Going With My Gut — Spoilers

Spoilers for Strike Back 2

Regular readers among you know how I feel about my gut and should know it’s for good reason. Do I need to remind about Porter’s demise? :D And if I were more eloquent, “gut” would become a beautiful euphemism. Alas, I’m confined to earthy, and being a bit earthy has usually served me well, so to hell with eloquence.

Several weeks ago I suggested a plan and thought a good time to execute it would be sometime between July 22nd (the opening of ‘Captain America’) and August 22nd (near the debut of ‘Strike Back 2’ and you know whose birthday). However, I’m having some reservations. This is not an appeasement of those firmly in Armitage Protection Mode (aka APM). I would still like to try for the trending, and I’m full of details and instructions about the goodness that can be Twitter if done right and most importantly at the right time.

The desire for the project started with the imminent release of ‘Captain America’ and my getting pumped at the potential swell of new fans in RA Universe. Still pumped about that, but I’ve had doubts about the effect of ‘Strike Back’ Series 2. It hasn’t been a good sign that it was airing on Cinemax, which after dark is little better than a porn network and commonly known as Skinemax in the U.S. Nevertheless, I was still open to trying to trend RA’s name simply because he has such an ability to take pulp and turn it into something fine. I have been hoping that would happen with SB2, but one man can only do so much, and it’s especially difficult when he isn’t given much to do. Hearing from friends and fellow RA lovers who have seen the first episode, the show could be boiled down to one word: crap. Several have told me, “Don’t bother.” I may not.

Oh, who am I kidding?! I’m going to watch it if only the first 20 minutes which include RA. No, wait! I understand there’s some of him in the second episode as well, so I’ll watch some of that too. And none of this would be a problem for me as a longtime admirer who has his other performances in my head to sustain me through whatever lameness is in Strike Back 2. But would I want to highlight on Twitter, which is notoriously short on explanation, something lame for new fans still taking their first impressions of RA?

Even if all of this hadn’t been enough to hold me back, I’m firmly in check by knowledge of the recent poll debacle. People, c’mon! ROFLOL! This is not espionage, and if the Anglophenia blog were simply some brash American site, then maybe the siege for Richard would be okay. Scratch that. It wouldn’t be okay. (I can’t help but think of my friend Hunkess, who has put up with all sorts of garbage to bring us all those Hunkie polls. She had to get her whip out at one point.)

Now I would be lying to say I’m above trying to vote more than once on a poll on a given day. Some of the fun is figuring out how to do this. ;-) And bloggers who put up these polls and don’t realize this can be a common response from readers of celebrity polls, perhaps need to learn the lesson, but somehow I doubt that’s really necessary. That aside, how embarrassing for us fans that the blog brought it to light (must be an Alan Rickman fan running things over there. LOL!! Yes, I’m kidding. Lighten up, people. :D ). NET: no way I would follow this with a Twitter campaign.

The capper is the news of ‘Spooks’ being canceled. I don’t want to draw more attention to that for new fans. Again, I’m talking about drawing attention without explanation, which would be the case for most on Twitter. Of course if they read my blog ;-), they’ll get plenty of explanation.

Do I sound like I have APM? Maybe a little. :D

If you’ve made it this far and you’re not thoroughly pissed off at me, hang with me for the rest, and oh! by the way, you British fans, note I didn’t say pissed. I’ve been recently schooled in some fine points of British earthiness:

…when you’re angry and upset, you’re “pissed off”, not “pissed”! As an Australian, I speak and spell more the way the English do, so I have an advantage, I think! If you’re going to adopt any English slang, it is better to use their exact expressions rather than adjust them, if you want to be easily understood in an international forum. “Pissed” actually means “drunk”. OK, English lesson over and done!!. I am just “having a go at you” or “taking the mickey out of you”, so please don’t take me seriously. — Kathryn

I will never misuse that word again! :D And don’t tell my family, but I probably need the mickey taken out of me on a regular basis.

Okay, so how to end this? Ooooh, I know just the thing:

Dear Richard,

I love your performances so much. Oh, you weren’t sure about that? Oh my man, you don’t think I would do a blog for just anyone? I’m not that kind of girl.

But I hope you meant it when you said you don’t read about yourself on the internet, and God forbid anyone tells you. From what I can tell about you so far, you would probably be embarrassed by this last week’s activity. So just stay away if you think you might get your knickers in a twist.;-)

And I really, really hope you or anyone even remotely connected to you never reads this blog! If that happened, I would probably want to crawl under a rock despite being anonymous. But I couldn’t stay away; I’ve missed cutting up.*

One of your crazy fans who at times needs this craziness to deal with the sanity of life. :D

P.S. Maybe I won’t be thrilled with SB2 when I finally watch it, but hey, I put up a new background in honor of your performances as John Porter.

