Muse and the Man

How fitting to couple Richard Armitage with one of the best bands of the 21st century! I love the fanvideos, and I have a really soft spot for the ones that feature Muse:

Phew. I think that’s all of them.

I love all of these, but those who know me know which one is near and dear to me. :D

edit: Almost all of these videos can be downloaded from Elvira’s site, RAfanvids.


  1. My favourite one is Lucas North Video – Map ofthe Problematique, one of Heather’s little perfect masterpieces. That breathtaking series of blue eyes! Love it. I started loving the Muse thanks to these clips. My teenage students can’t believe their ears when I tell them! Not about these clips, of course, but about me liking the Muse! :-)

  2. Heather’s video is in my top 10. Excellent, excellent! I don’t blame you.

    My brother had given me a Muse CD about 2004, and I never opened it. It wasn’t until 2008 and JoanaMafalda’s SuperMassive Guy video that I really listened to Muse, and then of course a couple of months later here comes Twilight. But Supermassive will always be Guy’s song to me. LOL!

  3. Supermassive Black Hole…. *sigh* love that song. It’s like a dessert you shouldn’t be having but you hid and took a bite out of.
    Did I make any sense? o_O

  4. Food analogies always make sense. :D

  5. I love Supermassive Black Hole AND Math of the Problematique a whole lot . . . and yes, it was RA fanvids that got me started listening to Muse and buying some of their music.

    And guess what the favorite part of watching Twilight (which failed to ignite me in any other way) ? Yup, Supermassive Black Hole! LOL

  6. Haha! Supermassive just rocked me all the way to OK…along with Free and Beginning of the End and Winter Storm and Posthumus and Immediate… no thanks on the Twilight stuff tho. I want to sleep tonight. But it seems unanimous, so far….Supermassive is a hit!!!

  7. No comment on Twilight except to say my oldest kid came home from watching the movie and said, “Mom, I could not stop laughing at the baseball game. I know people got upset with me, but it was so lame, and I hate that they used Supermassive.”

    I haven’t seen Twilight. I did read the book. Yes, I’ll admit reading it. LOL!

  8. I haven’t read the Twilight books and for the life of me, can’t understand the huge popularity of this franchise, but then again, there are people who don’t get RA, so who am I to question?? I know some people who think the writing and films are both totally lame, and others who think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have seen the first movie and some of the second movie (caught on the satelllite as I can’t personally imagine paying to go see these films).

    Different strokes for different folks, and so on and so on and scooby-dooby-dooah . . . *grin*

  9. Well, I’ll go ahead and say it. The writing in the books is crap. Wish I could get a gig like that. LOL!

  10. OK, that’s what a friend and fellow RA fan said–she told me I wouldn’t like them because of the writing.( I have no problem with vampire stories by the way, I have co- written one)
    But Stefanie Meyers has certainly made a mint off these.

  11. What Maria Grazia just said! Love Heather’s vid! The close up eye sequence is amazing! Super Massive Black Hole is also wonderful! I didn’t connect Feeling Good as a Muse song. I thought it was Michael Buble. I realize it’s a cover. Muse really has an wide range of style.

  12. I like Muse and, as same as many others, thanks to Stephenie Meyer.

    One day my friend Gemma said:’Can you help me to choose a book? I start to read one called ‘Twitlight’ but is a teenagers history.’ I think reading is something so personal and intimate so I didn’t give her any option. Next week, she needed buy the next urgently. How is this possible?- ‘I borrow you the first.’ Said Gemma. My curiosity is relentless and I fall.

    I agree with you when say the writing is awful but I have to admit I like how Meyer create his stories. I read ‘The host’ too. Writing 0 – Story 1.

    I saw the films. The last one in a large session with some friend. All films consecutive. I laughed like ever. The comments of a bit old women was very funny. Well, films are for teenagers as well as the books but I think I need to know to critizice.

    Because of that I know Muse. I have to thank Meyer know them.

    About the fan vids there’s nothing to say besides RA have the best fans in the world. They are great artists and that’s a good sample.

    And about Richard only only one word: YUMMYYYYYYYYYY! ;D

  13. Constantly stunned by vidders’ mixed media ears for fitting visual to music! Only two of the vids here were directly available – Heathra, whom I love, and Joanafalda. Two will have to be searched on YT. One is “disabled by request” – what does that actually mean?? Whose request? The vidder, or Outside Influences? Internet cyberspeech takes a while to interpret to the innocent bystander…and Joana – so good!

    The LN vis resononated: Edge of Darkness. Or omen of S9 and crash and burn?

    REALLY enjoying your post-FanstRAv postings!!

  14. @Phylly, yeah, it’s a cover of an Anthony Newley,Leslie Bricusse song from a musical they wrote. If you remember this is the same pair that wrote lots of others stuff like ‘What Kind of Fool Am I? from another musical, wrote all of the music to ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and I don’t know what else. I just remember Anthony Newley singing ‘What Kind of Fool Am I? when I was a kid. You probably remember Sammy Davis, Jr. making that one famous.

