Missed Opportunities?

I’m not sure why it is, but I still get a tingle down my spine when I hear about this new movie the Spooks franchise is filming in New Zealand. This shouldn’t be the case when I consider what happened with the series. Whoever ran pr for that notoriously got it wrong. They could not keep things in the bag. Sure we didn’t know about Lisa Faulkner getting fried, and the series rode on the reverberations of that event for a long time. But it was the end of any real surprises as many of their remaining moves were telegraphed and primarily via promotional spots.

So I come to The Greater Good, and I can’t help but wonder if they will get the promotion right. I hope so, and if anyone who has any clout with that show is reading this post (fat chance, but I’m optimistic still), would you please put the fear of God in the guy who is doing the marketing, so the greater good of this movie as a thriller can be preserved?

I feel myself wanting to really launch into a rant about Spooks, but I’ve done that already. As for Richard Armitage, I hate how that show went down for him. The possibilities were so much better than the reality. Maybe I will go on a rant after all but not today.

Other than that, will this franchise sneak someone in from the past? If so, whom will it be? And don’t ever think it can’t be someone dead. They resurrected Tom didn’t they? Plus, there can always be a flashback.

I know I’m like a dog with a bone on this subject, but something in me won’t let it go. Maybe because Richard Armitage can’t seem to let it go.

Thank you to Ali at RichardArmitageNet.com for reminding me of which interview Richard talked about Spooks and to the the ladies at RichardArmitageCentral who are so faithful to create transcripts of RA’s interviews!


This is one of my favorite scenes from Spooks S9. So much there to work with. Aargh!
Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

A Do Over

About twenty minutes ago, it occurred to me I hadn’t posted a blog piece today, and once midnight was here, I couldn’t turn back the clock and keep on track with the Project 365 bondage commitment. But even if I had skipped today, it wouldn’t make me lose sleep. I’ve neglected or just plain screwed up so many things during my life that missing a day of posting is probably 100,396th on the list.

It would take me a couple of years to list all of the things on which I placed too much emphasis, but most of it was on being responsible and mature, doing the right thing. I spent so much time trying to get things right and scared to death of messing up that I didn’t let myself be a kid. And I still messed up!

This blog is a bit of an attempt to manifest the childhood I’ve been recapturing, and as with any child, I’m going to cross a boundary at times. Such as saying the word fuck. I don’t mean actually saying the word. I’ve said it many times in my life. I mean typing it on this blog for anyone in the world to read. Perhaps that sounds a lame excuse to be crass. Yeah, I know some of you think that, and I can’t really do much about you thinking it, but I am aware that you do, and it’s really not my intent to offend you. But I also know even if I walked on water, there would be some of you who wouldn’t like the angle of the video clip.

If it’s not clear by this point in the post, then let me make it crystal. I’m trying to work something out. You can come along with me or not. I hope you stay and continue the ride. And no, I don’t intend to parade a sting of profanity to prove that I can be carefree, but there has been something freeing in saying pretty much what I think. I said “pretty much” because I’m not quite sure the world is ready to hear all of my (or anyone’s) reckless thoughts. There is such a thing as discretion.

So what does this have to do with Richard Armitage? Stick around and you’ll find out. :D

For now a little peek at the man who wanted a do over:

[click to enlarge]

Candid shot courtesy of KuchingGirl

edit: I canned the 365 program several weeks into this year. It was a good experience but not necessary to continue.

Tangent — Does It Matter? Really?

I readily admit I might be a bit jaded. When I see something like this, it’s hard not to think it’s a bunch of people who are in need of meaning in their lives, seek out a “noble” cause toward that end but are drawn mostly in a visceral fashion and often ignorant of how the situation came to be. And in their ignorance, they are vulnerable to being manipulated by forces beyond their kin. Yes, this can describe all of us at one time or another. LOL!

Okay, I’m going on the record that Washington shafted us with the bank bailout and was done by both parties. Those guys aren’t up there for you and me. Maybe half dozen are really up there as advocates for the people. The rest are up there for their own asses, and I doubt these protests are going to do much to change that. The protests will serve little more than to move another group into power.

When I see a real grassroots movement of Americans that is not politically motivated, I might sing another tune. I would so love to sing another tune.

Until then it’s a shame the bad guys on Wall Street usually look like this:

instead of this:

At least with the latter, you would enjoy the view while you were getting screwed.

Brownie points if you can name the top two guys without looking them up. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Will It Be the Fourth Dimension?

The roller coaster resumes on Sunday night, and I think I’m ready to be jerked around again. :D

Harry’s grave look has me duly sucked in, and no, I’m not being facetious. I saw this promo and felt myself getting excited to watch Spooks, and then I read the interviews with the writers, and I really got excited. I like Lara Pulver despite having been dragged through the debacle known as Robin Hood Series 3 Episode 5, but phew! didn’t she and Richard Armitage look great?

As usual, click to enlarge.

Even if you’re offended by my blatant objectification of RA (as opposed to my thinly veiled objectification), you have to admit that’s a hot picture. They certainly challenged the idea of a “family show.” Oh, I would love to see those two in something sexy and smart. Wouldn’t it be great if we got a little taste of that in Spooks Series 10? I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, we might (oh, please with sugar on top) get a little more of Lucas North, and we’re going to get a lot of Erin Watts (aka Lara Pulver), the new section chief. The other cast additions look interesting too, and more to mine with the writers, but I’m saving it. The burning question for now: will Harry detonate a bomb? If I were mean, I’d answer that. LOL!

And speaking of writing, I stumbled onto a web page about roller coaster terminology (yes, the internet has everything!), which gave me an idea. It’s a dangerous thing for me to get ideas, but I have to have fun somehow. So during the run of this last series of Spooks, I’m soliciting examples in Spooks (any series) of one or more of the terms from this rich, ahem, nomenclature. Please make your submissions via the comments on this blog piece. The commenter with the most examples at the end of Series 10, wins a prize. More on that later when I think of exactly what will be an appropriate prize. Oh, I’ll make it something good. :D

I’ll go first with an easy one. An example of Immelmann Roll
(half-loop that inverts coaster cars for a half twist and sends them in the reverse direction. Named after a World War 1 German ace who popularized the flying maneuver)– Lucas North story arc in Series 9.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: this was a bust, but thankfully one of the few on this blog.