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The first day of FanstRAvaganza is here! But I have to take timeout to give you a little insight into the struggle of getting ready. A few weeks ago I asked for recordings from fellow bloggers and some online buddies. I assumed this was going to be a fairly easy task but for the few who don’t like their voices. I was wrong. Oh, some took to it very well, but some had no clue how to record. That was fine since I love to teach. There were also some who had to find a microphone they had not used in awhile or never. Some did not find their microphones. Some had colds or other such maladies that rendered them mute. :D One even resorted to co-opting some two year olds to sing instead of recording her voice, and every day I would get multiple excuses in my in-box about why someone couldn’t send a file. Yet I kept reiterating it was voluntary! After awhile I began to think I was being stonewalled. Yes, I know some felt bad, but please, please, do not feel bad. I hate my voice too! LOL!

This exercise made me question if almost everyone hates her voice. I went in search of some data about this and found quite a bit. In particular I thought this was interesting. It seems almost no one likes his/her voice when they hear a recording of it! Although I’ve long known the difference was created by the amplification inside our heads versus outside of it, I did not know that we actually hear additional vibrations of our voices. All of this has me wondering how Richard Armitage must sound to himself. Since a person’s voice sounds higher pitched when recorded than it does in his/her head, what must it sound like in his head?! Oh my! And of course I wonder if he hates the sound of his voice as well. Yes, I’m still trying to get in his head, but I’ll stop this line of thought for now. :D

Thankfully, none of you gave up and eventually all came through despite the obstacles, and some of you didn’t realize you weren’t as bad as you originally thought. Natalie of ArmitageFanBlog was a trooper though.

First attempt from Nat:

Already trying to distance her name from it:

Really not sure about this:

Almost giving up:

I think I heard a “to hell with this!” No, I’m just kidding, Nat. :D

Aaah success!

By the way, Nat, you were doing good to get it in five takes although I thought the first one was just fine! I’m not even going to say how long it took me, and one friend said she had 400 files or what felt like it.

There will be more voices throughout the week not the least of which will be RA’s, and if someone would still like to send me a file of 2-3 minutes (more or less) of what you like about him and perhaps words of encouragement to him, I’ll be happy to take it. :D Would love to have them by March 20th or sooner.

But for now:

Voice brought to you by Phylly of PhyllysFaves. Be sure to check out her posts as she will be covering ‘The Impressionists’ and all things of an artistic bent relating to it. Can’t wait to see what she’s got!


  1. How do you send a file?

  2. I am going to have to wait to listen to this (dang it! Work always interfering with the really important stuff!) but looking forward to it. *grin* I think I did about a dozen takes altogether on my sound bite, but that was using the different voices/scenarios. The one you used was my third British-accented one.

    I remember being very disconcerted the first time I heard my voice on tape as a child. Since then I have gotten accustomed to it, and no, I don’t hate my voice. I think it’s one of my better features. :D
    But I know a lot of people that don’t like to hear themselves OR have their photos taken. It’s right up there with public speaking as something many people loathe!

    Mr. Armitage’s voice must be VERY deep inside that handsome head, indeed!! *thud*

  3. Lol – I had so many attempts and outtakes but deleted them all.

    I have to say that hearing Nat and Phylly in RL just adds to the fun of the blogging community and makes me feel we are all a little closer. Thanks so much for this :). I think it is very special to hear your voices even if a lot of us don’t like the sound of our own.

  4. @Fitzg,

    There are several ways, but I’ll only cover one, which seems to be working well for most:

    You must have a microphone (built in or plug in). Then you can load up and record, which you can do as many times as you like. Once you’re done, you will have an option to send to a friend, and then you can email it to me at rafrenzyATgmailDOTcom. :D

    If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email me. Would love to hear from or help anyone !

  5. HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I love that “sexy” in third!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NATALIEEEEEE! You sound like a Yankee! LOL! Nice job and you are NOT dorky at all. But dorky isn’t that bad is it? Nah. Ask me how I know…..