    @Antonio, yes, taste is so personal. One reason I said that about the books is because the writing is so well, it’s very simplistic, and that’s not a good thing coming from someone who writes pretty simplistically. LOL! But hey, maybe there’s hope for me if someone like that can make it writing.

    Whatever the case, Supermassive is Guy’s song! :D

  15. @Fitzg, we cross-posted, but I’m hoping you can see the little YouTube button on the bottom right of each video. If you punch that, it should take you to the video on YT so you don’t have to search out.

    Glad you’re enjoying. :)

  16. @Phylly, the Heather video is a little masterpiece. No question. The Supermassive video only has a problem with its sound. Other than that, it’s the perfect Guy video to me. Really captures that character.

  17. Dear Frenzy,

    Why are you determined to change my sex? AntoniAAAAAAAAA. LOL. These guys are going to think I’m an amoeba or a snail!

    You are right. The writing is simple, very simple and a bit repetitive. And I have to say that she wasn’t supported by Spanish traductor, I guess. But in short I surrended Meyer long time ago and accept your wise reprimand.*slapped me upside my head (with love) XDDD*

  18. @RAFrenzy, thanks for guiding the Cyberklutz through the obvious, again.

    (Excuse me Madame librairian, can’t you read the small print? Perhaps if my name were Marian, I’d be smarter…) Beautiful vids!

  19. I don’t think it’s intuitively obvious. You wouldn’t know unless you passed your cursor over it.

  20. I purposely didn’t hop over yesterday as you know I’m VERY passionate about fanvideo’s!!
    Regarding your favorite vid; your secret is safe with me!!! LOL
    I was quiet about it a long time but I was a MASSIVE twilight fan. So AntoniA I got your back!!
    It’s a love or hate kinda thing but i found her internal dialogue hypnotizing. And hats off to Stephenie for writing with young kids in the house! Wish I could too.
    Anyway the movie used the powerful beat of the song but the lyrics match Guy by FAR better. Thanks for featuring a vid I’ve never seen!! *SHOCK* its the last Lucas one
    and LOVE Spikesbint – Time is running out which is muted on YT (I’ve listed it on my Lucas list)
    My first intro to a RAfanvid with Muse is probably Elvira’s:

  21. I didn’t put that up cause it’s muted, but I should have.

  22. I knew I was going to forget one!! I also left a couple of others off because I didn’t want to repeat songs. There’s a couple of strike back vids to Muse that are good.

  23. Embedded those two. If anyone has anything else, let me know. :D

  24. Dear iz4blue/Fanny,

    I want to cry. Ok. I know the problem is my English.

    I start again. You don’t have an opponent on me, quite opposite. I’m a companion. Quite sure.

    I read the complete Twilight Saga and The Host. I love The host. But I think is too easy. Is it a teenagers novel? Yes, it is. Is she a best-seller writer? Yes, she is. Does teenagers read? Yes, they do. Are teenegers silly? NOOOOO, they aren’t . When I was at High School we had to read “El Quijote” Do you know which huge tome is? I have a great faith in young people (well I’m not old. I’m in my thirties ;D) and I think they like the story. They don’t need we make it so easy.

    Are we friends, Fanny? *shyly*

  25. Antonia, Actually, Fanny is on your side about Twilight, and really I’m not against you at all. Also, I guess I need to give kids a break. I’m just sick of pablum making a gazillion dollars. Phew, I sound like a snob. LOL!


    I know that isn’t a ring. LOL. But I love interaction. ;D ‘It is through talking that people understand each other’

  27. damn, unfortunately I can not see all fanvids, but I’m impressed Muse, I’ll have to find out more about this group.
    I admit that when I was looking for anything about RA on YT I “discovered” the Portuguese singer David Fonseca, has such a wonderfully warm voice

  28. Hey, I like that David Fonseca!!

  29. Antonia Romera
    it’s really amazing how looking for anything about RA, we find new horizons

  30. Absolutely right, Ania! LOL

  31. Frenz; bizarre how my link wouldn’t embed when I didn’t do anything different from the other day. As an alternative Spikesbint vid on Vimeo is not muted :-)
    Antonia sorry if I confused you. I found quite a number of moms (highly literate ones too) loved the series as well. Haven’t read the Host yet. Paranormal or vampires is not my regular genre. But to say it’s only for teens is missing a point. But what I do find brilliant is teens finding joy in books again. JK Rowling started that out and a few others but Meyers even more so because her writing is so simple. In today’s world of immediate gratification and easy media consumption; which is a sad fact alas, but luckily reading has become cool again.
    Alright! sorry that’s enough of me, I’m stepping down from my soapbox!!! ;-)

  32. WOW!!! So Many of them! Wonderful post!

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