Yes, it’s April Fools

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I notified her and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and becoming a fan of Richard Armitage.

Her response:

I never win anything, yipee!!!! I’m sitting in my office grinning from ear to ear. I would be happy to share a bit. I’ve always been a rabid Anglophile and past crushes from teens include Pierce Brosnon, Jeremy Irons, Clive Owen, and Tim Roth. My adoration of RA puts my former fleeting fancy for others to shame! Thank heavens for all the blogs and deep analysis of RA love or I would really have thought I lost it.

I’m a very happily married mother of two grade schoolers. I work part-time as a clinical social worker, mostly with neglected/abused children. Work days involve hearing lots of sad stories and trying to help people pick up the pieces. RA makes me happy. I saw ‘North and South’ three weeks ago, and I’ve watched or listened to something he’s been in daily since. DH has been amused by the infatuation and has watched Spooks with me after the kids are in bed. My daughter calls him “swoony” and is going through Robin Hood. I can’t define it other than I love to see his every nuance, his voice makes me melt, and his hands are beyond words!

He has also helped me appreciate my own DH’s gorgeous blue eyes and sexy hands I’ve taken for granted over the years.

Well, I’ve given you way more info than needed, but I couldn’t stop.

SocialWorkMama, I’m so glad you’ve joined us, and I certainly understand. :) I hope Sylvester brings you lots of smiles. Be sure to tell us about it when you can.

To everyone, thanks for entering and that was so much fun I may have to do another giveaway again soon. :D

Screencap courtesy of Karima. I think she sent the original to me. If I’m wrong about that, let me know, Karima!

edit: Karima actually sent me two videos (from BAFTA 2007), which led me to the photo. I’ll place the videos here instead of the comments section. Much easier to view — especially on a phone.


  1. Good for SocialWorkMama!

    @SWM, I’m just interested enough in Clive Owen to have ordered the Lorna Doone DVD. Have you seen it?

  2. Hooray, SocialWorkMama!!! I’m grinning ear to ear just reading about this! You will ADORE “Sylvester”! I just finished it last week on a 2,700 mile trip. Made the miles just fly by. Dittoing Frenz’s ‘WELCOME” . *waving ‘hello’ “

  3. Congratulations SWM! Hope you’ll enjoy it! :D

  4. Congrats to SWM…. But can I just say…that pic you have there, it’s new to me and it’s just, just….well, wow!!!

  5. Congrats, SWM!! Enjoy all the RA yumminess!! And welcome to the blog.

  6. @Kaprekar…me too! How did we miss THAT one? Woohoo!

  7. Congrats SocialWorkMama!!

  8. @Kaprekar and NB, I have a video too. :D

  9. Congratulations Social WorkMama!

    (I like Pierce Brosnan and Jeremy Irons too…)

    @fitzg About Lorna Doone! I have the old VHS tape of the program and have had it for years :) Clive Owen and Sean Bean – oh, and, yes, other noted actors as well :) Clive Owen was very low key in the part I thought, maybe too low key, but overall worth seeing…my 2 cents anyway.

  10. If I remember correctly, it was not me who sent you this picture. Believe me, it is difficult for me to remember it because I have a lot of Richard’s pictures. This is not a joke, I have more than 11000 pictures and screencaps.
    But Ii is true that I sent you two videos about this event – BAFTA 2007.

  11. Thank-you for the warm welcome. That picture is amazing, and wow, himself saying my name, I have chills!;). Great timing as I’m sitting in a very dry conference and just looking at the picture makes me smile. At the risk of seeming greedy (book winner and all), if time allows could you pretty please post the video?
    Thanks again for the book and RA fix

  12. Karima,

    I remember! I think I just made screencaps.

    SWM, if I can post the videos, I will. Oh, and if you click on that picture, it will take you to one without the caption.

  13. Have mercy! Just ran in to see hubs and son off to Denver and saw this as I helped son check his email. (He’s banned from touching MY computer as any computer that he touches self-combusts. No lie.) You’re a doll for posting the vids..thanks! Tux, sideburns swishing back to ear, SMILES, lifted eyebrows, says something??…

    *moment of silence inserted here*


    *swore I would NEVER EVER use that word* somebody slap me

    *another moment of silence* as I return to RL

  14. You’re entitled. These are definitely squeee! worthy. He is hot! and I love the hair. I know some of you don’t like the hair, but I adore it! Plus, this was in the Robin Hood days before he was much known — as if he is now. LOL! Okay, I shouldn’t laugh, but he’s still not well known and really wasn’t then. He was so unaffecting, and I love that he’s still that way.

