Just Can’t Leave Sugarland

Another post in the ongoing series about Musicilove.

Yesterday something happened that’s kept a smile on my face since. Imagine me typing this post in a rhythm. It’s the only thing alleviating the urge to get up and dance. LOL! Yep, I’ve been caught in something, and I’m just now figuring out what. Before yesterday I had heard maybe one song by Sugarland and thought it was good but then moved on. Enter Sheepa who came with the ‘Stuck Like Glue’ video, and I’ve become enthralled with watching and listening to Jennifer Nettles and her musical partner, Kristian Bush. These two are so talented that I don’t think they can move without something artistic gushing out. Kristian’s guitar playing is perfect, but Jennifer is a force of nature. If you haven’t already looked at that ‘Stuck Like Glue’ vid, go do it. Watch it more than once; it gets better each time!

As I watched it for about the 20th time, I knew that much energy and joy couldn’t just be that one video, and I’m happy to say it’s not.

Phew! “that girl can sang!” as it’s said in my neck of the woods. And she writes her own music. Yep, this is one talented chick. Sorry, but I can’t help but gush. She has something special, and those who love her saw it long ago:

I’m thankful once again for YouTube, Amazon and emusic. Last night I purchased ‘The Incredible Machine’ album and quite a few other tunes by Sugarland and was listening to all of it within a couple of minutes.

By the way, I wasn’t terribly happy with emusic when I first started with them, but they are steadily improving, and they have given me so much free music, that I’m stunned. Yes, this is a shameless plug. :D

One more ’cause I just can’t get enough:

Of all the musical pieces I’ve posted, this one reminds me of Richard Armitage the most. I realize he may not even like country music, but Jennifer seems so talented and creative and real that I couldn’t help but think of RA.

note: I have only used the word ‘gush’ one other time on this blog.

correction: I’ve only used ‘gush’ in connection with RA, but Jennifer is so talented, I can’t help myself.


  1. This group is a favorite around here. Have you heard Life in a Northern Town? Their harmony and blending is unbelieveable!!! Backstory on All I Want to do…at least 3 Easters ago, the whole gang is here. I’m in the kitchen doing something important and all of a sudden, a train of grandchildren comes rolling thru the house singing, at the top of their blessed and very talented ;) I might add, lungs, All I wanna do-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo…OVER AND OVER. I look at my son and ask what the heck they’re singing. The rest is history. Yeah, the woman can sang!!!

  2. She has got an amazing voice, true. After hearing Stuck Like Glue I couldn’t stop searching Youtube for more of their songs. Love Already Gone and Just Might Make Me Believe :)

  3. I’m not a member of this site, but I ran into your post through my google alerts for Sugarland, and I love it. It put a smile on my face remembering three years ago when I first found Sugarland. Looks like you’ve been bitten by the bug. If you haven’t found it yet you should check out Jennifer and Kristian’s pre-Sugarland music. Its much different than the music they sing now, but its just as awesome. Its on You tube under Jennifer Nettles band, Soul Miner’s Daughter, and Kristian’s band was Billy Pilgrim.

  4. NB, I’ll have to check out Life in a Northern Town!

    Glad you turned me onto Sugarland, Sheepa.


    So glad to meet you. This band is a delight. I’m sorry I didn’t really listen to their music before this. Frankly, I haven’t listened to country music in a good long while, and strictly speaking this latest album is not really country music as I know it. Whatever it is, I like it! And I will also check out their earlier stuff. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Hope you come back sometime. I’m not quite as crazy as I appear at first. :D

    Take care,

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