Yesterday was quite a day of fangirling of Richard Armitage, and it’s taken its toll on me this morning. All that rippling yesterday made me drunk, and I got up feeling a bit woozy. I was thinking I needed a little hair of the dog, and lo and behold I got it:

This is a teaser picture from Recognise Magazine, who, if you don’t know it already, did a photo shoot of RA which will be in their August issue. In the meantime, you can see it on their Facebook page and like their page and read their magazine and buy some copies of their magazine and maybe subscribe to it. Damn! It’s amazing what some teasing will make me do.

In the meantime, I’m glad the picture is a bit indistinct, ’cause that beard looks like a mind-blowing experience, and I’d like to be sober today.


Recognise Magazine has promised to provide another behind the scenes picture of the photoshoot if they get 3,000 FB likes. Well, they just did, so stay tuned for more.

New pic:

I Just Knew Jacob Was Cool

Okay, so we fans didn’t completely scare Jacob Kamara, who spent the last day in a photo shoot with Richard Armitage. He’s updated all of us and was very nice about it:

And here’s the best part:

Did anyone doubt this? Seriously? You must be a new fan. :D

Thank you, Jacob, and I like your hat as well as your jumper.

If you’re not sure exactly what is going on, more on this here.

Blogging is a blast!

Do We Need a Picture?

I follow a stream on Twitter where all of the mentions of Richard Armitage or #RichardArmitage will scroll on my Hootsuite dashboard. Today is hilarious. Talk about the ripple effect? This user:

Has created quite a stir, and now the pictures in my head are out of control. I don’t know about any of you, but I need a picture just to keep me sane. LOL!

I would follow this guy on Twitter, but I feel like an idiot doing it. See, see I can be sane! But really, it’s my proud self that won’t follow his ass — at least not yet. But I can bring him to your attention, and while you’re taking note of him, check out his blog: Fugly. Of course my knee jerk is he is not fugly! The Doc Martens maybe.


Seriously, I like the Doc Martens, but they look like they would be a pain to keep clean. I suppose that’s not the point.

Will be interesting to see what you shoot, and I hope you don’t think RA’s fans are scary. I know I’m not scary, and several others I know are not scary, but man, we just know how this works on Twitter and other places. Isn’t social media great? Yes, I’ll probably follow your ass like a good little ripple. :D

One of RA’s crazy fans thoughtful fans.

Wondering what kind of name is Kamara, i.e. its ethnicity. See how my mind works? I should be wondering what positions Jacob has RA in while he’s shooting pictures, video or whatever it is he’s doing. Okay, back to seeing Richard with a lion’s mane around him.

And I noticed Servetus has finally come to the darkside. She just needs a picture and a few tweets to keep from looking like a potential spammer, and never in my life would I have imagined the name Servetus and Richard Armitage in the same sentence let alone in the same name. Glad you joined us, Michaela.

Man, I love having a blog! :D


This just in — now we know who’s taking some of the pictures:

More updates here.