This Makes Me Think I’m Insane

The new Captain America trailer is out, and no, there is nothing really new in it except Steve Rogers is in a taxi, and there’s a better picture of Heinz Kruger on the ground. Wooot! Did I just say woot? Someone please slap me. Oh never mind, I’m posting the picture ’cause it’s too good not to post, and I figure since we’re fangirling today, I need to really indulge myself in it, so I can be more sensible the rest of the time. Pardon my insanity. How many posts does this make today? No, don’t tell me, and yes, I know you’re not even reading this but looking at this wonderful picture:

Here’s another one (bccmee made into an avatar earlier) but I guess I haven’t seen one this clear:

If you don’t already know what’s in his hand, and you’re dying to know, here it is:

And if you’re so anal, you don’t want to miss any milliseconds, you can watch the trailer and make your own screencaps :D

Screencaps are mine and as always you can click on the picture for a larger version, which you can save.

edit: I think bccmee and I were screencapping our little hearts out, and it is a lot of fun. :D


  1. Heinz is definitely more handsome than Thorin. Good fangurlling day!

  2. Face it, Frenz – you’re insane. So relax and enjoy the ride with the rest of us inmates. :D

    Love RA in glasses. Does he, or does he not, remind you of Atticus Finch?

  3. Calexora,

    Definitely a good day of fangurling!


    I bow to your judgment :D, and Atticus Finch is one of my dream roles for RA. Definitely could pull it off in every way.

  4. Frenz, i love your post and i did read it, you are funny :) And i also watched the trailer, have been dying to see a trailer of CA and for some reason every movie i went to lately they showed all others but CA, it was agonizing!! so Thank you for posting it.

    @Fitz, you just read my thoughts, firstly Gregory Peck was my favorite actor since i was 10 and i have always seen similarities between him and RA (both have a voice you want to keep listening to, for one) and when i looked at the pic i thought doesnt he look like a younger version of Atticus Finch.

  5. Yes, yes! Atticus Finch! Y’all know that is my dream, too. Also reminds me a little of Clark Kent on the Dark Side in that photo.
    Heinz is a handsome fellow, I must say . . . OK, I am crushing on a Nazi spy and a 200-year-old dwarf. I must be insane! ;)

    A good fangurrling day, indeed!!!!

  6. Oh, yeah, wouldn’t ihe be fantastic as Finch?!

    Nazi to dwarf, uh yeah, that sounds like a fanfic. :D

  7. Thanks, PV. Glad someone read those lines above the picture. :D

  8. Just logged again after an evening discussing the prospects for a successful giant pumpkin crop in Wisconsin this year (low) and yeah, I think I am insane too :)

  9. I went to a PTA convention once (in your old neck the woods btw), and roomed with three other women who critiqued everyone’s outfit but were proud of never reading the newspaper. That almost made me insane ’cause it was my idea of hell.

  10. @pv, Peck remains my favourite of the silver screen actors. Romantic overload in Roman Holiday. Gravitas in Mockingbird.

    @Frenz – those roomies conjure images of Paris YKW. Acronym translation available on request.

  11. She was in the news today, but I couldn’t tell you what it was about. Now that is something I’m proud not to read or hear. LOL!

  12. Well I don’t know, I just think that in those glasses he looks like a grown-up Harry Potter about to burn Voldemort’s biography!

  13. LOL mesmered!

    I read your post too Frenz and as you probably know (that’s why you so kindly post the pics) you’re not the only one insane. I couldn’t be more excited about new piccies! *grin*

    PV just remind me I have to go to the movies to watch the trailer in big screen, I just made my last exam today, so there aren’t any responsabilities stopping me now.

    OML :)

  14. @fitgz have you watched “Gentleman’s Agreement”, the story is a bit heavy but GP is Dashing!

    wait wasnt this an RA blog :) Well Richard is also Dashing and Dreamy!!

  15. @OML, i am heading to the movies too, might even watch Green Lantern to get to see CA trailer, the things we do to see our dear RA :D

  16. @fitgz actually i correct myself Richard is Dashing, Dreamy, Gorgeous, Funny, Warm ….

  17. @pv – OK another for the Frenz Lexicon: your DDGFW! :D

  18. ah, that, Heinz is all dangerous!

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