Will It Be the Fourth Dimension?

The roller coaster resumes on Sunday night, and I think I’m ready to be jerked around again. :D

Harry’s grave look has me duly sucked in, and no, I’m not being facetious. I saw this promo and felt myself getting excited to watch Spooks, and then I read the interviews with the writers, and I really got excited. I like Lara Pulver despite having been dragged through the debacle known as Robin Hood Series 3 Episode 5, but phew! didn’t she and Richard Armitage look great?

As usual, click to enlarge.

Even if you’re offended by my blatant objectification of RA (as opposed to my thinly veiled objectification), you have to admit that’s a hot picture. They certainly challenged the idea of a “family show.” Oh, I would love to see those two in something sexy and smart. Wouldn’t it be great if we got a little taste of that in Spooks Series 10? I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, we might (oh, please with sugar on top) get a little more of Lucas North, and we’re going to get a lot of Erin Watts (aka Lara Pulver), the new section chief. The other cast additions look interesting too, and more to mine with the writers, but I’m saving it. The burning question for now: will Harry detonate a bomb? If I were mean, I’d answer that. LOL!

And speaking of writing, I stumbled onto a web page about roller coaster terminology (yes, the internet has everything!), which gave me an idea. It’s a dangerous thing for me to get ideas, but I have to have fun somehow. So during the run of this last series of Spooks, I’m soliciting examples in Spooks (any series) of one or more of the terms from this rich, ahem, nomenclature. Please make your submissions via the comments on this blog piece. The commenter with the most examples at the end of Series 10, wins a prize. More on that later when I think of exactly what will be an appropriate prize. Oh, I’ll make it something good. :D

I’ll go first with an easy one. An example of Immelmann Roll
(half-loop that inverts coaster cars for a half twist and sends them in the reverse direction. Named after a World War 1 German ace who popularized the flying maneuver)– Lucas North story arc in Series 9.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: this was a bust, but thankfully one of the few on this blog.


  1. Frenz,

    I hope you haven’t set your heart on the whole Lucas returning thing. After what was done to John Porter, I don’t trust TPTB as far as I could throw them.

    After Spooks S9, I refuse to be sucked in again.

    And I can’t ride high rollercoasters as I get sick. :(

    But, yeah, Lara and RA looked good together onscreen. Unfortunately, every time I think of her on Spooks, I imagine her suddenly transforming into Looney Izzy and taking out the entire Grid. LOL

  2. A FRENZ post – fantastic! Miss you when you haven’t a post. :(

    Lara Pulver was good as Isabella, wasn’t she? She should make a fine section chief. A good, edgy one. Hope there’s a skeleton or two in Erin’s closet…

  3. I was just about to post asking where you were :)

    Not sure I’ll be watching. Maybe the first episode.

  4. Even if you and Angie don’t want to watch, you can at least come up with some examples for my contest. :D

    Fitz! Yes, wouldn’t that be interesing. But I hope they don’t make her so edgy she’s a caricature. Of course this is Spooks, so I doubt that will happen.

  5. At first I said I wasn’t going to watch, but after all these years, I really need to know how this show will end. Damn it.

    Wondered if the Spooks crew and Lara traded stories about RA…

    Not really understanding you contest rules at the moment (head is a bit airy today) but I’ll try.

  6. You and me both, Judi.

    I just watched Series 3 eps 1 and 2 AGAIN, and I’m much more forgiving of the Spooks writers.

  7. I really, truly used to like Spooks. I enjoyed the earlier seasons I saw on A&E, although their chopping up the eps to make room for commercials made things a tad more confusing than Spooks already can be.
    I have Series 3-8 on DVD, BTW. Still can’t bring myself to purchase S9.

    I started to become a bit disenchanted in Series 8 with Nightingale and soddin’ Sarah. And the writing last series was an absolute joke, and not a funny one IMHO. Please tell me they brought in new writers for this series, and not Hekyll and Jekyll from S9 . . . *shudders*

  8. I still love Spooks. PBS is running the older series – we’re with Adam now. I have to see the last series, too! Will always miss Lucas, because the anomalies were NOT resolved well. Far too rushed, unlike Gisborne’s backstory.

  9. They keep showing the same eps over and over again on PBS here, I have seen some of them several times; they haven’t gotten beyond S4, I believe. Obviously, I am not the dedicated Spooks fan some of you guys are–sorry!– because after what they did to the Lucas character, I just have no desire to watch it anymore. Which is good as this means I don’t have to resort to any under-handed tactics to watch, with my husband giving me disapproving looks, or spend money I don’t have on DVDS I won’t watch! ;)

  10. From Twitter I got a link for an interview between Ian Wiley, Peter Firth and Nicola Walker and it reads fairly clearly that Lucas is very dead and will not be making a re-appearance. Also that Peter Firth believed that Series 9 was the best yet (!).

    The interview is worth googling, sorry, haven’t got link.

  11. Thank you, Frenzy. I am not sure I will be able to get hold of Spooks 10 any time soon or will have to wait till the DVD release. But Harry got me exited as well. As I manufacture my own ending for Lucas, it is not so hard for me to not have him on the grid in Spooks 10, so I can even bear to watch the new episodes. Lucas (or whoever he really is) currently has work to do in Hamburg and has no time for MI5 anyway ;o)

  12. For Spooks 10, I’m only interested in what they say about Lucas. Other than that, I can’t be bothered. For the record, I think the same writers from last season are back to wreak more havoc. In America, they’d be fired. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but I won’t be on it.

