Yesterday was quite a day of fangirling of Richard Armitage, and it’s taken its toll on me this morning. All that rippling yesterday made me drunk, and I got up feeling a bit woozy. I was thinking I needed a little hair of the dog, and lo and behold I got it:

This is a teaser picture from Recognise Magazine, who, if you don’t know it already, did a photo shoot of RA which will be in their August issue. In the meantime, you can see it on their Facebook page and like their page and read their magazine and buy some copies of their magazine and maybe subscribe to it. Damn! It’s amazing what some teasing will make me do.

In the meantime, I’m glad the picture is a bit indistinct, ’cause that beard looks like a mind-blowing experience, and I’d like to be sober today.


Recognise Magazine has promised to provide another behind the scenes picture of the photoshoot if they get 3,000 FB likes. Well, they just did, so stay tuned for more.

New pic:


  1. It’s been a busy day for us already… :) Some of us are already “drunk” with anticipation.

  2. Hello, Chrissy. :)

    Oh, the anticipation is so intense, I may have to go back to bed. :D

  3. Heaven.

    A man and a beard.

  4. oh G-d. (swallows frantically)

  5. Oh wow!!! So he’s got a beard at the moment *flails*

    I wonder whether this is just a personal preference or needed for Thorin…

  6. Check out the new pic. A little better view of…..the beard.

  7. And check out that strawberry shirt!!

  8. What I love about the second picture is that it looks as though RA’s wearing braces (or callled suspenders in the USA) on his suit. Oh, how I really love to see them on men …… ‘sign’

  9. See, the picture has me all in a dither that I can’t spell correct in my post above …. I meant to say called …… Be still my heart.

  10. His hair looks very short, doesn’t it? You think it’s JP short or even shorter?

    OML :)

  11. @OML — Can’t tell from this pic, but his hair might also have product on it giving that sculpted-to-his-head look. OTOH it might be very short if he’s been filming in a wig.

    It’s strange to see the magazine calling him “England’s next action hero” because I’m familiar with all his work, but I find myself hoping that he does rise to international attention for action roles. There are so many great character actors, but not many who bring that skill level to action movies… and, of course, none who look like Armitage.

    As an American fan of RA since North & South, I’m so very excited at the idea of seeing him on a movie screen here.

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