Circus Anyone?

No, not this circus; the one that helped Richard Armitage get his Equity card. Thanks to GiztheGunslinger, we get a good shot of it:

If you’re not familiar with Daria (aka GiztheGunslinger), click on the image to go to her Deviant Art account and check out her wonderful drawings.


  1. Not just her artwork, she does brilliant vids you can see on youtube .. she’s wonderful!

  2. You’re right, and I’m going to do a post just on Giz in the near future. :D

  3. Daria is multi-talented and I always enjoy her work. :D

  4. So glad you pointed this out. Very interesting to see this!

  5. How great to see a picture of this! Thank you! It just made me realize how brave he was at 17 years of age to go to a foreign country to work just so he could earn that card in order to get work on stage in the UK. He still has that same spirit in him to this day I think, when you think of the things he has gone through to perfect and hone his skills as an actor, bless him. He never ceases to amaze me!

  6. Gis redux?! Can’t wait!

    Mr. A evidently had total dedication, the vision to overcome obstacles, and the dedication to keep on through all the “apprenticeship” years. And to develop his craft and talent to a very high level. He has mentioned in interviews the wish to make a specific character a character to which he would aspire to be. Aspiration seems a keynote. (And stubborness? :D

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