On the Red Capet with Richard Armitage

I’ve now watched several clips of Richard Armitage on the red carpet for various events, and I love that he is still so thoughtful. That just makes him even more appealing. Phew, a thinking man who looks like this:

Red Carpet Screencap from @izabelanna on Twitter.

bccmee also has some great screencaps here.


The Marvel Interview:

The AP Interview:

I’m sure bccmee will soon have up closed captioning on the video that’s difficult to hear. If you go to her blog, she already has up the transcripts.


  1. He just too much…

  2. I couldn’t actually hear what he said in the interview, but I was so thrilled to know I saw him here on American soil! Hooray!! And he looks great.

  3. He was just himself, and I love the way he even considers inane questions. Th interviewer asked him about Wills and Kate. Picture me with rolling eyes.

    I’m sure bccmee caught the stream and will upload. I would have, but I’m not working on my usual pc and didn’t want to mess with it.

  4. He couldn’t be anyone better than just himself. Bless his heart, Wills and Kate. There is a reason why TV entertainment journalists are sometimes seen as airheads. *sighs*

    Richard, some of us ARE quite intelligent, thoughtful and are very familiar with your wonderful work, darling! :D

  5. they also asked him about the olympics in London. Lame.

    I wish you had been questioning him!

  6. Oh, Jeez . . . they really were reaching, weren’t they? Poor Richard.

    Yes, even with nerves at the thought of being up close and personal with the man, I am certain I could have come up with questions better than those! For ANY of the actors . . .

  7. I really don’t think the interviewer had a clue who he was, except Heinz Kruger and British. What can you expect on the Red Carpet? 30 seconds – how can the interview be anything but inane? He’s not yet a NAME in Hollywood, not a big role, and whatever bio the interviewer was handed probably didn’t say much.

    His usual courtly and thoughtful self. Looks pretty tired – all that jet lag!!!

  8. Yeah, but you have to admit a question about the Olympics is lame. LOL!

    I wonder if some of these interviewers are as overwhelmed by him upon first introduction as some of us were and still are. Would love to get inside their heads!

    Oh, and I hated the tie, but I didn’t look at too much beyond his face. :D

  9. I can kind of understand the Wills and Kate thing, but the Olympics?? OK, maybe it’s because I do this for a living and I have higher standards, but I really don’t think I can forgive them THAT one.

    No, he’s not well known in the United States, but hey, ask him was is difficult getting the German accent right, or what he likes about playing a bad guy (or why do Brits often do so well playing baddies in movies) or how this differs from past roles . . . you don’t have to know the man’s life story to come up with some decent questions, just skim over things and be quick-witted. Granted, if I was standing there looking into those blue eyes, I might say something absolutely idiotic. About the Olympics.
    ; )

  10. Two tickets for the 7:15 p.m. showing of CA in 3D at Carmike Promenade in Prattville for Saturday night . . . are now mine. *squee*

  11. Exactly! Ask him something bout his role or Brits’ roles. But the Olympics?! I think he looked a little taken aback at that question. Not a lot, but just a tinge.

  12. I’m not suprised if he was a little taken aback.

    But of course, he is such a gentleman, he would never say, “Why in the hell are you asking me that?” even if he’s thinking it! LOL

    I remember one of the girls interviewing people at the Strike Back premiere was pretty lame, too. She kept asking everyone the exact same questions–how was the weather on location, etc. It’s as if she just couldn’t think of anything better to say.

  13. I wish you HAD been the interviewer Angieklong!! Even looking into those dreamy blue eyes you would have had the intelligence to think of some pertinent questions (hard though that might have been when you were within touching distance of him, which is enough to make any girl swoon!!) I think the interviewer asked ALL the Brits about the Olympics!! If they were actually on right now then possibly a legitimate question but when they don’t begin until 2012?? Come on!! Some of the actors looked more than a little puzzled at the question and who can blame them! Oh well I guess we can’t expect all the interviewers to be as intelligent as Richard is.

    I thought it was extremely modest of him to say only that he would be in NZ when the Olympics were actually on, NOT that he was playing a major role in The Hobbit movies. Not his style thankfully!! Of course maybe they haven’t heard of that either! I would like to think that he met with some folk in the industry who would appreciate him and his talents, see him for the truly great guy he is, and keep him in mind for some future movie roles!

    It was lovely to see he was his usual gentlemanly self and he did look hot – in both senses of the word!! ;) I hope when they actually see the movie they would have been blown away by his screen presence. Not sure when I will get to see it – all depends on when my family are able to go – but see it I will!!

  14. Thank you. As Richard’s fellow Brits were in bed asleep when this was on we seriously appreciate all these links and pics.

    OMG looking fab and ever the gentleman even with daft questions about the Olympics and saying his name wrong.

    I couldn’t hear much of the first interview but from what I caught she sounded like she was asking a few decent things.
    She did ask ask about his preparing for the role and he looked adorably enthusiastic about answering.

  15. Richard is just so bright and insightful and articulate, I always hate to see those qualities wasted. At least a few decent questions came his way between the two interviews.

  16. He’s a quick thinker, too. The Olympics question didn’t impede his customary articulateness! He always phrases responses so well.

    I’d suppose his agent has a few days lined up for interviews with producers and various other LA powers. Doubt if he’s going to waste all that flying on just a red carpet. Did he fly the red carpet? (OK, lame joke) Thank you for recording the “interview” for repeated viewing! You’re a good egg!!

  17. If you’re not awake yet, head over to bccmee’s site for some great pics and video of this event.


  18. I’m not awake yet. This is me typing in my sleep. bccmee’s new pics and video will wake me up. :D

  19. Moving that last comment since I have web blur. LOL! I really do need to wake up. Gone to get caffeine.

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