  7. Wowzers.

    I sound amazing, don’t I? (I’m expecting a phone call at any moment since every company will want me to be their spokesperson.) *snort*

    None of you should be embarrassed about sharing your voice clips after hearing THAT!!! :)

  8. NB, That was my Yankee impersination.
    I sound nothing like that in real life. I’m actually quite eloquent and formal.
    In fact, that recording wasn’t me at all… who was it, Frenz?
    I demand to know who is spouting off such nonsense in my name!
    Please tell them to stop emphasizing their R’s so much. “Some things I like about RIchard aRRRRe:” They sound like a pirate. And enough with the “um’s” too. Tell them they should write down what they want to say instead of saying whatever pops into their head.

  9. Hahaha, oh they made me laugh! :D Brilliant stuff!

    With the voice thing, I majored in media studies in [senior high equivalent] and sound media lessons were my favourite. After that, I went on to study radio broadcasting and have done a bit of local radio, so while I don’t think “oh gosh that sounds like me!” if I hear myself, it’s more … I’ve gotten used to the way my voice sounds when it’s recorded. Still not sure it sounds like “me” but … oh well. :) Now I’m off to get some post-writing done! :D

  10. I’ve always hated the sound of my voice but got used to it after spending years listening to my own case dictations. So to sound sexy in my head, I actually have to sound like a foghorn? Okay, I’ll take the high-pitch any time. I noticed nothing odd about anybody’s voice. Funny how we can never see/hear ourselves as others do.

    IIRC, RA said he hated he sound of his own voice; it was the same interview in which he said he also hated his looks. Poor baby.

  11. ~By the way, I meant “impersonation.”
    I spell more eloquently in real life too. :)

  12. I see you tagged this post as “crazy people.” What exactly are you implying little Missy?

  13. FYI if this helps anybody who wants to record a sound bite: I actually used the sound recorder accessory on Windows 7 on my laptop and utliized a headphone with mic that plugs into my USB port. I have to admit Spouse showed me how, and once I got a new mic (the other had gone south) I was in business and it was easy as pie. *two thumbs up* And I have to say this was SOOOO much fun. It’s right up my alley. *giggle*

    Our Lions Club here has an annual Radio Day fundraiser and I am one of the ad readers during the event each year. I have done a few TV commercials, too, for the local market.


    NO ONE can beat your Richard stick figures. Just remember that!!

  14. She’s implying that Phyllis is crazy.
    Poor Phyllis… I hope she doesn’t see this. :)

  15. Haha, this is hilarious! I do have a legit excuse. I don’t have a microphone that will record my voice…mine is a specialized “Skype mic” which doesn’t work for anything else although it’s great for Skype. A friend and I were going to record our voices when we had a little RA meetup but we were having so much fun we completely forgot! (Till now, LOL). Anyway, it’s a great concept. Maybe next year. ;) Love Nat’s various takes and outtakes! Phyllys Faves sounds amazing.

  16. @judiang,

    Yeah, Richard has said he thinks he looks “odd.” And wishes he was shorter, because most actors aren’t as tall as he is. And he didn’t always like his voice. Which just goes to show you even the most blessed among us don’t always see/hear themselves the way other see/hear them. I think his height, looks and voice are just dandy. :D

  17. Thank you for sharing these recordings. I feel like Mulubinba and think this brings us much closer together though we are splattered all around the world.
    I love this FanstRAvaganza event and the RA blogging community in general.
    (And by the way, I hate my voice too, though I already had a chance to get used to it a bit, as I had to record my English texts to later write them and correct my spelling. At that early time of recordings the voice really sounded awful. Technique fortunately has made an immense leap from those Stone Age recorders.)

  18. @CDoart, Thanks for sharing how you think of your voice, but how ironic since I got numerous comments and emails about your voice being fantastic!

  19. Oh good I still have time! I want to do this for you, Frenz ;) I may hate my voice but I’m not ashamed of it, too much!

  20. @phylly – you should have thrown in the stereotypical Canadian “eh” at the end – LOL

    Great idea!

  21. I’m glad that the posting is encouraging more voices to join the chorus!

    I hate how my voice sounds — but I am so glad to hear Phylly and Nat!