    SWM, Are you sure DD should have those Robin Hood DVDs all to herself? ;-)

  15. Man, that guy can wear sideburns!!

  16. Congratulations SocialWorkMama – enjoy Sylvester!
    Thanks again RAFrenzy for the very generous giveaway and entertaining RA blogposts!
    @Novemberbride: I know, I’ve also been using that word (Squee!) way to often since I became part of this RA fandom… :-)

  17. Congrats to SWM! Wow! Three weeks since the discovery of RA and everyday since! Welcome to the magnificent obsession! I am a year and a half into it now and it is still as strong– if not stronger!
    Love those vids and the Gisborne hair! Heck! Is there anything I don’t like about him –EVER? I don’t think so!! :)

  18. Just so SocialWorkMama knows, and anyone else who needs it, in the tag cloud there is ‘candid video’. Press that and you might be in for some more treats. :D

  19. Work’s been crazy today (Frenz, you know part of the reason why) but must jump in and say yes, LOVE the Gizzy hair and he rocks the ‘burns better than anybody, I do believe. Thanks for sharing the videos, too, although I haven’t had a chance to view them. His genuineness and sweetness just shine through in moments like this . . . *sigh*

    Phylly3, My obsession started in 2008 while watching RH and hasn’t abated, it’s just grown and grown . . . ain’t no stoppin’ it now!!

  20. Hey Frenzy You are here :)

  21. Congrats SWM – I have no doubt you’ll enjoy Sylvester! I’ve already listened to it twice and plan to listen to it over and over again….

    And Frenz, thanks for the candid videos. He’s so sweet with his fans but he does look a bit uncomfortable with all this red carpet stuff (which only adds to his charms, really). What can I say but I just LURVE him! And I wish more people in my environment knew about him because I’d love to be able to talk about this with a friend here. I try my best but still haven’t fully converted anyone (or they are not admitting it yet). BBCCanada just doesn’t show RH and Spooks on a regular basis. And Strike Back wasn’t publicized well enough…Oh well. They’ll only be that more shocked and under his spell when they discover him in TH and post-Hobbit (as I’m sure his career will go viral after).

    And for those who are unfamiliar with LURVE, here’s one definition from the urban dictionary and you’ll see how wonderfully it applies to Mr. A: “When you feel so unbelievably amazing about somebody that love doesn’t seem to do it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, and you’d take absolutely any opportunity to be with the person you lurve. Staying up late at night thinking about them, staring into their eyes to escape reality, longing to hear their laugh, see their smile, feel their hug. You can’t compare lurve to anything else, so unless you lurve someone you can’t imagine the feeling. If you lurve someone, you know.”

  22. Thanks for the heads up, Jonia. I’m touched they included me with those others!

    Calexora, I can now rest for the evening since my job of enabling the LURVE is done today. :D what a great way to say it btw! LOL!

  23. Isn’t it though? It comes from Annie Hall.

  24. I’ll have to watch that again. It’s been, oh,well, let me put it this way. I saw it the first week it was out and was still a “sleeper.” My favorite part is the scene with Matthew McLuhan. Everyone’s dream to do something like that. LOL!

  25. Duh. I mean Marshall McLuhan. Have you ever been so tired you did not even know what you were typing? (raises hand).

  26. Ah, a Canadian Legend. It’s been ages since I’ve seen it. I love that movie but you have to be in the right mood for it.

  27. I’ve actually seen it since my first viewing, but even that has been a long time ago.

    I wonder if that McLuhan scene is on YT. Gone to look.

  28. Is there anything YouTube doesn’t have:

  29. Luv it!

    And YouTube is really fab. The first time I saw VoD – The Handsome Stranger was via YouTube…until I could buy my own DVD. And when I want a quick hit and can’t be bothered to get the DVD out, I can just search YouTube for my favorite scene and watch it over and over again. Instant gratification :)

  30. Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but I would pay a flat fee for access to YT if that would keep some of the record/movie producers from getting their knickers in a twist.

  31. Oh, and I would have missed out on three years of RA pleasure if not for YT.

  32. LOL…

    The lurve scene starts at 2.25, but I also like the one before. I think I actually did that once on a date… (don’t know how to embed video so here’s the link):

  33. oh, I guess I do know how to embed a video…

  34. ok, mums the word. they do seem to get them twisted easily don’t they? *still whispering* they just need to get their big girl panties on and move along…do they have ANY…oops, sorry any idea how many songs and movies I’ve bought because of youtube bits? sheesh. never saw Annie Hall. too busy having babies and couldn’t stand Woody Allen. apologies to all Allen fans. but youtube does seem to have it all. like the Tim Conway dentist scene that phlly3 posted a while back. who knew?

  35. […] wonder when he decided to start taking selfies. It wasn’t in 2007 when he went to the BAFTAs (scroll down for the videos), but then the selfie didn’t really come into its own until the advent of the iPhone which was […]

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