Status Unknown — Spoilers

Spoilers for Spooks Series 9

Obviously, I haven’t been posting regularly. That’s about to change. Spooks is coming, and I must be present for the denouement of Lucas North, or was I already? Then there is the relationship of Harry and Ruth. My speculation and everyone else’s is Harry and Ruth will finally consummate their relationship. Will it be satisfying? This is Spooks, people; it won’t be satisfying because they have a movie to make. So yeah, even with the finale, we probably won’t get a resolution of these characters.


But my burning question: does Lucas North make it out of this series alive? Will he be in the movie? I have to ask, and bygod, the producers of the show expect me to ask. LOL! Do I sound hacked? I’m really not that upset. Actually, I’m not even upset. I just want to know what happen(s)(ed)to Lucas North, dammit!

Yes, I’m purposely refraining from using the name John Bateman. That’s not this character’s name. No way. And I don’t say that because he’s a bad guy. In case anyone reading this blog hasn’t noticed, I’m partial to a bad guy who did much more heinous things than blowing up some people and killing one person bare handed. My bad guy actually looked many of his victims in the eyes while he killed them in one of the most physically demanding ways.

But back to Lucas. Is he or is he not dead? I say he’s not dead. I said this at the end of last series, and I’m still convinced that he’s going to be with us after this series has ended. Richard Armitage, who I take at his word for hating spoilers, has nevertheless mentioned Spooks, the Movie, a few times, and the thought of it won’t go away. Hey, there’s a good chance 24 will be a movie, so why not Spooks? And it’s entirely possible that dear Richard could be part of it which means Lucas can’t die. Unless of course they have a flashback, which now that I think of it is also entirely possible. If I’ve learned nothing else after five years of watching Spooks, they can do anything and logic be damned. How else to explain the absurd set up for Lucas North as a bad guy? And no, I’m not going to go on a rant again — at least not today.

For now I’m hoping the writers do something that either a) makes me breathe a sigh of relief b) makes me not want to throttle them c) jump for joy d) all of the above. A sigh of relief would be his being alive. Not wanting to throttle the writers would be his staying alive to possibly come back in the movie. Jumping for joy would mean his staying alive for the movie AND being able to redeem himself or develop into a fascinating criminal mastermind. Either would be fine with me. Just so it’s writing worthy of Richard Armitage’s ability. Yes, I’m a demanding sort. :D

So here I am, and here I will be waiting patiently for the announcement of when exactly Spooks is going to air. Oh, they have me right where they want me.

More posts about Spooks coming up this week as I’m feeling the need to revisit where this Lucas obsession started.

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of KuchingGirl with much more coming.

Note: this post (all of it) was done from my phone. Woohoo!


  1. No spoilers here, Frenz; just wait it out.

    Harry and Ruth? Usually the consummation doesn’t work out for the viewer in a series. No more tension- no more disussion. So they’re married, or finally a pair. What can we talk about now? Issue resolved.

    A film would be marvellous. (I think). And yes, DO something with Lucas/RA in it. By the time they get through all the backing/rights/approvals/producer, RA might have time from The Hobbit I and II to do something with Lucas. Hoping, hoping….

  2. Exactly, there would be no more to talk about with them, and since they are potentially a great part of the movie…… or maybe not. LOL!

  3. I’ve been wondering where I am on the fantragic scale on this. Was Lucas my favorite Armitage role? Definitely not. Do I want to know the answer to some burning questions? (H + R)? Yes. Do I think we’re going to find out that it was Harry who shopped Lucas to the Russians, and not Connie? Definitely. Do I suspect that there may be damage control writing to respond to objections to S9? Not really. Do I want the answers to any of these questions badly enough to want to watch it on the down-low? Questionable.

    I’m going to miss the euphoria of watching those episodes and writing the really long initial reviews of series 9, though.

    Haven’t read any spoilers so far, b/c Skully is the only Spooks fan whose blog I follow and she’s antispoiler.

  4. *stares at you quietly and shakes head* Poor baby. ;)

  5. Keep me posted, Frenz, Would I like to see him appear in a Spooks movie? Hmmmmmmm–only, only, only if they did something decent and worthy of the true Lucas, not that dodgy Bateman fella.

    I think I have made it very clear how I feel about the “writers” of S9. I said I wouldn’t watch S10 and I assure y’all I won’t. Frankly, I am bored to tears with Harry and Ruth anyway–I can only deal with so much UST– so the thought of two of them finally getting together only elicits a huge yawm from yours truly. The characters I cared about are all gone in one way or another.

    Our favorite henchman is, of course, my FAV character, but Lucas is definitely up there amongst them. I would love it if it turned out Harry was actually the evil mastermind who goes down in infamy, but I know that is unlikely to happen. Can’t tamper too much with Saint Harry, what with a movie coming and all.