*For those readers not familiar with this American idiom, it means joking and/or teasing.

Watch someone take me seriously about cheating at Anglophenia never mind that I set a record for emoticons in this post. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com, and as usual, click to enlarge.


  1. Thanks for the English masterclass. LOL. #Antoniaisalwayslearning ;D

  2. I agree with you about the timing, and would also add that as it’s summer people are on holiday or in different patterns of working / living at the moment and things are generally quiet as a result.

  3. Yep, and aren’t you all about to have a bank holiday? Over here the focus is going back to school. We’ll have our “bank holiday (aka Labor Day) in a a few weeks.

  4. Antonia! Glad I could help. :D

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  6. I turn my back on you all for just a few minutes and there’s #poll gate ! Aren’t there more important things to worry about than those silly polls (and yes I vote when people are kind enough to remind me)? I don’t know what happened or why there is an issue but seriously, the larger issue, IMHO, is that the talented actor man we love can’t take a role that doesn’t end in his demise!

    Enjoyed reading you as always..I thought the English word for drunk was phi-shed. Lol..xx

  7. WOw! Not only does The Frenz return for a party but brings along Ann Marie, Antonia and Kap! Woohoo!

    I have no idea what any of the words discussed mean to the English or the Australians so I can’t add my 2 cents worth and aren’t you glad? But my 2 cents a la SB2 is in full agreement with the “crap” description. Waste of my 2 day subscription to Cine…*clearing throat”…Skinemax. Must be a real relief to know he (RA) sidestepped that one! sigh.

    Love the new background! But it took me FOREVER to figure out what the old was!!!! *snort*

  8. Annie,

    I wonder if the English have as many words for drunk as we do, and I was hoping some of the people who made asses of themselves on the Anglophenia blog were indeed drunk; otherwise, there’s no good explanation for them. LOL!


    LOL! That was an ugly background!! I’m glad it’s gone. I like the blue skies much better.

    And whether anyone else says it or not, I love the screencap in this post. It’s becoming my favorite. Wish I had a copy without the blood.

    To all:

    That post was way too long, but I had to start somewhere. :D

  9. What I’m learning (I had a post where I mentioned my dilemma between Rickman and Armitage, and then a post in reaction to the vote bot problem) is that I can’t even mention my reactions. I want to write about this eventually because, as I’ve said to you privately, I feel an increasing pressure as a public voice that makes me really uncomfortable. I started blogging in order to let off steam, not to be an opinion leader. But it seems like if you speak at all, you’re pushed in to that role. I mentioned my reactions because I thought it was funny. Then I ended up having linked to a scandal. The comments on that posts were beyond troubling. It’s another one of the many things that makes me wonder every day why we do this. I mean, I know why — but it’s getting harder and harder to protect that space.

  10. Oh, and wanted to add: he’s not the problem with SB2. Far from it. He’s as good as he ever was. It’s just that it’s back to the level of the UF2 scripts — ick.

  11. Yeah, I didn’t think he was the problem. Sadly, I know Cinemax, and Richard Armitage is not their style.

  12. Bullies have always been around. These are just seemingly more articulate and maybe dressed better than the stereotypical goon. But yes, territorialism can be so wearying. I’ve never been territorial about something that I had no authority to be territorial about. My SO and kids and some other areas where I clearly have a right to be possessive? Yes. Everything else? I don’t have the time, and I wonder where some of these people get the time to engage in it.

    In spite of all of that, I’m still enjoying RA watching and blogging. When that stops, I’ll make my exit. In the meantime, I call vigorous bullshit on all the bullshit. :D

  13. btw, one upside of Cinemax: better fake blood / wounds.

  14. Oh, yes, the gore is much more believable with SB2. Hubby loved it. *rolls eyes*
    I’ve decided Richard is far too–classy? talented?–for this show. I watched the first ep again with Benny this time and had to look away when Porter takes the bullet.
    His cheerful comment? “Well—at least they didn’t chop his head off!!”

  15. I’ve missed all of the Anglophenia poll debacle and from what I’ve heard, I’m glad I did. It reminds me of the days of Guy vs Robin; TVs Best Villain etc …. same sort of thing happened then. The RA vs Jonas debates became particularly nasty if I remember.

    Haven’t seen any of SB2, so can’t comment.

    Yes to the expressions …lol! Different meanings for the same words/expressions. Love languages! :)

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