Um Yeah, It’s Thorin

What was I saying about getting bored staring at the same picture? I lied. Richard Armitage is Thorin so deliciously in this picture, and you know I’m strongly affected when I use language like that. When have I ever used words like deliciously? Yep, I thought so. Never. And this might be the only time. ;-)

[click to enlarge]

But then I guess this isn’t exactly the same picture is it. Daria has done some magic on it! And for more of her magic, check out her DeviantArt profile or her tumblr.

The highlights on his face and hair make me think I could find him on a beach somewhere but obviously without all the leather. :D

Original scan provided from Ali’s wonderful iPad. :D And can be seen in a larger format at RichardArmitageNet.Com

Circus Anyone?

No, not this circus; the one that helped Richard Armitage get his Equity card. Thanks to GiztheGunslinger, we get a good shot of it:

If you’re not familiar with Daria (aka GiztheGunslinger), click on the image to go to her Deviant Art account and check out her wonderful drawings.