  22. It’s great to have the voice of our favourite bloggers. This was a fantastic and fun idea!

  23. Wow, Nat is all I can say…Agreeing with NB on this one, but it was a cute Yankee Accent:)
    The real reason I did not do it because I did not want to hear the Southern Accent jokes, but then again I could have said it in Cherokee…Is there a word for this in Cherokee?

    Philly could narrate books along side of RA…Yes, that’s it! I have a new career for Philly! And, she can hook us up w/ RA.

    But seriously, you are both brave. Two thumbs up for your courage:)

  24. @Avalon, You should have done it; still can. :D

    I adore the Georgia accent. It is beautiful. At least you don’t have the twang like Texans do. But I understand about the jokes. Too often people do judge by someone’s accent, and Southerners are typically assumed dumb until proven otherwise. What an injustice since so many influential people have come from the South, and there’s no question the South has the best food! :DYes, yes, it should be obvious that I’m from the South. LOL! I have not lived there in oh, about 14 years, but well, I still sound, uh, ask Natalie and NB how I sound. :D

    And of course I would love it if you did it in Cherokee! If you get up the gumption to do it, do it in both! That would be so cool.

  25. @Avalon..yeah what she said! Besides, it would be like the pot calling the kettle black if I made fun of you! LOL! Now if some of them Yankees take a hankering to poking fun, that’s a different story. We don’t take kindly to such. And besides, they sound funnier than we do. Oh, Cherokee…that would be fantastic!! Do it?!! I have a Cherokee great great great grandma.

  26. @Kada, Can’t wait to get something!

    @Servetus, you have a great voice! Truly. You could do radio easily.

  27. Whoever it was got those toddlers to sing deserves a medal…

  28. Are you saying I sound funny, NB and Avalon?

    Then I’ll say this in your Southern language:
    Them there are fightin’ words, y’all !!! :)
    *Nat rolls up her sleeves and hikes up her pants.*

    I know you’re just teasing, but I’m fully aware of just how silly I DO sound! There’s a story behind those recordings which I’m going to share on my blog later this week. :)

  29. Woohoww..Nat speaks Southern!! LOL! All I can is…I’m fully aware that what goes around, comes around. Eeeek!

    You did NOT sound silly…just cute! =0)
    @Kaprekar…yeah! Someone needs to get those kids an agent!

  30. All I can ….SAY…sheesh, typing is getting worse and worse.

  31. I was asked by Frenz and declined. For me, it has nothing to do with my voice (which is as mellifluous as RA’s ;)).

    I enjoy the internet for the written word, which is my first and only love. I guess that makes me a Luddite in this day and age. I have no desire to be progressive. Also, I think the voice is far too revelatory. For me it would be like being naked. Not gonna happen.

    Frenz, I never imagined this would be such a monumental task. A bit like herding cats. Kudos to you for the effort and execution. How original, to take on ‘the voice’. And kudos to those who contributed!

    Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the written words and ideas of you all. It’s like reading a book. A good book.

  32. It’s been so much fun to hear you guys! I don’t think I could record what I like fo RA in only 3mins! Hehehe

    OML ;o)

  33. OML…amen to that!! 3 mins is IMPOSSIBLE. My daughter in law, also a RA fan, can testify to that.

    @pi…oooo, new word! “mellifluous”! I like it!

  34. Lovely to hear from Nat and Phylly there .

    Well done ladies.

  35. Wow! this is really neat to hear everyone’s voices! Life is hectic so I haven’t been able to enjoy or comment on all the postings on all the blogs during fanstravaganza week, so I am playing catchup!

    Hope it’s not too late to comment! Great work everyone, and must say I agree with others that hearing people’s voices is much more personal, intimate, and gives a sense of “knowing’ the person. It’s one of the reasons i don’t tweet or text.

  36. […] Monday Classic FanstRAvaganza! Did you, like ChrisB, crack up last week while reading about attempts to record a message for Frenz during the leadup to F2?  Listen to some of Nat’s attempts here (where you can also hear Phylly of Phylly’s Faves)… […]

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