve loved all of them. It’s so wonderful to hear everyone after all this time.

  17. Frenz,
    I bet it has been fun listening to everyone, being able to put a voice to the online identity. Of course, as you know, this sound bite is not exactly how I sound in everyday conversation. But it does come in handy from time to time . . . *wink*
    A collection of voices inspired by The Voice!

  18. :swoon:

  19. HAHA! Angie… your words really got me here. *pointing to my heart.*
    I can’t wait to hear everyone’s voices this week!!!

  20. Thank you, Nat! Mr. A has that effect on me, for sure! *thud*

    I like to think Stick Figure Richard is also wearing a smile on his face (along with his beard, of course). *grin*
    It will be great to hear everyone, indeed!!

  21. Angie hit us in the heart because she spoke TRUTH. ;)

  22. So Frenzy, how many folks will we get to hear?

  23. Ah, well, it would be sinful indeed if I lied,@ Judiang. Harry K. and his ladywife would not approve.
    And as I was sitting there in my bathroom wearing my headset with the mic on, I thought of Mr. Honey Tongue and the words just came to me . . . sometimes, great moments happen in the oddest of places . . . *heehee*

  24. @Ann Marie,

    It sounds like we will get to hear them all between the daily posts plus what she is going to link at the end of the week. Want that be fun?!

  25. @FRenz, yes it will be great fun!

  26. And I should be asleep (oh, the time change!) but here I am watching The Aristocrats after finishing Far From the Madding Crowd, working on Truce and thinking of that gorgeous dancin’ man. Because. He is. the ONE . . .

  27. @Angie,

    I should have been in bed ages ago…I am also having trouble getting that dancing man out of my head. Dancing is a love of mine and what watching him dance did for me is what THE BEARD did for some others. Oi!

  28. Angie, you do a sexy British accent! You could make a fortune as voice coach to the Hollywood stars!

    OMG! FanstRAvaganza has started over here on European time. SQUEE! THUD! SWOON! I’m releasing my feverish fangirl for the duration!

  29. @Ann Marie,

    Mr. Poetry in Motion is very hard to forget. *swoon* *thud* *drool* Oh, my, he certainly didn’t leave a career behind in musical theater due to any lack of talent on his part. I dance around the house sometimes to music–I have no talent for it but it’s FUN!–and watching him is such a joy . . .

  30. Thank you, Millyme,

    I do appreciate it, especially from an actual Brit! I’ve been toying with British accents since I was–nine or ten? Used to entertain my older sister with my little stories told in various voices. Now, if southern accents are easier for Brits to do, is it easier for a southerner to do a British accent? I wonder . . . although I can do a pretty mean midwestern twang, oh, you betcha. (Ever seen Fargo?)

  31. YAY ! What a fab introduction. Go Angie.

    A jolly splendid Brit accent too dahhling.

  32. Best PSA Ever Ladies!

  33. @Musa,

    Thank you!!!

  34. @AmandaJane,

    It really makes me feel chuffed when an actual Brit compliments me on the accent. *grin*
    Maybe I’ll read one of my poems or record a passage for the GS girls *wink* Frenz may have created a monster here . . .

  35. Wow!

  36. @Servetus,


  37. I’m totally impressed, Angie!

  38. @Bccmee,

    Awwww, thank you! I had a ton of fun. I had to try to live up to The Man, you know?

  39. Wow, Angie you sexy thang! Bugger Richard, I want you to voice my sat-nav!

  40. I can finally listen to this, Angie you are great! So cool :D

  41. Skully,

    I would be privileged to serve as the voice of your sat-nav. Sadly, I have no sense of direction myself! LOL

  42. OML

    So glad you liked!

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