    Series 7 will remain the one I truly found thrilling ep by ep. Series 8 gave us the frustration of Lucas’s mind-boggling infatuation with the Freezer Queen. As for S 9—oh, I swore no more ranting.

    And I have no knowledge of spoilers as I haven’t been reading any.

  6. Lucas North is my favorite RA character and I still hold out hope that he’s out there since we never saw a body after he disappeared from the roof of the building. (I also mean Lucas North and not John Bateman). I hope that if/when they make Spooks the movie they will find a way to bring back Lucas and RA.
    I’m a Spooks (MI-5) fan from the Tom Quinn days on A&E, so I’ll be watching Series 10 regardless and hoping for a good ending to a favorite series.

  7. I have always maintained as you did not actually see Lucas’s body, he wasn’t dead, a little battered and bruised perhaps! Not like poor Adam and Ros blown up (no coming back from that) this would leave the door open for a return of some sorts. Would and could tie up some loose ends. As for a Spooks movie- bring it on I say!! Although when the lovely Mr Armitage will have the time I dont know,

  8. Definitely will be watching Spooks 10. I’m like Musa and was hooked from the start. Not sure where I stand with the death/non-death. I have already mourned Lucas and moved on. I would appreciate lots of Flashbacks though, and if they choose to rewrite the whole Bateman scenario I would be eternally grateful. But I’ll take it as it comes…

  9. I’m going on the record saying out loud that LUCAS IS DEAD. Sorry, everyone, but I think there is too much evidence in the fictional world of Spooks to believe otherwise. I might watch the first episode of Spooks 10 just to hear what is said about the Lucas fiasco, but I’m sure it will just be in passing and then everyone will move on, just like they did with Ros and Jo.

  10. Bccmee,

    That’s what I think, too. They jumped the flippin’ shark so badly (or maybe I should say they did it so well) in S9, I just don’t see Lucas returning. Actually, they killed him for me long before the apparent swan dive off the roof.

    I know there is supposed to be a mention of Lucas in the first ep, but I am with you–I thnk it will just be in passing. At least you who watch it very likely won’t have to see Lucas/John/Whoozit get shot in the head. That is some small comfort, I suppose.

  11. I think Lucas/John is dead too. But I still want a movie! The mysteries of Lucas and his past need to be teased out in a novel, I think :)

  12. Oh, I would love to see Lucas’s past (Lucas, mind you, the REAL one crafted by RA, not that dodgy Richard Hammond look-alike and not that murderous traitor Bateman) explored and some of those mysteries revealed . . . I thought it was such a gosh-awful waste the way the scriptwriters tossed out all that had been established about that character. :(
    I know, of course, that Spooks isn’t known for their continuity (the way Lucas’s band tattoo kept moving about on his arm was a real howler for me), but to deconstruct such an interesting and complex character for no good reason . . . *sigh* Oh, shut up, Ang. What’s done is done.

  13. Hello ! I think that we will not se RA in Spooks because I don´t believe that he would be compromising any more. Bad writtings, lausy make up, not the mention the unbelivable lack of talent in some actors he had to work with. He is very inteligent man and I think that some things have almoust been insulting.. (Remember the lion from RH ?) John Bateman plot has only one explenation – personal vendetta.

  14. “almoust ” “lausy” ????

    English is not my native language, sorry for this :)

  15. Whatever they do, I fully expect that anything that is related to series 9 will be covered within the first five minutes and then we move on. That’s what they always to with cliffhangers.

  16. All of this makes sense except that Spooks doesn’t always make sense.. they did bring back Tom Quinn.. so you never know.

  17. After Lucas disappears from the rooftop, you can hear a woman scream and a car alarm going off, indicating something has happened down below. Coincidence? “Red herring”? I certainly hope so, anything is possible with Spooks, but, as much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with the others here who believe Lucas is dead. Would love to see RA/Lucas in a Spooks movie, but only, as Angie says, if they do something decent with the character. I’ve mourned enough, I don’t need any more heartache where Lucas is concerned!

  18. Suggest you watch the BBC special “The downfall of Lucas North”,
    that might answer your question…

  19. Thanks, Sam. Is that the same as the bonus on the Series 9 DVD? In the bonus Lucas is referred to by Richard Armitage as being dead.

  20. Lucas dead or alive? The series has stretched belief before, just a little. Can we reconcile Lucas with Bateman? Busy doing that just now – which makes me as schizo as Lucas/Bateman.

    servetus, total agreement about Harry shopping Lucas. Seemed implied strongly from series 7. Connie had her own outlaw? code of morality. Was she, “on her deathbed”, trying to 1) preserve the balance, by allowing Harry and Lucas to continue to preserve it? or 2) from her vast knowledge of all the labyrinthine machinations everywhere, setting them up to let Bateman do his worst?

  21. we’ll end up finding out that the Russians *did* know about Bateman, and sent Lucas back as a ticking time bomb to explode section D … oh, wait, we’re talking about the Spooks writers here. Never explain, that’s their motto… :)

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