April Fools Spoofs – Bring your smile! (via DistRActed musings of one ReAlity)

Iz4blue is such a delight that I had to share this. You may have seen some of these videos, but she’s always bound to come up with one you haven’t seen, and she’ll always make you smile.

If you like, be sure to comment on Iz4blue’s blog.

April Fools Spoofs - Bring your smile! "What will they come up with next?"Planning is not my thing: except when it comes to travel. I know when and how NOT to miss any opportunities when I have them. Like that time in Paris where I had every whole day planned out included metro stops and packed in as many tourist stops in a few days because precious time is not to be wasted. But even though I knew that I was going to make a list of my fave Spoof fan video's shortly after I started thi … Read More

via DistRActed musings of one ReAlity

FanstRAvaganza will return tomorrow, or tonight if I get industrious.


  1. How can I not like you liking me? LOL or at least my topic ;-)

  2. LOL! We’re like those two chipmunks. :D

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