YouTube Giving Some RA Love

I haven’t been on my YouTube account in a while, but I got a rash of requests which prompted me to go over and find out why. It seems that Richard Armitage now has his own channel compiled courtesy of YouTube. I wonder how many other celebrities have their own. I can’t seem to find out how you find these things. The notice was one of my in-box items.

Here’s that lovely place for Richard.

This is perfect since YouTube is where it all started for me. Thank you, Heather. :D

Off to add to ‘Places to Get a Fix’

Muse and the Man

How fitting to couple Richard Armitage with one of the best bands of the 21st century! I love the fanvideos, and I have a really soft spot for the ones that feature Muse:

Phew. I think that’s all of them.

I love all of these, but those who know me know which one is near and dear to me. :D

edit: Almost all of these videos can be downloaded from Elvira’s site, RAfanvids.