Is It Just Me?

I became giddy seeing Richard Armitage in my country. Someone please, please slap me ’cause I feel really silly right now. On second thought never mind. It just feels good that he was in LA even if he was sweltering:

Love the arrow. :D

I hope Heather got to go to the Red Carpet for Captain America. For those who don’t know, Heather is a fan extraordinaire, and I have a soft spot for her because she’s a good hearted person, and she’s the one who turned me onto RA. LOL!

Heather, I so hope you got to finally see Richard in the flesh!

And some video for those who haven’t watched the AP Live interview:

For the Marvel interview, you can watch it here. RA in the first several minutes.


  1. Heather is one of the nicest and most talented people in the fandom IMHO.
    And I am hoping the same thing for her. And yes, I was just as silly and giddy over the thought Richard Armitage was on American soil. Just a couple of time zones away from me. :D

    Richard, honey, it was sweltering here today, too, so I felt for you. But you looked a treat in the shades and the suit.
    Hope you run into some more intelligent, prepared people than Miss Olympics whilst you are on this side of the pond, too. ;)

  2. I am so glad to see him on this side of the pond too and on his very first red carpet, I am sure the first of many!!
    Hope Heather finally gets to meet him in person :)

  3. I wanted to laugh and cry at seeing him here in the USA! The air smelt sweeter for his being here!

  4. Somebody will have to do a transcription of the Marvel interview. I couldn’t understand anything, alas. :(

  5. I was shocked that I got giddy, but I did. :D

  6. I’m hoping bccmee is at slaving over a video as we speak. :D

    I thought about doing one, but I’m on my daughter’s Mac, and I’m not as proficient at moving around on it as I am my pc.

  7. Heather deserves to meet him and stand proudly next to him as she gets her very own picture with him. She is my friend from Cal and if any fan deserves this it is her!!!!!

  8. You are so right!! Believe it or not, if it came to whether or not I could meet him or Heather could meet him, I would defer to her. She deserves it!

  9. updated with more video from YT

  10. Well, I got completely confused but think I have my post sorted now and with video clip which has better audio.

    I think I’ve done enough damage for today; off to bed.

  11. Both of those are the AP interview. The Marvel one had the interviewer in the plum dress.

  12. Okay, wordpress is just screwing with me. I really need to go to bed, but I think I finally got this thing fixed. Hope you guys enjoy all of this. I know I am. Sweet dreams. :D

  13. Fixed it. Nite. :D

  14. Armitarge? Ye Gods! It must have been so hard to keep a straight face as she said Armitarge! Thank God he’s an actor and can act his way through an hilarious situation with charm and gravitas.

  15. YAY for Richard’s beard and being in America and continuing to seem like such a nice fellow! Yes, I’m also excited by the thought of him being in the USA (even though we’re still a few states away) and anxious to hear if Heather met Richard. *crossing my fingers she did* I hope she was wearing a Havoc Tour t-shirt that she made for him back in the Robin Hood days. :)

  16. Heather reported on C19 that she met him.

  17. Jane, I’m so happy for Heather.

    To all,

    More pics coming in. If you can, head over to C19 and look in the CA folder under Richard Armitage. There’s a thread about the Red Carpet with lovely pics in it, and when Heather gets hers up, I’m sure there will be more! :D

  18. Judiang, Karyn’s transcript of red carpet interview on RANet. Not bad questions, either, Angie. Highlighting “detailed actor”, which is one of the best lead-ins for this actor. This interviewer had some background. And the Richard we have got to know responses. Head over there, everyone!

  19. she also pronounced his name correctly! :D

  20. And I’m so glad the other interviewer said she was British; otherwise, we dumbass Yanks would have gotten slapped with that. LOL!

  21. Which is nothing against the British at all. It just means an American didn’t screw it up. :D

  22. Fitz, thanks for the heads up!

  23. I’m also British by birth (actually Scottish) but hopefully don’t sound or talk like her. I found her embarrassing to say the least – and I know I’m not the only one – but also happy to find the Marvel interviewer had much more intelligent questions to ask and she DID know how to pronounce his name!! :) The “Armitaahge made me cringe! Hope he had a good giggle about it later! We DO know he can giggle!!! :D

  24. It was almost like she was trying to sound high brow. I couldn’t help but think of how we sometimes jokingly refer to Target. :D

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