  13. Oh, for the love of–if they are responsible for writing this series, too, then I truly, madly, deeply do NOT want to watch this. As for Peter Firth saying series 9 was the best yet, I can only ask what has he been smoking?

    Of course, dear Richard always said such complimentary things about his co-stars and the show (“You will fall in love with Sarah Caulfield . . .” Huh? Really??) so I attribute Firth’s comments to thinking he’s got to play along and to tout his show as it prepares to end . . .
    If I were living in England, I definitely would be watchng Downton Abbey instead of Spooks. And I agree, Bccmee, the comedy team from last series would have been axed if this show had been on in the U.S, What a load of . . . *sigh* never mind.

  14. Here we go again….Spooks S9 best yet Peter Firth, I beg to differ.
    I too am only really interested to see what they say about Lucas.
    BTW Richard in S3 of RH, best costume and hair, oh to be in swallow end of the pool, swimming in those blue eyes and twirling those wavy locks around my fingers …………dreaming away

  15. We probably won’t be seeing Spooks 10 here in Australia until early next year. I’ll read reviews and opinions until then, but I think I’ll watch it, just because it is the final season and I’ve watched all the others. I don’t think things will be nicely wrapped up and resolved either, if there is a Spooks movie in the pipeline, the PTB will want to keep it open-ended. Having said that, I don’t really care one way or the other, especially with regards to Harry and Ruth…..bored with that relationship.

    CDoart, I’m very happy to live with the thought of Lucas in Hamburg and too busy for MI5!

  16. Sweet! I love that you’ve been sucked into the wild world of Spooks again :)

    Maybe Erin is Lucas/John’s sister ;)

  17. That’s part of my problem with Spooks–not just Lucas, but other characters like Ros whom I really liked are gone. Max didn’t make much of an impression on me as Dimitri last series; Harry is just a bit too sanctimonious for my personal tastes and the whole UST thing with Ruth is about as good as a sleeping pill as far as I am concerned. Not even interested in a Spooks movie, unless it’s some sort of flashback and there is lots of RA as Lucas (not Bateman!) in that. But I doubt he will have time for it and/or that will happen. I used to love the X-Files, too, but I gave up on it the last couple of seasons. It just wasn’t the same–it had run its course.

    My version of Lucas lives in the country and paints and is far, far away from all the angst and drama of the Grid. And the happier and healthier for it. :)

  18. Angie, I really liked Ros too. By the end of season 8, I thought she and Lucas had developed a good working relationship, based on mutual respect and trust, even though she had no time for Sarah Caulfield (Ros to Lucas, “You hold her down and I’ll pull her hair.” LOL). There was the occasional exchange between the two of them that allowed for their sense of humour (very dry in Ros’s case) which made watching the two of them play off each other very enjoyable.

  19. I have watched all of the other series of Spooks, and the OCD in me must watch the end. :D

    As for Lucas, I will maintain to the bitter end that he will be back — in one form or another. Perhaps Hamburg will be good to him. LOL!

    I have read the Ian Wylie interview. I enjoyed it, but now I’ve chosen to ignore it. :D

  20. Mezz,

    I thought Ros and Lucas rocked as a team. I forgave her for tasing him in S7. ;) I believed those two would do whatever it took to get the job done, and yes, they had a great mutual trust and respect–and I loved that occasional banter. “So what are you the best at–the real thing–or faking it?” “What do you think.”

    I think Ros really cared about Lucas’s well-being, both in terms of doing his job and as a friend, and she had little Miss Crappy Accent’s number from the beginning. Loved that “step on her hair” line. LOL
    I love Hermione Norris anyway and she seemed to really have an appreciation for Richard–as I recall, she said he was “sublime.” I totally agree. :D

  21. I should also add that Hermoine has proven she can actually ACT, unlike, oh, say, Genevieve O’Reilly or Laila Rouass, and that definitely helps the dynamics of the screen relationship, whether as partners in work or in love. Natural chemistry helps, too.

  22. Don’t know why it decided not to show my name, but the last couple of comments were mine, if y’all didn’t figure it out. ;)

  23. I loved the Ros and Lucas chemistry, very much a pair of equals, loved their banter, it’s a shame the story line could not have continued longer. The civet cat coffee line cracked me, close to home that one!

  24. Angie, I think the “Little Miss Crappy Accent” kinda gave you away! I’ve only been lurking a short time, but I recognise your disdain for Sarah Caulfield! She irritated the heck out of me too.
    Hermione said Richard was sublime? That makes her not only a very good actor, but one with excellent taste as well!
    And yes, I agree with you that Ros seemed to care about Lucas’s well-being, more than Harry at times.

  25. Tempestguy, I’d forgotten the banter about the civet cat coffee beans. Come to think about it, all the Ros/Lucas banter together would make a great fanvid!!

  26. Angie, we recognise you in any chaRActer guise! :D The Ros/Lucas relationship was as good as it got for RA in Spooks. (with a bit of a soft spot for Elisbieta). The humour, the mutual respect, the whole nine yards.
    Series 7 was superb, in terms of plots, acting, and of course, that Guy from the Midlands.

  27. Lucas needed to find peace, and calm, and a kind and good love partner. What he had was a turncoat ex wife, a grating sociopathic American, and a mercurial doctor. No wonder Lucas was beating his head in S 9. Ha! Though seriously, the S9 writers failed to honor the man who brought viewers to that show time and again because Lucas was a role model of perseverance and honor–with Richard Armitage portraying Lucas. Lucas deserved a heroes exit–or just let him slip away to a quite life as Angie suggests. Maybe he could tend sheep in tne countryside, and paint it. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati

  28. Well said, Gratiana!

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