Kia Kaha!

A hearty thanks to everyone who participated in the Informal Fan Challenge, which ended this morning. At this moment I don’t know how much was raised. Servetus will fill us in when she gets a break from graduation “festivities.”

And thank you to everyone who donated to RiseUp Christchurch. Calexora made an early challenge that was a blast to contemplate. If Richard had taken her up on playing the cello, my gut was telling me he would have made it funny, so I’m not surprised that he did indeed do something funny. Dare I say that he really did remind me of Dorf? I don’t feel badly about my post now. Oh, you thought I really did feel badly about that post? You haven’t been reading this blog very long have you? :D

This was wonderful fun, and I hope much money was raised for Christchurch through whatever avenues you chose to give, and may it help Christchurch be forever strong!


  1. Great night of fun for me. I had to go to bed at 5:00 am with a promise: ‘I’ll be back to see them when I wake up’ And Tachan!! I woke up just at 7:30 am. My first today’s view was Sir Ian Mckellen and the Dwarves troupe. Could I wake up better than seeing Richard although he was in a Garden Dwarf costume?

  2. I’m the first this time. LOL

  3. And the one. People are still sleeping. LOL I understand them.

  4. THey looked so sweet, like a school play. The only think missing was a papier-mâché Gollum!

  5. I loved Richard’s “woof, woof, Woof” for the challenge and the pumping fist. Adorable.

  6. Oh, and I agree, Frenz. That was definitely a Dorf moment. :D

  7. @Arfan

  8. You predicted it all along ;o)
    Thank you for posting the dwarves. Now we know how they will (not) look like ;o)
    They really know how to raise expectations.

  9. Lol! Thank heaven they won’t lookalike Dorf.

  10. I’ve now updated.

  11. Nice work and what a great way to raise money!

  12. You and Serv are awesome for being involved in raising money for RiseUp. Thanks for being a great example for the rest of us. :)

  13. I found the vid after getting back from a damp and exhausting but great fun Scout ca\mp with my eldest son.

    It was a hoot ; and how I wish I could have bid for that signed copy of The Hobbit.

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